December 02, 2011

Fashionably Inspi(red)

Today I'm linking up with Alison @ {long distance loving} for Friday's Fancies! This week's theme is all about RED, not just because it's a fabulous color, but to bring awareness to the ongoing fight against AIDS. You can find more information by visiting Join(RED).

Now, I'm not one who likes a lot of red in her closet (close to none, actually) 
so this outfit is more about the red accents. Red nails, rep lips, and red jewelry always seem to compliment my favorite neutrals, but I thought I would have some fun and play with color this time.

One of my favorite color combinations is RED & TURQUOISE...
don't they look fab together?


  1. Love the color combo! Red and turquoise is gorgeous!

  2. The pumps! <3 and red and turquoise =amazing!

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  4. i love red & turquoise together! this look is great - i especially love the necklace-sweater-belt part of the combo. <3

  5. i love red pants so much! i wish i could find some that didn't make me feel like my legs are 50x bigger than they are though, ha
    xo TJ

  6. I never would have thought to pair red with turquoise, but I love it!

  7. Those colors look great together! I guess I never thought of that because I don't have a lot of turquoise. I do have some red, though. I call my red pants "power pants." :) I'd say you definitely have a good pick of items, here!


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