December 22, 2011

Confess to a GDS: The Sweta Edition

Ready for another dose of AWESOME SAUCE?

You're in luck, because today my featured blogger of choice is Sweta... 
find out all the reasons why she's become my latest girl crush:

Firstly,I'm TOTALLY in love with Kristen and her blog <3 
and I'm so damn excited to be featured here ^_^ 

Secondly,there's no secondly.I just didn't want "firstly" to feel lonely.

Alright,read on ^_^

1. What are three words that describe you the best?
selectively patient,loyal,a dabbler

2. When did you know you wanted to be a designer?
I have been dabbling in Photoshop and Corel Draw since I was 12 or so (see,I'm kind of newish in this world) making cards,forum signatures,photo manipulations and the like.There have been periods when I  took a break when school and getting into college became a priority.In India we breathe a different kind of education system and work culture.Sometimes even a Masters degree falls short of expectations and job opportunities in life.
  When I started blogging in 2008 I wanted to tweak this and that and ended up doing full scale designs. Sometimes I changed things around too much, experimenting with different looks.That just defeated my whole purpose of sharing what was going on with my life,bits of fiction,etc as I spent the whole time fitting my blog with pretty couture.Nobody appreciates a Dumb Blonde Blog Version  2.0 (just couldn't help being my charming self.) and I had to channel all that creativity into something productive.I believe every blog deserves to be treated as an extension of the blogger's personality.Some of us who become bloggers can vouch for the fact that if we had it our way we'd more than half the day here ;).I had always wanted to be a designer of some sort but this is the first step I took to do something about it.

3. Who/what inspires you?
Colours.They influence me in more ways I can ever fathom-I see a pretty colour scheme,I wish to implement into a design.My boyfriend  and my father are also very supportive and put in words of encouragement now and then.Sam,especially and even goes to the extent to scoring articles and helping me with a bit of coding whenever I'm stuck.Other than that there's always other web designers out there whose syle I admire,and more recently Pinterest.

4. Life can get crazy; what do you do to stay sane?
Hang out with my best friend just gives me an odd peace of mind and a good steam job to all the wrinkles in my life.Just being in the same room with Sam lifts my mood,makes me buoyant.Other than that SATC marathons with pizza totally do the trick.

5. What is your current obsession?
Fonts and Typography.My current favourite fonts are Learning Curve,Cavier Dreams,Chunk five for clean designs and Kevin and Amanda's handwritten fonts for something whimsy!
Also this video

6. If you were superhero, what would be your weakness?
I'd laugh too much.I'd probably allow the villain to tell me a joke,I'd double over laughing(he better be good) and pshaw!Slipped!

7. If you could travel anywhere for a whole month... where would you go?
italy ofcourse!Drink some wine,have some flings,soak in the art and be browner than I already am ^_^

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?
ill behaved kids and their nonchalant parents :X I HATE!

9. If you were awarded a million dollars today, what would be your first splurge?
Sheldon Cooper.Scratch that.A Dragon at the Leaky Cauldron.Uhh,that too.Probably an alienware laptop :D

10. Tell us a secret...
I hate it when people pick food off my plate.. JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!

Ain't she a gem? 
Go visit and show her some bloggy love 


  1. I loves sweta's blogs and designs she's my personal hero. I would stalk her but its expensive so instead i e-stalk her

  2. Haha,look at me being all silly xD yaay thanks so much you awesome lady,you!
    @Amanda:You rock my world!
    @Shane:YAAY! <3 you too

  3. Oh no! This blog looks awesome but the link to it isn't working. Could you send it to me? I'd like to check it out.


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