March 31, 2011

Throwback Thursday!

[Yes, I know, I totally spaced doing this post last Thursday... my bad...]

But I remembered today and I managed to scrounge up some old drawings I did when I was a hormonal preteen in middle school. 

Oh, the good old days! 

Back when my biggest worry was getting caught passing notes in class and when my biggest obsession was Blink 182.

Yes, folks... Blink was my all time favorite. 

Everyone loved Mark Hoppus but I had a HUGE crush on Tom Delonge... 
I had posters of the band all over my walls. I thought I was so cool because they were a "punk" band and they swore and had dirty lyrics. I remember going to The Warped Tour and finally got to see them live in concert. I was mesmerized and sang along to every word of every song. I even bought stupid stuff like their biography book, their behind the scenes video, and even wrote them fan mail. 


Anyway, I'm telling you all of this because I found the most hilarious drawing in my "Box of Rememberance". 

What do you think? 

And just for fun, here's one of my favorite Blink songs from their Enema of the State CD

I'm currently digging through some of my old art stuff and I have lots more I can't wait to show you!

Stay tuned, friends!


March 29, 2011

Recent Obsessions

I wanted to share some of my favorite obsessions lately.

Why, you ask?

... cuz I felt like it!

{No. 1} 

(I'm putting this first so you can play the song while reading the rest of this post... DO IT!)

S T E R E O L  V E 
by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina

accordian techno at its finest... you know you wanna dance!

{theory: If I dance to this song 8x per day I'm pretty sure I can lose 20 pounds next month}

{No. 2}

... cuz I'm classy like that :) 

{No. 3}

Adding Hershey's syrup to my morning coffee...

also known as the cheap girl's mocha :D

{No. 4}

This whorish sexy hot pink color that I'm seeing everywhere... I love it!

{via pinterest}

{No. 5} 

My dog's faces... 

{No. 6}

Robert Redford in The Way We Were...

{via pinterest}

{No. 7} 

This artist... cuz she's AMAZING and I want to steal her genius brain!

{No. 8} 

This quote:

"Love is a temporary MADNESS
It erupts like an (  ( ( EARTHQUAKE ) )  ) and then... 

s u  b   s    i    d     e      s. 

And when it subsides you have to make a decision

You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together
 that it is {inconceivable} that you should ever  
PA               RT.

Because this is what love is. 

Love is not  b r e a t h l e s s n e s s
it is not excitement
it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion.

 That is just being "in love" 
[which any of us can convince ourselves we are]

Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned a w  a   y . . .
and this is both an  [art]  and a fortunate accident

We had ROOTS that grew towards each other underground, 
and when all the  pretty blossoms  had 
 from our branches we found that we were
and not two." 

-St. Augustine


What are some of your favorite obsessions lately? 

March 27, 2011

Keepin' it real

Good Sunday Morning, lovelies!!

Can I first just say how happy I am that there at 75 of you that care what I have to say?

I truly appreciate every page view, comment, and follow. I love blogging with all of you and hearing what everyone has to say. In a sense, blogging has given me more inspiration than school has. You are all so talented, smart, and beautiful people that I feel truly honored to be in your Google Reader :)

Anyway, I thought today I would share with you this really cool video that I watched in my Design Fundamentals class (or Design Fun for short!).

It was a really thought provoking class. We watched a lot of the old artisan craftsman techniques like scratchboard and printmaking. It was so time consuming back in the old days, such attention to detail, and so much raw talent. It was mind boggling how much time and effort went into one piece. It really made me appreciate their work so much more.

We compared that with today's techniques. It seems as though almost any ordinary person can design something if they have the right tools. We have gone from being unique talented craftsmen to common technology freaks. In a sense, the talents that used to go into creating art has been broken down, simplified, mechanical, easier and quick.

The point my instructor was trying to make was that no matter how much editing and messing around you do in your computer programs, you can never mimic something genuine. A line in Illustrator is not as authentic as a hand drawn line. Clicking "Print" will not produce the same result as what a talented printmaker can produce. It's the little flaws that make something so beautiful and pure.

