July 19, 2011

Hi, my name is Kristen...

...and I'm a hair color addict.

The last time I used was Saturday, July 16th.

I realized I was an addict when I went to school on Monday to start my new semester and wondered if anyone would notice my new dye job. Then it dawned on me; I've had a different hair color every school term since I started in November. No one could even recognize me the addiction had gotten so bad.

I thought back to all the extreme highs during my experimentation with color... the way it smells, the shine, the new confidence it gives you, and all those double takes and compliments you receive from your friends.

I thought for today's post I would confess my history with hair color, taking you on a trip through my many highs and lows.

Just for reference, this is an old school picture of me taken about 4 years ago, showing my naturally dark (almost black) shade of brown... ah, the good 'ol days...

I'll start by rewinding back to last November when I first started school. I had little blond highlights before (be careful... it's a gateway color) but this was the first time I experimented with an all over color. It was a warm brown tone called Spiced Rum... the perfect starter color. 

Then winter came and I needed more... so I decided to add a few more highlights. 
 I overdosed... it got pretty blond for a while there.

Spring time came around and I had the bright idea of going red. The ultimate high. (You all know the story, right? If not you should read up on this previous post where I walk you through my ridiculous road to red). It wasn't what I had expected... here was the initial outcome:

Yikes, I know. I was trippin' OUT. I calmed down when I was given a dose of dark brown with subtle red lowlights. I quickly understood that red was a color I would have to build a tolerance for.

Well, that color quickly faded and soon turned into this golden reddish/brown... the roots started to show and I had serious cravings, but I waited patiently until the next high came along. 

So I decided to try again for that perfect red tone right before my trip to CT. Success! I definitely loved it while it lasted... (this is an awful picture of me but seems to be the only one I can find):

Well, red is fun while is lasts but it quickly fades... so until this past weekend I was rocking a lighter shade of red, which I also loved. I didn't want to let it go!

And after I spoke with my stylist about rehab, I finally went back to my roots with a dark auburn brown that is as close to my natural color that I have been in while.

So there ya have it, folks. 

What can I say... I like to change it up. 


I have a feeling that my hair follicles are planning an intervention soon. I can't blame them... I've done some serious damage. I try to be good by only washing it a couple times a week using Bed Head's Colour Combat, but I think I need to start doing some more damage therapy... just to show them I still care and to prove that my addiction won't effect our relationship. 

Any suggestions from my fellow hair color junkies?

July 15, 2011

Oh, how lovely!

Well isn't this just the sweetest thing? 

Shelby over at Sweet Confessions decided to award me with the "One Lovely Blog Award!" 

(Thank you, dear!)

In case any of you don't know, Shelby is a super cute high school girl who blogs about boys, best friends, music, and life in general. I love reading because it brings me back to the good old teenage years and the similar thoughts I had going on in my head. (Just you wait Shelby... life gets even MORE complicated ;) 

I believe I'm supposed to share seven random facts about myself, so here goes!

1. I teared up while watching Kung Fu Panda 2.
2. I'm a pro at Super Nintendo's Mario Cart and I dare anyone to try and beat me!
3. I love memorizing and reciting rap songs.
4. I'm not really sure what color my hair is right now...
5. I secretly wish "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" still aired on Nickelodeon... :(
6. I have a vast sense of humor, but I'm usually the last one to get the joke.
7. I recently painted my toes purple and I love 'em :D

Now to pay it forward... here are some lovely blogs that I feel deserve this award!

1.  Jessica Renee @ You Are My Color
2. Sarah @ A Lost Feather
3. Whitney @ Cheerios and Beer
4. Kelsey @ Artichoke Designs
5. Courtney @ Dear Darling
6. Julie @ Love, Julie

I pride myself on following some pretty amazing blogs, so if you haven't heard of them before you should probably, totally, most definitely pay them a visit and see why you've been missing out!

July 12, 2011

Wanna see some stuff?

PHEW! Wondering where I've been?

Picture a ferocious animal that's been given 80 doses of caffeine running around nutso trying to devour everything it sees.

