December 27, 2011

Top 10 Christmas Moments

Morning loves! How was everyone's holiday?

I know I try to put on a front that I can't stand the holidays, but it's mostly because I dread not being able to spend it with my entire family. I wait and wait for it to "feel like Christmas" and I always arrive late...

Christmas Eve came, and although I tried, I still wasn't feeling it. It was only that evening when I was surrounded by my loved ones that the Christmas spirit came over me. It was the love in the room that made it finally feel like Christmas, and it was filled with moments that I won't soon forget...

1. Spending time with my amazing older sister and her family...
2. Skyping my younger sister in CT on Christmas Eve and having her watch everyone open her gifts (love technology):
3. Giggling over my niece moving all of the presents off the fireplace so Santa could have room to get through the chimney :)
4. Snacking on Mom's chocolate crinkle cookies and putting them out for Santa.
5. Repeatedly asking my 2 year old nephew, "What does Santa say?" to which he would reply, "Ho.... Ho.... Ho..... Meh-ee Kid-mas!"
6. Listening to my niece sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" as we put her to sleep (adorbs).
7. My nephew's beyond epic Kodak moment while opening presents... "I'M A BOY! RAWR!"

8. Dad acting like his old goofball self:
9. Hearing Jingle Bell Rock on the radio every 20 minutes... and still loving it every time.
10. Having enough peppermint candy to mix in with my coffee for the next three months... yum!
What were some of YOUR favorite Christmas moments?


  1. I'm glad the Christmas bug finally hit you! I had nothing close to a traditional Christmas this year since I'm still traveling, but usually we open presents with family and go to the beach! Perks of growing up in Miami! :)

  2. Yeah me neither. Not until I was actually with my church family and then my uncles and grandparents, did I feel like it was really Christmas.
    But glad you had a good one. looks like you had fun!

  3. Awesomeness runs in the family I see ;) such lovely and lively photos ^_^ What great fun :)The kids are so cute!


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