It's contradictory, really, because artists try to come as close to perfect as possible, but it's never quite perfect. When these Adobe programs came out they seemed so brilliant, you would wonder why anyone would spend 10x the amount of time producing the same result.

But, is it really the "same"?

For me, and I think society as a whole, we tend to prefer the flawed over the perfect. We like to see people mess up- why do you think reality TV has become such a big hit? We don't want The Cleaver's anymore, we want The Jersey Shore! Even me, I prefer blogs that pour out what's truly in their heart over the blogs that try to convince me their life is perfect.

So much has become fake it's almost hard to tell what's real anymore.

It's like visiting Vegas... everything looks so shiny and pretty, but when you get up close, it's really just a bunch of cheap, fake, reproductions of the real thing.

We want what's "real"... yet we settle for the cheap imitations that the marketing companies bank on. I'm guilty of it too... I would rather spend $20 on a imitation cashmere sweater than $150 for the real thing. I understand why our generation has gotten this way... why waste time creating the real thing when we we can sell what's fake and make millions?

In the art industry we have gone from authentic to cheap within a century. I can't help but wonder... what will the art of tomorrow look like? Will they be mass produced by robots? Will we have forgotten our roots? Will there even be such a thing as art anymore?

Will we have forgotten what's real?

Watching these videos really made me proud to have my roots in the fine arts. I used to think it might have held me back, because it's not easy for me to learn how to create on a computer, but now it makes me feel a step ahead.  I would rather say I have the raw talent and I can create on the computer, than to only have the latter. It makes me feel like I have the full package because I can truly appreciate the real thing.

Watch this scratchboard artist, for example. It's a ten minute video, but it will seriously give you the understanding of how "quick" is not always the best route, and how effort, technique, and time will always make the difference.

Freakin' amazing.


March 24, 2011

Oooo I'm ambitious?!

What a cute award given by Adrienne at Love Philter!
(I love her blog and genius quotes, always inspiring and beautifully written- go check her out!)

So I have to share seven facts about myself... 
(considering I got that "2:30 feeling" these will probably be quite random)

1. I'm watching 90210 right now... not sure why?
2. I could listen to Taylor Swift songs all day long and not get sick of her. 
3. I have a thing for Matt Damon (don't worry- the hubby is fully aware).  
I actually think he's got a Matt Damon thing going on himself... isn't he cute?

4. I've been called a lush before but that's only because I'm a fun drunk :P
5. Without coffee in the morning I am absolutely useless. 
6. Sometimes I have trouble controlling the VOLUME OF MY VOICE.
7. My favorite flowers are orchids.

Now here's the hard part... I'm going to pass this on to a few of my favorite blogger friends... let's see, this might take a while to decide...

*goes to Dashboard to search through the 100 blogs I follow*

And they are...

Julie @ Love, Julie

You are all lovely ladies with ambitious attitudes that constantly inspire me!

I'll leave you with this mood-lifting song I just heard on my Pandora station :)
(actually after further inspection, the music is cheerful but the lyrics are kinda depressing)

Oh well, enjoy!


March 23, 2011


Elizabeth Taylor
1932 ~ 2011
Rest in peace 


March 20, 2011

Why I'm NOT a Snowboarder

Today I will not be sharing stories of school, but the story of my first time snowboarding.

Let me give you some background information first...

I've been invited snowboarding before and have always politely declined, never feeling like I'm missing out. Actually, that's not completely true. I did attempt to go several years ago but freaked out as soon as we entered the parking lot. That was a bad day...

The truth is, I've been terrified of trying this sport because of the following reasons:

1. I hate snow. I never take advantage of the snow by getting in snowball fights, making snowmen, going sledding... etc. It was fun when I was a kid but now it's just misery served cold.

2. I'm not an athlete. I'm weak, girly, and clumsy. I have about as much athletic capabilities as a hampster. Wait, don't they run on those wheels and shit? Make that a hampster with a broken leg.