Basically I've been crazy busy with projects and homework as I've been finishing up this hectic school term. Annnnnnd I'm ready to hibernate :)

I mean, is this what being a married, working, college student is all about? All work and no play? I miss having all that free time to read everyone's blogs and comment and engage, but to be honest it's a struggle to just add a new post every week without sacrificing time for something else that needs to be done. I hope you all understand my absence and don't hate me for it!

All complaining and excuses aside... I've been enjoying every minute of it. It's busy and crazy and dramatic at times, but it's exciting, and I know that I'm doing it all for the right reasons. I love having goals and deadlines and all the while finding out new things about myself. The more I'm in school the more I feel good about my place in the graphic design industry. It's fun to see how far I can stretch my creativity and how much I can actually get done in a ten week school term. I've definitely surprised myself a few times!

Anyway, today I wanted to show the progress I've made with my Blackbird Vintage project! I had my final presentation last night and I feel really good about it. There was sooo, so, so much to this project that to show and explain everything would take at least ten posts, so I figured I would showcase a few of my favorite parts.

You all saw the exterior of my building in my last post (I hope!), so as promised I wanted to start by showing you a couple of the store's interior views and signage:

Here is the back accessory wall that is located behind the register...

 Here is a side view towards the front of the store with the clothing and shoes displayed...

Here is my "Elements" page to show all of the colors, textures, flooring, lighting, and design details...
And here is what the exterior's signage would look like...

After I got the image of my store planned out I was then able to connect with a marketing campaign to promote the store's "Grand Opening." Here are a couple of the marketing materials:

Here is the full page magazine ad...

 Here is the email blast that would be sent out...

And here is the postcard/invitation that would be mailed out to the locals :)

My whole idea behind the marketing strategy was a soft sell approach. I really wanted to make it more of an experience, more of an event, since it is such a unique, one-of-a-kind type of store. This is the type of store that you might stumble upon while taking a walk downtown. It's where you would find classic, unique vintage finds that you could brag about to your friends when you got home. I wanted to give it a sophisticated style that was elegant and classic, much like the clothing that would be sold. 

I'm so happy with the results, relieved that it's over, and proud that I got through it in one piece. I'm looking back with pride but also with a lot of lessons learned. 

Those lessons will have to be shared in another post, because it is time for me to study for tonight's InDesign performance final and the daunting American History final (please dear GOD no more John Wayne movies!!!! NOOO MOREEEEE!!!!)

"I'm looking forward to this weekend" is a HUGE understatement! 

Whatchya'll think? :)

July 04, 2011

A Patriotic Sneak Peak!

Hello friends & Happy Fourth of July! :)

Hope you are all enjoying the time off work, family, friends, barbecues, and fireworks... but most of all I hope you all remember what this day means.

The more I'm learning about our country's history the more I've come to appreciate the fact that I was blessed to be born in the USA with freedom and rights that no other country has. With today's politics and controversy it's easy to say, "eff this..." and move to Canada, but the truth is.... I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I love the U.S. of A. You can't deny it, America freakin kicks ass, and as my husband once said, "We may be fat and lazy but we are DAMN proud!!!" True that.

I would insert a cute patriotic picture of me here but I'm still trying to find an outfit... I can't believe I don't own ONE red item of clothing or jewelry :/

Anyway, besides rant about patriotism I wanted to show you a little sneak peak of what Blackbird Vintage looks like from the outside! Check it out dudes...

Holler atcha girrrrl :)

I'm proud of this. And I refused to try doing it in Illustrator... there just wasn't enough time. But in researching other interior designer's work, most of them are sketches. And to be honest, I prefer the sketched look rather than something digitally created. It gives it more character, and in this case it goes along with the personality of my store.

I have more images of the store's interior to come! I have to add a splash of color to these drawings and then get working on my marketing strategy for promoting my store's Grand Opening.

Interior Designer switch OFF- Marketing Director switch ON.

Fun stuff I tell ya :)

Oh, before I go I just have to add one last thing to express my humble gratitude....

Lyrics are explicit... don't watch if you are offended by the F word... oh crap it's in the title... oops.

Oh well... enjoy :)