April 30, 2011

Weekend Reflection

So my Early Spring Term has come to an end...

I had my finals this week and am very pleased with how I did! I got a 103 on my Psychology final (but don't congratulate me on that one... it was open book!) and got a 92 on my Design Fundamentals final.

Woot :)

Next term starts on May 4th and I have decided to go FULL time! Meaning I will have class Monday-Thursday 6-10 every night. Oy veyyyy....

It will be good for me though. I need to get this degree moving along and finish as fast as possible. It will be a big change though..

I will be taking 4 classes to include Ethics, American History, Publication Design, and Concepts & Critical Thinking.

I'll tell you right now the one I'm dreading most is History... if you read my post From Swiss to American you may know why. I don't know what happened in high school but I have not saved any history knowledge in my memory bank, so this will be my second chance at actually paying attention :)

On a side note... I have hit a weird slump in my blogging lately. I don't know what it is.

I started designing a header for my new blog design but just thinking of all of the other customizations I will have to implement is overwhelming. What do you think of this?

I've been loving the yellow/black/white color scheme and was inspired by my new rug from Target :) It's going to take some serious concentration, time and effort. I just can't believe how often some of the other bloggers out there change up their design! You guys are amazing!

Maybe it's the weather that's got me in a slump.  Spring is just being really temperamental right now. I woke up to 2" of snow on the ground this morning! UGH! Even my dogs are wondering, "WTF????"

Maybe a hair change will lift my spirits! I've been playing with color a lot lately. I went pretty blond last time and have decided to go the ginger route... Monday evening I will be transformed into a redhead! I've been looking for the perfect shade, hoping I don't end up resembling a clown. Here is some red inspiration I have been admiring:

Wondering if I should go full on red, more of an auburn, or a lighter red... we shall see now, won't we? :)

At least it's the weekend and I get to enjoy a break from school for a while! I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon reading all of your lovely blog posts, listening to my Pandora station, maybe finish that book I got for Christmas, and tidy up the house a bit... if I have time that is ;)

I'll leave you with a fun song that I can't help but sing and dance along to every time it comes on the radio...

How bout yourself, got any fun plans for the weekend???


  1. Congratulations on doing well for the finals :) Dang, I wish mine had been open book too, lol!

  2. I do like the header, but the white words don't show up so well. Maybe mess around with it a bit more.

    Red is definitely cool. I just went red after a few years of brown. It's given me a lift.

  3. I love the idea of changing my hair color, but I always regret it because it makes my hair feel like straw. :(

    That being said, red is awesome.

  4. AnonymousMay 01, 2011

    Definately go with the first picture shade of red. The 2nd is too brown, the last is too light. IF you don't like it, you can always change it. And...I love that song too. I didn't know who sang it and now I do! Thanks girl. love ya

  5. Definitely liking the header so far, very sweet color scheme :)
    I'd say go for the red! I've had my hair red a few times, and I always want to go back to it, haha. My favorite hair color for sure.


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