3. Speed. Something about going full speed down a mountain slope just doesn't sit right with me.

4. Fashion. The fact that I have to bundle up like Ralphie's little brother in A Christmas Story covering up all of my lady curves PLUS hiding my hair in some snow hat, frankly, is depressing. If I'm going to suck at something I might as well look good sucking at it, right?

Okay, so knowing all of these things, you would be surprised that I actually agreed to going, wouldn't you?


Well somehow my cute friend from work convinced me that it would be fun. It was just going to be me and her, not a big group, so if I fell down a bunch of times I wouldn't be as embarrassed. And to be honest, I thought, "What the hell... what's the worst that could happen? I should at least try it and see if it really is as bad as I think." I think I have had this mind set lately because of all this madness going on around the world, convincing me that some detrimental shit is going to happen in 2012, and because of that I'm starting to take more risks and try as many things as possible. You only live once, right? And I live in Utah for god sakes where our license plates state we have "the best snow on earth". If the snow here really is that great then I probably should just give in and experience it.

So... I agreed. I did all the prep work, put on the unflattering layers of clothing (including a turtleneck- gross!), bought some snow pants, rented a board and boots, and we were on our way to the ski resort. I was definitely nervous but still optimistic about it.

I didn't freak out as bad in the parking lot, even though at that point the intimidation started to sink in. Here are all of these hippie snowboarders that live for this kind of shit, and here I am, annoyed because this hat is ruining my really good hair day. I kind of felt paranoid that everyone around would notice my "first-timer radar" pulsing out of my body through their orange goggles. It kind of felt like I was an alien trying to blend in with these snowpeople on another planet but everyone could tell I was not from this world.

A lot of things were going on... I was trying to walk in these boots that pushed me forward and there weren't any stairs so we had to hike up this steep slope to even get where the ski lift was. Once I reached the top of that slope (thankfully without slipping) I was already winded (stupid smoker lungs) and was trusting in my friend to walk me through the process.

The next step was binding one foot into the board and then scooting to the chair lift. We watched as other people got onto the lift. They were sliding into position with one foot locked in to their board like skateboarding. She showed me how to bind my foot in and we started scooting along to approach the lift. I was feeling pretty OK, thinking, "I can do this!"

I spoke too soon. This next part happened so fast it was like a blur...

We let a few people go in front of us so we wouldn't hold anyone up. My friend is in front of me and decides to hurry up to position, since the lift seems like it's moving fast. I am trying my best to follow her, but the front of my snowboard is going to the left when I needed to go right, and before I knew it I was being knocked over by the chair, fell on the ground, and watched as the chair lift literally ran me over.

I was chair lift roadkill.

I am laughing at myself right now but at the time I was mort.i.fied.


I was now on the ground, my board horizontal, and my foot that was locked in was twisted upside down. I figured the attendent guy would immediately help me up but apparently he got a kick out of watching me squirm on the ground like a fish. My hands were burning and I was so pissed that I angrily demanded someone help me back up. At that time I saw a bunch of people standing in line behind me and all I could do was turn away. The attendent had stopped the lift for me, got me into position and the second try was a success.

Sadly my moral had plummeted and I wasn't sure how I was going to bounce back. I cried like a baby the whole way up the chair lift as my friend is in front of me trying to explain how I was supposed to get off the lift when we got to the top.

Well, I couldn't stop crying. I kept wiping the tears away but all I could think of was how embarrassing that experience was. I WAS RUN OVER BY A CHAIR LIFT. If I was waiting in line behind me and saw someone like myself get run over by a chair you can bet I would be laughing my ass off. I assumed everyone was laughing at me and the tears just kept pouring.

Even though I was crushed on the inside, I was still moving up a mountain and there was no turning back. I had to do this as much as I wanted to crawl into a corner and hide.

As we got to the top it became time to get off the lift and... you guessed it, I fell again. But, this is where people were expected to fall, so it wasn't as bad. I was warned beforehand that I was going to fall a bunch of times but I didn't expect to have the embarrassment drain me each time.

