December 09, 2011

Work Party Chic!

The weekend is upon us... what a great feeling! 

My fall term just ended on Tuesday and I start a whole new term on Monday. So not much of a break, but a break nonetheless. 

I plan on catching up on my household duties over the weekend so I don't feel like such a lame excuse for a wifey. That means True Blood is off limits, and I should probably hide my laptop, and block Polyvore just in case. If I can control my procrastination tendencies we mayyyy put up the Christmas tree... we'll see. Something tells me I need to consult Mariah Carey's Christmas album... that might do the trick.  

In other news, today's Friday's Fancies inspiration is all about Christmas parties (and how fitting that it falls on the day of my very own work party... oh joy!)

We all have them around this time of year... and although they can be a drag as you try to make small talk with that girl who works in accounting who you never speak to who you are now forced to speak to because no one else at the table is conversing and the silence cannot be tolerated any longer....... surely with a cute Christmas sweater and golden accessories and enough vodka in your punch you can almost call it a good time :)

Anyone gonna rock a Christmas sweater this year? 


  1. i have two parties this weekend and the one tonight i am totally rocking a fun outfit. tomorrow, not so much. work parties....SUCK.

    have a great weekend lady!

  2. This is absolutely adorable! I love everything!!

  3. That nail polish is awesome. love it.

  4. i don't have a Christmas sweater...that one is super stylish though! my, what long antlers he has. :)

  5. OO. I love that outfit/inspiration board. I think I may have to start doing more of those..

  6. I like that ring that looks like a bow! That's so cute! And those shoes? My goodness!


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