October 22, 2013

That's All, Folks.

Guys... we need to talk.

I've been thinking about this little blog here for a while now - all the stories, the photos, the friendships, and memories - and while it's been one hell of an experience, lately I can't help but compare it to a tired relationship that has run its course.

I mean, it shouldn't be any secret - anyone who's been reading this blog over the past year knows I've been contemplating its purpose for a while now. I've thought about it, took a break, came back, and thought about it some more... and I keep coming back to the same conclusion.

So with great sadness, I'm announcing this post as my last.

*shhh... don't cry* ;)

The turning point came when I heard Tricia from Mama Marchand's Nest decided to retire her blog. When I read her post, I realized I was agreeing wholeheartedly with everything she was saying, and I envied her decision... so much that I knew it was what I've wanted for myself, I've just been too attached to let it go.

This blog has been a trophy case for me, in a sense - displaying all of my ups and downs over the last three years through stories of my experiences, struggles, and accomplishments. So, why let it go now?

Well, I'll narrow it down for you... this blogging lifestyle is simply not for everyone. For a long time I had plans of being this renowned blogger, but as time went on I've realized it's not my dream anymore. For me, I do so much better when no one's watching. I'm more creative when there's no pressure to be perfect, more inspired when it comes from natural thought, and more spontaneous when I'm living without documentation.

In short, I need life to return to that carefree feeling again, and just be happy in my own world without that nagging blogger voice telling me, "post about it," "return those emails," "say more!" "do more!" "be more!"

It's been exhausting no matter how much I try to keep it simple. And ya know what? It's OK to let things go and accept when something isn't working anymore. I'm all sorts of good with that.

Looking back, I'm proud of the work I put into it and how much I've grown. I truly believe this blog has been a huge factor in everything that I've been able to achieve over the last 3 years. It has helped me finish school and practice design, it's increased my confidence and encouraged me to believe in myself, it's dared me to dream bigger and take chances, and it has lead me to where I am now - which is a great note to leave off on, if I do say so myself ;)

But don't worry - my social media addiction will continue on through Instagram and Twitter, so I would absolutely love it if you followed me there!

Most importantly, I just want to thank my readers for everything... really... I can't mean that enough. Thank you all for being the force behind my dreams. Thank you for rooting for me through my lows. Thank you for encouraging me and genuinely caring... just, thank you, from the bottom of my heart... thank you.

October 02, 2013

Skulls, Highlights, and Changes

Top, Boots: ROSS // Jeans: Kohl's // Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland // Hair Accessories: Charlotte Rousse

Wow, I can't believe it's already been two weeks since I started my new job! I'm happy to say things are going really well for me, and I have a couple highlights to report...

» Work attire is super casual and I get to wear jeans every day... #score
» There are ping pong and foozeball tables in the break room, which are regularly in use. 
» All new employees are welcomed by having to give a timed 1-minute speech in front of everyone at their first company meeting (I'm pretty sure I resembled a beet while giving mine). 
» There has so far been Pie Day, Beanie Day, Utah vs. BYU day, and I'm sure many more theme days to come.
» Last Friday they closed the office early and rented out a video game trailer for everyone. #isthisreallife?
» I don't have an office phone because I no longer have to communicate with clients... it's just me, the Mac, Photoshop, Illustrator, and my headphones. 
» I've worked on tons of social media graphics and am receiving super positive feedback from both the clients and my team!
» I turned in my health benefits form on Monday and will finally be insured after 4 years without. #itsabouttimebitches

All in all, I'd say things are going AWESOME! Well, besides the impromptu public speaking part...

It's surreal, actually. I'm finally doing what I've been trained to do on a professional level, which has made my day hours feel so much more fulfilling. Sure, there are still stressful moments just like with any job, but it's a different kind of stress - a stress that is worth going through because you know you're doing it for a reason you believe in.

The only downside of this new career is that when I come home I'm finding it hard to want to continue designing for freelance... sad, I know! I absolutely loved working with bloggers and designing their sites, but for the time being I've decided to shut down my design services page and put all that evening energy into keeping this blog up and running.

I think it's going to be a good move for me.

Have you ever had to put something you love on hold while pursuing other dreams?

P.S. I often wonder if anyone has noticed my back yard is basically made up of overgrown weeds. I mean, I'm sure many have, but thank you for not saying anything :)

October 01, 2013

Hello, October!

Well folks, looks like another month has greeted us with their presence! Lucky for you I've got a fresh new freebie desktop calendar ready to greet you as well...

(Unsure of your screen resolution? Check here.)

Oh and um, I have a little factoid to report... 

There were 786 total downloads for September's calendar last month... which basically means you guys are crazy awesome. Thank you for recognizing my efforts to keep you coming back ;) Here's to hoping you like October's just as much!

Unfortunately I'm being lazy on the playlist this month (sowwie...), but I will share just one song I'm obsessing over... and you're welcome to join me in hitting replay over and over again.

Oh, Drake.