I binded my other foot and was now officially locked into the board. We scooted along the flat areas getting closer to the incline and I was doing pretty good. Though, I got stuck in a few flat spots and kept going backward every time I tried to move forward. Then I had to fall, and literally crawl on my knees with my board still strapped on to my feet, so I could get to a spot where I could get up and move forward.

I really don't know how many times I fell. Each time that I had to get up I felt like my muscles were being pushed to the brink of exhaustion and the fact that I got up was part effort/part luck.

I got up, I fell down, I got up, I fell down... (repeat 20x)

This was all before the actual incline started. Once I saw the incline I started to freak the @#$% out. My friend told me it was a green run when I thought we were only going down the bunny hill. (Apparently the bunny hill is closed during the evenings and this was my only way back down). The green hill was still very easy, but to me it looked like a death trap. There were cliffs that if I went off them I would be tumbling down like a rag doll and could possibly shatter my spine.

My friend assured me I would be OK and began teaching me the technique we would be doing to get down. I needed to face my board horizontal with the slope and would be sliding from side to side, bending my knees and practicing my heel action.

This would all be well and good if I could actually get up and STAY up. Every time I tried to get up my board would be moving underneath me and I would fall down again. It was turning into a joke. You can only fall down and get up so many times before the frustration kicks in.

Once again, I laid down on my back trying to move my board up but to no avail. My leg muscles were no longer working. The weight of my board was too much to bear. I laid on my back still hooked into my board feeling like a failure and I don't think I stopped crying for the rest of the evening. I told my friend to just go without me and that I didn't want to do it. I unhooked my bindings and walked back up to the chair lift and called my husband balling my eyes out.

I told him about being run over by the chair lift and how I couldn't stay up on my board and how I was scared of the incline. He felt so bad for me.

I started to panic. I couldn't do this. This was not for me. There was no way in hell I was going down that slope and all I wanted to do was be back on solid ground.

When my friend came back up the lift for a second round we luckily spotted a ski patrolman and I told him through my tears that I was having an anxiety attack and I needed his assistance in bringing me back down. He was very nice and understanding.

My choices were to hook one foot into my board and scoot down the slope (no), get bundled up and have him bring me down in a toboggan (hell no), or he could ride down with me on the lift (yes please!).

I felt like a complete idiot, but I felt saved at the same time. Mascara was running down my face as I told the patrol guy how bad I sucked. I asked him how often this happens and he said all the time. He tried to make me feel better but the eyes staring at me from the other side of the chair lift stung me like a bee. I just wanted to yell at them, "YES PEOPLE, you're right... I freaked out, I'm crying, and this nice man is now bringing me down because I'm a complete WUSS!!!"

As we went down I saw a bunch of little kids doing all these tricks on their snowboards on the ground below. Little kids like seven year olds doing what was impossible for me to do. I have never felt more pathetic in my entire lifetime.

I avoided eye contact with everyone, had to sign some papers at the patrol dude's office, and told my friend I would be waiting in the car, even though she urged me to hang out at the bar. Mind you, I was still crying and even though it was tempting, the last thing people want to see is a sad drunk crying at the bar.

I told her to go down a few more times and that I would be perfectly happy chain smoking by her car. She hesitantly agreed and I was happy to finally weep alone in my misery. As I took off the layers of clothing I felt free and could finally breathe normally again.

As I thought everything over I realized there were just too many factors involved in this hellish sport for me to ever think I would enjoy it. The cold, the snow, the gear, the chair lift, the boots, the athletic nature, the technique, the intimidation, the people around me sliding around like it was nothing...

It was then that I realized..."I am NOT a bad ass. I am the biggest PUSSY on the face of this EARTH!!!"

And you know what?  I am quite happy that way. I took off the hat and immediately fixed my hair.

My friend was sad that I had a traumatic experience but I still thanked her for taking me. I felt bad that I had ruined her time and that she basically had to go alone, but she assured me that she was fine and said that she had a good time anyway. She also mentioned that while she brought my board back to the car she noticed my board was about 10 pounds heavier than hers. That made me feel a little better knowing that the board I rented was partly to blame and it started to make sense why I couldn't control the board and why my legs could no longer lift it to get back up.

