April 06, 2011

Well, this is embarrassing...

We all have them at one point...

The Spare Bedroom / Storage Closet

Ahh yes... the back room where we shamelessly throw things that have no purpose just so we can hide them behind a door and forget about its contents. 

It starts with a corner... maybe with some exercise equipment, moving boxes that are full of useless items, clothes you don't wear anymore, the old futon and unused furniture, craft projects that never got completed, old decorations you couldn't part with... until one day you can barely open the door and realize you are in the beginning stages of HOARDING!

My poor husband uses this room as his office. There is a futon underneath all that clutter which means it can also be a nice spare bedroom where friends and family can stay.

At one point it looked really nice. We repainted, added the curtains, hung up some framed photos and artwork, and got the desk area organized. We even fell asleep in there a couple nights watching movies on the desktop.

Well, according to the picture above, you can tell that obviously didn't last very long, and for a while now I have resorted to using the couch and coffee table as my work area.


So I decided I'm going to focus on creating an inspiring work environment where I can have my computer and all of my art supplies in one organized space. If I can accomplish this I know it will make it so easy to get things done that I no longer have any more excuses to procrastinate or be unproductive. 

So of course I drew inspiration from Pinterest :)

Here are some ideas I have in mind....

I really like this simple clean look, using space vertically instead of horizontally. 

I wish I had enough room for something like this...
but I love the colors, the shelving, that cute lamp, and the message board. 

I love the light and airy colors in this design because it makes the cramped and cluttered mess still look spacious. I'm thinking I might need some of those tall bookshelves...

How cute is this? 
I thought of doing an inspiration board but some strings and clothes pins could do the trick!

This is a little too Miley Cyrus for me... but I love that chalkboard calendar and the built in bookshelf on the side of the desk. 


I don't think you can go wrong with a fluffy chair like that...
it's just begging to be sat in!

So I know I'm mostly wishful thinking, but seriously, something needs to be done and soon! Wouldn't you agree? I have a feeling I'll be making several trips to IKEA in the near future...

Any tips for decorating an artist's work space?


P.S. Do you think I have a thing for white desks? :)



    I absolutely agree with you - it is so important to have a clean and organized space in order to have a clean and organized mind. I usually blog from my couch or bed (terrible, I know!) but I definitely need to create a space where distractions are cut down and where I can FOCUS! Thanks for passing this idea along...I look forward to seeing your newest updates! xo

  2. I know how you feel. I have a lot of drawers that I can not seem to keep right. My room that I use for my art stuff is my oldest daughters old room. It is clean for the most part but I feel so far away up there with the kids home and stuff that I end up in the dining room on the table either way. However I like picture number 2 and 4. I think i might try that little clothing line idea. Very cool. Thank you for sharing those. :):) And good luck on your space.

  3. I am in LOVE with your blog design!!! It is so stinkin' cute!!! I am your newest follower!!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  4. I know the feeling. Unfortunately my "storage" room happens to be my bedroom at home. It gets terrible because I'm up at school for the year, and being home on weekends is NOT enough time to tackle that monstrosity. Luckily (or maybe not...eek) I'm going to be home for the next year while I take the few classes I need for my new life goal, so I'm really hoping to purge the crap out of my room! Good luck with yours! Those pictures all have some great ideas! :)

  5. This is so funny! My whole room looks like that right now unfortunately... not so funny

  6. i think everyone has one of those rooms! you're brave for posting yours!! :)

  7. Ooh these are some awesome ideas! I absolutely love the top picture of the bookshelf/desk. The reader in me is screaming, "I want! I want!" Lol. ;)

    Also that strings/cards thing is really cool - that's a very good idea to liven up a room.

    Found you over on my blog via your comment. ;) I think I'll have to subscribe now - your blog is already giving me some fun ideas!

  8. haha I love that you said "this is a little too miley cyrus for me"
    love the white desks & all these ideas... now if we can actually stay this organized!!

  9. first of all...i love a white desk!!!

    second of all...i used to have one of those rooms too!!! LOL~ i discovered that if i dont have a theme or a "point" for the room, then it becomes hoarders paradise! curious to see what u do girl!

  10. i lovelovelove your blog and the peacock theme. your header? uh yeah, lovely! haha

    i'm glad i just stumbled onto your blog cause now i'm here for good! haha i'm your newest follower!

    as for your room redecorating ideas i love them all but i particularly love the shelves in the first photo. and white is a wonderful color for a desk! brighten up the room :D

    again, love the blog. glad i'm here.
    please feel free to come visit and follow back if you'd like!
    xx, kandice

  11. auntie janApril 07, 2011

    kristen...my dear kristen...we all have a room such as yours...it's a "catch-all" for all the "hide me" stuff and the "i'll leave here until i can get to it stuff". i have much confidence in you in that whatever you turn that room into will be a portrait of "you".

    Love ya...

  12. I love all of those pics, I need to do something about my organization as well. But, trust me it could be wayyy worse. My worst room doesn't even have a visible floor anymore, just undulating mountains of clothing, and that is no exaggeration! At the worst part (the closet) the pile of clothes is almost as tall as me. Not to mention all the other crap that is piled on top of or buried underneath the dreaded sea of clothes. Some day I'll clean it, some day. It's just always so much easier to pretend it doesn't exist. lol


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