November 13, 2011

Day #12: Don't be a bully

(FYI: I'm not posting about things I'm thankful for every day in November. 
I'm doing a 30-day blog challenge of my own called "Inspired by Moments." 

Early this morning I logged onto my Facebook and saw that my old best friend from high school (who is now an elementary school teacher) invited me to a group called "End Cyberbullying." I believe she is doing this as a project for school to engage students and adults into discussing this topic, which is too often goes unnoticed.

I watched this video posted on her wall and it gave me chills... 

I feel for this girl. Kids are so cruel. They are too young to realize that their words can truly damage someone. Too often it leads to suicide and shootings, but more often kids will carry those words with them for the rest of their life, causing a ripple effect to every person they come in contact with. 

Which is worse? Something so terrible it makes headlines on the news, or the scars we all quietly hide but remind ourselves of every day? When do we take control and stop the ripple?

I don't know how I survived school with how much gossip and verbal attacks I went through. There always seemed to be someone talking crap, rumors going around, or drama sessions online. Not to say I wasn't part of the problem, because I was. 

I just think it all comes down to people's insecurities. 

I was an insecure girl trying to be cool in middle school, and sadly I walked over some people to get to my rank. There were girls that hated me in high school, something sparked an insecurity in them and they lashed out at me.

It's all psychological, but sadly this social scene is what kids today probably find more important than the actual learning. 

Most people might think the administration needs to intervene more, but it's all hush hush. If you tell your parents or someone of authority then you're obviously a loser. 

I don't know what will solve the problem. I think creating awareness groups like my friend did is a step in the right direction, but I still don't think that will effect our human nature.

All I know is the day I send my child to school is the day I have a nervous breakdown.

What are some of your thoughts on bullying?


  1. Well that was just heartbreaking. I remember hating 7th and 8th grade. I ate lunch at an empty table alone every day. The other girls would walk by and call me names. Every morning on the way to school I'd hope the bus would crash so I wouldn't have to go that day. High school was better. I hope it gets better for her as well.

  2. I really feel for kids who are bullied in school because I spent a lot of time as an outcast as a kid. It makes me beyond happy to see that people are starting to take notice of bullying, and to want to do something about it, instead of dismissing it as a rite of passage.

    I'm not sure what can stop bullying, but I think one thing that really helps is for kids to have older mentors. People to give them some perspective on life, and to tell them, yeah. I went through that, too. It sucks, and I'm here for you.

  3. Coming from the mom persepctive here I have two boys who are middle school aged and are regularly bullied. We talk about it at home to see if there are some creative ways we can make the bullying not so bad. We also talk about standing up to the bully and self defense but self defense if frowned on in school almost more than bullying is.
    Recently I did have to go to the school administration because it is getting worse instead of better. Sadly I know that probably was like poking at the hornets nest but I can't just stand back and watch my kids get beat up they are soooo little for their age. Thankfully though they have some great teachers and staff who are there when they are to help them navigate through that horrible age called middle school and they have eachother which I think helps. Kristen I sincerely hope by the time you have school age children they have better policies in place at school to help curb the bullying tendancies or at least strongly discourages bullies.

  4. Hi Kristen- Thought I would post on this considering my group seemed to inspire you to spread the word. Bullying is something that happens far too often, but there are a lot of resources and steps being taken to prevent further damage. Recently the state of CT passed a new anti-bullying law. Hopefully, this law will inspire other states to follow suit.

  5. that totally broke my heart-especially her crooked smile in the end.
    Bullies are mindless bastards who pick on just about anybody for a boost of self-confidence and their ghastly ego.Innocence is something attributed to kids-but sometimes I feel kids can be more cruel and in myriad ways that adults can't think of.They probably do or do not understand how damaging they are being-and that's the tragedy of it.

    In India bullying notches up a level in college-especially in tech colleges-stuff that involves physical harm and such pressure that students are either forced to run away,be psychologically ill and in extreme cases:take their own lives.
    I ask,what right do they have?!

    As a kid I often wondered why my parents were so protective,so scared and why they set boundaries.Now I'm like-kudos to them-if I were get to that level of trust I would reward myself.


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