Even though I heard several times, "Your first two or three times snowboarding are going to be the worst, but you just have to keep going," I knew this was my first and last time I would ever try snowboarding. I'm glad I tried it and I'm actually proud of myself that I got past the parking lot. I'm proud that after my epic fail getting on the chair lift I didn't immediately quit, that I kept going and still tried several more times to give it a go, even with an insanely heavy board.

I tried... and that's all I could ask of myself.

Do I regret it? Hmm... I probably could have gone through life not experiencing the most embarrassing moment(s) of my life, but no, I don't regret it.

The experience helped me realize some things about myself...

1. I hate snow.
2. I'm not an athlete.
3. I'm scared of going full speed down mountains.
4. I despise doing anything that makes my hair look bad.

Above all I learned that it's OK to try new things... but it's probably best to stick with what you know :)

I know eventually I'm going to tell people about this story and laugh at how funny and ridiculous it was. I'm about halfway there as I'm still licking my wounds... I have 2 giant bruises, one on my shoulder and one on my ass, and I haven't been able to lift my arms above my head for two days now.

So the next time someone asks me to go snowboarding I'm going to smile and say,

"Nahhh... I'm good" :)


Have you ever tried something new only to experience an epic fail like mine?
Please.. embellish. I could use a couple fail stories to boost my ego.

March 18, 2011

Call me Mrs. Macintosh...

My Dearest Mac,

I have to admit... I wasn't sure about you at first. You made me feel nervous, uneasy, scared, and I got really frustrated with all of your confusing messages. You just weren't what I was used to...

I was hesitant about being with you because of my relationship with Microsoft. I was comfortable with him and wanted to stay, but my friends insisted I move on. I didn't want to believe all of the rumors about how great you were, because I wasn't ready to leave the life I was accustomed to.

The truth is... the more time I spend with you the more I'm falling in love. I'm finally ready to leave the life I've been living behind... he was what I needed in my past but he can't keep up with the new woman I'm becoming.

So, I've decided I'm leaving Microsoft for good. It hurts, but I know it's what I have to do. And besides, I don't really like his name all that much... "micro" and "soft"? No, thanks...

You are beautiful, classy, clean, and everyone knows you're better for me than him. You have everything I'm looking for and more... and I can't wait to see what we'll create together.

I'm just writing this to tell you I'm committed...

...and if you ask me, I'll say yes :)



March 17, 2011

Throwback Thursdays!

I decided I'm going to start a weekly post called...

{exclamation point!}

Every Thursday I will feature one or more of my favorite "oldie but goodie" pieces I've done in the past. Some may be from my single semester at a university, some may be from high school, middle school, 
and maybe even beyond!

For the first feature I thought I would post several pieces I've had hanging around the house, mostly because they were easy to take pictures of :)

Warm up sketch done during my college drawing class
white conte crayon on black paper
{fall 2005}

Still life project also done in my college drawing class
black and white charcoal on gray paper
{fall 2005}

Simplified object project done in my college 2-D Design class
black sharpie on white drawing paper
{fall 2005}

Painting I did on my own one day just for fun
acrylic on canvas

Concentration piece from my high school portfolio class
colored pencil on white drawing paper
{spring 2005}

So what do you think of this idea?

I have sooo many more things to post since I have literally kept everything I've created since kindergarten. I'm excited to show you more pieces from my past... hope you enjoy them :)


P.S. Oh and if you have art blogs and would like to participate you are welcome to leave a comment with a link to your own Throwback Thursday post :)

March 13, 2011

The Artist Inside Me

I love that today is Sunday. I am sitting in my living room where that sweet spring sun is peaking through the shades making everything look a bit more lovely.

I went outside early this morning to take the dogs out and was pleasantly welcomed by Mother Nature's artwork...

The bright sun's rays shining through the tree branches...

