December 31, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

Hi friends :)

I had to share one more thing on this New Year's Eve.

I just love... beyond love... this scene from Sex and the City. I cry every time!!!

I dedicate this song to all my friends, both old and new, and throughout the blogosphere...
Happy New Year with love!

December 30, 2011

Cheers to 2012!

Morning my lovelies! 
Are you making big plans to ring in the new year? Reflecting on the past? Maybe making a long list of resolutions?

Personally, I'm not big on resolutions. I don't think because of the date has changed that I'm magically going to change my ways, but I do think it's a good time reflect and reevaluate. 

Starting a new year is like starting a new book... opening the cover and seeing a fresh page to continue your story. We don't know what will happen next... but we will keep turning the pages and welcome the twists and turns as they come. In the end, we will smile, close the book, and start another, not forgetting the past, not dwelling in it, but accepting it as it was, and moving forward with more knowledge than we had before.

It wouldn't be a New Year's post without a list, and I admit I do have a few little goals that I will keep in mind as we start the new year...

To work hard, save our money, and buy a house.
To finish school and start working in careers that make us happy.
To unleash fear and go after my dreams full force. 
To enjoy the moments and not let them pass us by.
To take good care of our health and home.
To show love towards each other every single day.

It also wouldn't be a proper Friday post without a little New Year's Eve fashion fancies... 

Pretty Vintage New Year's Dress

Dress, $169, Shoes, £454, Clutch, $30,  Diamond Earrings14k White Gold Ring, $1,400, 

Here's to a beautiful year ahead...
 full of love, success, and happiness. 


December 29, 2011

My First Outfit Post!

Hey friends! 

Yesterday I posted about being stuck in a rut, and one of the goals I set for myself was to get out of my sweatpants and dress up for my sister's birthday celebrations. 

I thought it would be fun to take some pictures and show off an outfit of mine. Here's proof that I have a body, since I rarely post pictures other than the neck up!

Well, there ya have it. I may not be a thrifter, a fashionista, or a model, but this is so me! 

P.S. Can you tell I have a Forever 21 addiction? :)

December 28, 2011

True Life: I'm Stuck

This unemployed shit is already getting old...

I haven't put on an outfit besides sweatpants since Christmas Eve and I'm starting to wonder why I even drink coffee in the mornings.

The days are morphing into each other and I don't even care what time it is.

I keep coming up with plans and things to get done and yet they remain untouched.

The job search is stale because I'm either completely uninterested or I vomit a little when I see how much they pay. 

I've lost all motivation and I can't seem to find where I put it...

I'm stuck.  

I don't want to settle for another office job... but I'm not ready to work for a design firm. 
I'm itching to start my own business... but lack of funds bring me to a halt. 
I long to move back to Connecticut... but there are still too many roadblocks in the way. 

Where do you go when you find yourself stuck in between?

You would think I would dabble in my love for design.... but I don't.
You would think I would keep this house ridiculously clean... but I don't.
You would think I would have the time to exercise... but I don't.

Am I destined to be a morbidly obese couch potato that has to be removed from her house with a crane?

Ugh... OK, enough whining. 

Time to make some goals to accomplish TODAY only:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast
2. Finish the laundry
3. Do the dishes
4. Apply for 3 jobs
5. Get dressed up cute
6. Head to my sister's birthday party
7. Have a good time
8. Write down goals for tomorrow

(OK... *deep breath* ...I feel a little better now :)

What do you do when you get stuck?

December 27, 2011

Top 10 Christmas Moments

Morning loves! How was everyone's holiday?

I know I try to put on a front that I can't stand the holidays, but it's mostly because I dread not being able to spend it with my entire family. I wait and wait for it to "feel like Christmas" and I always arrive late...

Christmas Eve came, and although I tried, I still wasn't feeling it. It was only that evening when I was surrounded by my loved ones that the Christmas spirit came over me. It was the love in the room that made it finally feel like Christmas, and it was filled with moments that I won't soon forget...

