November 10, 2011

Day #9: Yes, I am proud.

The odds of having a good day were against me from the start. 

You see, I stupidly drank an energy drink during class last night and by the time I got home I was bouncing off the walls. I couldn't calm down. I ended up staying up until 2:00 AM watching True Blood (holy delicious- new addiction- will mention more on that later...) knowing very well that my alarm would be going off at 5:00 AM  (I snooze until 6:30, but you get the picture).

Normally, this lack of sleep would be the perfect set up to a day full of crabby bitch fests, but surprisingly, it wasn't.

The day came and went, and I started wondering what I was going to blog about.

It dawned on me when I came home early from my Photoshop class tonight. I was high fiving my husband and bragging about how I was the first one done with the midterm and how the instructor and the other students couldn't figure out how I finished so quick.

I was all like, 

"Yeeeeah buddy!"  

Suddenly, I knew I had to blog about pride...

Now, this is not meant to be a cocky post. I understand pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but since I'm agnostic, I don't really care about that stuff.

You know what I think? I think being proud of yourself is good a thing.

Want to know what I'm proud of today?

I'm proud of my Photoshop projects that I worked on last weekend recreating a CD album and magazine cover:

(That's me and my sisters in the TLC album, and that's my super hot GQ hubby ;)

I'm proud of breaking through my creative block tonight. Right now I'm working on a logo design for the APSCA's 2012 Convention called "Working Proud." So naturally, I've got pride on the brain.

I'm proud of making a super cute blog button for a new friend free of charge just because it was fun :)

And last but not least, I'm proud of myself for making it through today on 4 hours of sleep and still dedicating myself to blog and stick with this 30-day challenge I bestowed upon myself.

Ya know, most of the time I'm pretty humble, but just for today I'm going to be proud of where I'm at :)

{images via here and here}


  1. haha Kristen!! The TLC pic is great!! Oh god do I love it :)


  2. I like this post :) And I think being proud of yourself is a good thing, too. I feel like there's a difference between being PROUD and being PRIDEFUL though...

    Ooh. I may elaborate on that somewhere...


  3. Sometimes being proud is good for our self-esteem.So,go ahead an knock yourself out!You've earned it!Love the covers!
    Isn't Photoshop the best?I know,I know I should ask the bad boy out for coffee!
    Also trueblood!!Which season are you on?

  4. Girl, you have plenty of reasons to be proud!! You have totally earned it! :)

  5. Sounds like we had somewhat of a similar night! I slept from 11-230am and then laid awake until 6 when I had to get up. Stupid, darn, itchy eczema.

    Good job on your CD cover! I didn't even notice that you had changed the faces at first :p.

    Thanks again for my awesome blog button! I think it really brightens my page up :). And I definitely think you should be proud of yourself! You got skills woman!!

  6. My father, an old Southern gentleman, always used to say, "it ain't braggin' if it's true." I think he was right. :)

    Great job on both projects! Your version of GQ looked more interesting than the original.

    Also, I love True Blood. So much.

  7. That's so fun! My next photoshop project is to design a fake DVD cover. I can't wait to get started! I'm going to make a haunted house mystery movie that may or may not star my cute cat in the lead role. ;P

  8. i love the tlc album.

    I majored in multimedia ( 11 years ago) We never did anything as cool as you are doing now!


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