The grass glittering in beautiful shades of charteuse and emerald...

The sky seeming to be a more brilliant blue...

Lately I have been pondering about the meaning of an artist... what makes an artist? Is it because they know how to draw, paint, sculpt...etc?

Or is it more than that?

Is a true artist really hidden in the soul?

I've wondered this same thing about myself. When people find out that I can draw they look a little surprised... and I guess it's because I don't "look" like your typical artist.

I have always been a little different than the other kids in my art classes. We didn't have much in common outside the classroom. I liked to shop for trendy clothes and makeup, go to the mall, hang out at the cool table at lunch, read fashion magazines, and sing and dance to the most popular radio station. I don't always feel the need to do create something every minute of the day. I like to blend a little with "the norm" if you will.

I think there's a certain stereotype that artists fall under. They usually will go against what's popular or in trend. They will do drastic things to their appearance so they don't mix in with "the norm" including dying their hair a primary color, getting piercings and/or tattoos, shopping at Hot Topic or even the local Salvation Army to find things that fit their own unique sense of style. They listen to underground music, maybe even play an instrument, and can be seen hanging out in coffee shops wearing baret hats, Buddy Holly glasses, and Converse shoes they colored in themselves. They watch Monty Python and Star Wars and have a deep appreciation for all things vintage. Some of these things I'm interested in, but you wouldn't know just by looking at me.

I guess in high school I tried to stand out as an "artist"... I went through a phase where I listened to punk music and went to the Warped Tour. I used to buy tee shirts and cut them up, then pin them together with safety pins. I would make my own purses out of old jean pockets, wear thick chain or hemp necklaces, and put on thick black eyeliner. I bought things that had unique qualities to them. I tried to make my bedroom look artsy by decorating with black and zebra, every inch of wall space covered in some kind of music poster, and I literally made a collage of magazine cut outs on one wall. It was pretty cool.

But... I remember growing out of that, taking majority of the posters down, and painted with purple. PURPLE, people!!!

After I dropped out of college I kind of stopped creating... responsibilities kicked in. I got a job. I got married. I had rent to pay, a house to decorate, dogs to take care of. In short... I grew up and out of that artsy phase. I didn't like my old unique style anymore and went for a more mature, sophisticated look. I cut off my long dark hair that I used to let air dry and swapped that for a shorter a-line cut that I had to style to perfection every day.

I think I lost myself there for a while... so many changes had occurred including my location, my friends, my family... my whole life. It was during this time that I realized I hadn't been creating anything. It made me question whether I really was an "artist" as I had always referred to myself before or was I just a phony? If I was an artist, why hadn't I thought about drawing or painting in over a year? Was it because I wasn't being given assignments anymore? Is that the only reason why I created was when I was being told to do so or being given a box of inspiration to draw from?

Who the hell was I?

I think years had gone by before I drew again. I kept my art stuff in a portfolio case tucked away in a closet and basically forgot about it.

Then one day I walked by an old chew toy resting on the carpet in a very interesting way. It caught me off guard. I suddenly wanted to draw it. I was a little nervous because I hadn't touched a drawing pencil in what seemed like forever, and I questioned whether I would remember how. 

I pulled out my old art tool box, grabbed a pencil, smoothed out the pad of paper, and began drawing this little chewed up monkey toy. With each stroke I felt the drawing come to life... all of the techniques I had learned came back through the motions of my hands, as if they were engraved in my brain. I cried because I was grateful that it hadn't gone away and that it was going to be a part of me forever.

In that instant I felt relief and comfort knowing that I would always have the talent. I realized that it was going to be up to me to develop as an artist and find a way to keep it a part of my every day life... to look outside and see nature as a painting... to take visual photographs in my mind of the scenes around me... to not only see a street sign but to see the typography... to receive a business card and notice the design first instead of the information... to see beyond what "the norm" sees; to see through the eyes of a true artist.

Maybe I don't look like your typical artist, but I know I'll always have the creative soul of an artist inside me... and to me that is more important than any outside appearance could ever convey.


