April 04, 2011

Digital Breakthrough!

You guyssss.... I am SO freaking stoked right now :D

Know why? 

Here's why...

1. Last Wednesday during class I was on the verge of tears because I couldn't get technology to be on my side when it came to my Design Fundamentals project. I angrily decided I would just do the whole thing by hand... argh!

2. So I waited until Saturday to start on the project knowing that it was due on Monday... but it was a good thing because...

3. I thought of a fresh idea for the object I would be designing around, and changed my inspiration from Lipstick to Keys...

4. I started drawing all sorts of styles of keys and bought a scanner/printer so I could mess with them digitally. When I was happy with the 8 different types of hand drawn keys I scanned them in successfully, thanks to my tech-smart husband :)

5. Then I spent the next four hours cleaning up each key in Photoshop with the paint brush, eraser, and that wonderful magic wand tool... it really is magical :)

6. On Sunday I started on the three designs I had to come up with; the first one being a black and white study of the object, the second one being a black and white study with an implosion/explosion technique, and the third one being a study in color featuring a word that compliments your idea. 

7. I arranged everything in Photoshop (feeling pretty confident with it at this point) and fell in love with the Bevel/Contour effect. Everything came together great... I could not be happier!!!

So what do YOU think of my first time designing in Photoshop? :)

Version No. 1

Version No. 2
{Black&White Study-Implosion}

 Version No. 3
{Color Study with Word}

I still can't believe I did these... and the coolest part is that the keys are all my original drawings! 

I ended up finding a really good balance between creating something genuine and digitally enhancing it. Sure, I could have found some vector files online but how lame would that be? The reason why I love it so much is because I know it's not just digital art- it's a mix of both!

I'm just really proud of myself at this point and I don't even care what grade I get on it. 

I'll let you know how my critique goes!



  1. Kristen, I'm so delighted to see this! I'm excited that you've reached this new plateau and made a breakthrough with you're digital picture makin' skills. It's appropriate and somewhat ironic that it involves keys! You've done a really nice job on this. I luv each of the key designs. You've come up with a nice interesting variety, all of which compliment one another, and work well as a group. I think the final piece is particularly lovely with the color and texture. I give you three cheers! -D-

  2. this is awesome. I'm so glad that you figured that technology with the help of your husband.

    the key idea is fantastic. I love all the images especially the last one. It's also really cool to know your entire process in how you systematically conquered this project. thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Looks amazing! I don't know anything about Photoshop or graphic design, but I'm so impressed with people who do! One of my best friends is a graphic designer and designed our wedding invitations! Amazing! xoxox

  4. These are amazing! I am so impressed every time I see your work! How fun you can now use photoshop to do even more!

    Come enter my photo giveaway!

  5. These are really cool! By the way - love your blog thus far...you're super cute! :-) Enjoying reading! :-)

  6. Hi Kristen. They are very nice. I think you did a great job :) I think what is most important here is that you made this breakthrough and you feel pretty good about yourself and you are feeling confidant. Make sure you avoid that "ONE" girl. ;0)

  7. Wow!!! How clever are you?! I love that 3rd one with the 'unlock my heart'. You could do a whole theme of unlocking ideas! Great!!

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts... I really appreciate your feedback! I know they aren't perfect but I also know I will only get better from here... and I think it's pretty cool you all get to see my starting point and see how I'm growing artistically. You all keep my motivation up! :)

  9. Looks different but in a good way. Keep it up. =)


  10. Love the idea of keys but would also have loved to see your design with lipstick since you are so GIRLIE!!! Andi absolutely love the name of your future design company...you ROCK!!!

    Love Momma

  11. wow i love what you did with these! super cute darling. i also love yoru blog! you should come check out my blog and follow if you like.
    your newest follower

  12. The are totally amazing Kristen! My favorite is figure no. 2, but I also like No. 3.
    Just wondering, if you can do these with keys, I can only imagine what you can do with the lipstick! Keep on rockin'!

  13. i've been looking for new blogs today, and yours is by far the cutest i've seen! following!! :)

    i don't know much about graphic design, but i'm impressed that you didn't take the easy route! and i think the last picture looks fantastic! :)

  14. Wow, this is so impressive for your first work! I've been trying to teach myself some smart Photoshop skills but haven't succeeded as much as you! I'm glad it all worked out!

  15. Hey girl so here;s the link to the blogger party. It'd be a blast to meet!! You can bring friends too!! :) http://www.livylove.com/2011/03/first-annual-blog-party.html

  16. so cool! i wish i could just play around with Photoshop sometime. it's all picnik over here for this cheapo girl;)

  17. Isn't it great exploring Photoshop for the first time?
    the keys look lovely, the second one is my fav!

  18. Ooh I really like that 3rd one. It's very cool. :) I really need to take some graphic design classes - making things like this seem so interesting to me but I wouldn't have a clue how to begin to do it on my own.

  19. Found you on ftlob. Those are amazing. I really wish I could do something like that. Good luck with the critique.

  20. Wow those keys look really good! I, for one, LOVE the bevel effect. It's my favorite effect in the graphic design world!

  21. Congrats! - That looks amazing :) I am always slightly jealous of people who are so talented and creative!

    Popping by to say hello from FTLOB!



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