March 08, 2011

When design gets dirty...

I'm a little nervous posting this (hopefully I don't offend anyone) but I've been giggling like a preteen in sex ed class for the last two weeks, using this picture as a tool to find out who else has a dirty mind like myself.

My friend Paul from school made this design for one of his classes. The assignment was to take a food item and turn it into a product to advertise as a useful every day item.

See photo below... is it just me or is this a little inappropriate?

Oh Paul... innocent Paul... he thought he could use Hershey's syrup and pitch a shampoo idea through this perverted hilarious poster. How did he not catch this?

Now, to give him credit, he clearly has mastered Photoshop... but I have to wonder... really?

Really Paul? 


*This design is owned by Paul and may not be used without his consent.

March 06, 2011

Self Portrait

It's Sunday which means I have enjoyed doing next to nothing allll day long!

I started out by waking up fairly early for a Sunday, around 9:00 A.M., made some coffee, went to shake the creamer and realized there was no top on it and watched it spill all over the kitchen floor (but I didn't let that ruin my day), cleaned it up (that was the extent of my cleaning over the weekend), got comfy on the couch, put on my headphones and listened to my amazing Pandora station, added my blog link to FTLOB for Comment Love Day...

...then read and commented on blogs until noonish :) I love finding new blogs and hearing people's opinions on everything, whether they are negative or positive, what their talents are, what their fears and struggles are, and how they handle life in general. It's much more interesting to me than say watching the news *snores*

So maybe you can guess what I did later...

That's right! I experimented with my new watercolor set :)

And let me just say... I have seriously reconsidered my feelings towards watercolor... this shiz is FUN!

After trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to draw, I decided on a self portrait. 

Here is the original sketch that I did on some special cold press watercolor paper with just a mechanical pencil.

Then came the fun part... I started out adding realistic colors for the base coat... then got a little creative adding blues and purples in the hair, yellow in the skin, purple as the skin shadows, and that background was just pure entertainment. The dripping, speckling, and sponging effects were by far the best part :)

I'm pretty sure watercolor is going to be my new favorite medium. It wasn't as bad as I thought... and if you catch your paint before it dries, it's pretty easy to wash away any mistakes.

I know I'm no Conrad, but what do you think of my first attempt?


March 04, 2011

Watercolor Inspired

Maybe it's the spring in the air, but a couple days ago I suddenly felt like painting and creating something beautiful... with watercolors.

Before we begin, let's get one thing straight...

I loathe watercolor. 

I tried it once during high school in a drawing and painting class. Thinking back to kindergarten when painting with watercolors was easy, I thought, "Ohhh watercolor! That will be fun!"

But after realizing the ridiculous amount of preparation that goes into doing a watercolor landscape, I found myself not enjoying the meticulous planning with all the taping, angling of the paper, and trying to cover up mistakes which is next to impossible.

(I don't believe the final piece came out very well :-/)

I swore I would never go near watercolors again, but after being inspired by some amazing art blogs I have recently discovered I decided to give it another whirl. Especially because I'm not sure how much art I will be producing during this term, so I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for me to experiment with some watercolor designs of my own!

So yesterday I went with my friend looking to stock up on some art supplies. To be honest, I haven't really thought about spending money on any new art supplies for over 5 years now, and that was back when I first started college for the first time. Back home on the east coast I always went to a store called Dick Blick's for art supplies, but I didn't know of any similar places in SLC besides the popular chains like Michaels.

Little did we know there was the perfect store not very far that had everything we were looking for... and for a discounted price! I highly recommend Utrecht Art Supplies located in downtown Sugarhouse area. I got all of the supplies I needed to start for around $30. Pretty sure that will be my new favorite place :)

I also found this artist named Conrad Roset who sketches these lovely portraits of women and then adds pops of watercolor in vibrant hues. I'm loving his designs... isn't he genius?

So forget the past... this weekend I plan to doodle, splash some paint around, and see what I come up with.

Hopefully it's not a complete disaster!


Are there any watercolor tips you have that I should consider before starting out?