1. Spending time with my amazing older sister and her family...
2. Skyping my younger sister in CT on Christmas Eve and having her watch everyone open her gifts (love technology):
3. Giggling over my niece moving all of the presents off the fireplace so Santa could have room to get through the chimney :)
4. Snacking on Mom's chocolate crinkle cookies and putting them out for Santa.
5. Repeatedly asking my 2 year old nephew, "What does Santa say?" to which he would reply, "Ho.... Ho.... Ho..... Meh-ee Kid-mas!"
6. Listening to my niece sing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" as we put her to sleep (adorbs).
7. My nephew's beyond epic Kodak moment while opening presents... "I'M A BOY! RAWR!"

8. Dad acting like his old goofball self:
9. Hearing Jingle Bell Rock on the radio every 20 minutes... and still loving it every time.
10. Having enough peppermint candy to mix in with my coffee for the next three months... yum!
What were some of YOUR favorite Christmas moments?

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all...

... and to all a good night :)

{Convinced this is the best version of "O Holy Night"... thank you, Weezer.}

December 23, 2011

Winter White Elegance

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?

Alison at {long distance loving} gave us "Winter White" as this week's Friday's Fancies inspiration, and I have to admit, I was pretty excited to start a new Polyvore creation with a monochromatic palette. 

After all, when dressed in shades of white and cream it's pretty much as close to pure elegance as you can get...

(This reminds me of something that would be worn to Kyle's White Party on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills... anyone catch that episode? Pretty sure Kim has officially lost it.)

December 22, 2011

Confess to a GDS: The Sweta Edition

Ready for another dose of AWESOME SAUCE?

You're in luck, because today my featured blogger of choice is Sweta... 
find out all the reasons why she's become my latest girl crush:

Firstly,I'm TOTALLY in love with Kristen and her blog <3 
and I'm so damn excited to be featured here ^_^ 

Secondly,there's no secondly.I just didn't want "firstly" to feel lonely.

Alright,read on ^_^

1. What are three words that describe you the best?
selectively patient,loyal,a dabbler

2. When did you know you wanted to be a designer?
I have been dabbling in Photoshop and Corel Draw since I was 12 or so (see,I'm kind of newish in this world) making cards,forum signatures,photo manipulations and the like.There have been periods when I  took a break when school and getting into college became a priority.In India we breathe a different kind of education system and work culture.Sometimes even a Masters degree falls short of expectations and job opportunities in life.
  When I started blogging in 2008 I wanted to tweak this and that and ended up doing full scale designs. Sometimes I changed things around too much, experimenting with different looks.That just defeated my whole purpose of sharing what was going on with my life,bits of fiction,etc as I spent the whole time fitting my blog with pretty couture.Nobody appreciates a Dumb Blonde Blog Version  2.0 (just couldn't help being my charming self.) and I had to channel all that creativity into something productive.I believe every blog deserves to be treated as an extension of the blogger's personality.Some of us who become bloggers can vouch for the fact that if we had it our way we'd more than half the day here ;).I had always wanted to be a designer of some sort but this is the first step I took to do something about it.

3. Who/what inspires you?
Colours.They influence me in more ways I can ever fathom-I see a pretty colour scheme,I wish to implement into a design.My boyfriend  and my father are also very supportive and put in words of encouragement now and then.Sam,especially and even goes to the extent to scoring articles and helping me with a bit of coding whenever I'm stuck.Other than that there's always other web designers out there whose syle I admire,and more recently Pinterest.

4. Life can get crazy; what do you do to stay sane?
Hang out with my best friend just gives me an odd peace of mind and a good steam job to all the wrinkles in my life.Just being in the same room with Sam lifts my mood,makes me buoyant.Other than that SATC marathons with pizza totally do the trick.

5. What is your current obsession?
Fonts and Typography.My current favourite fonts are Learning Curve,Cavier Dreams,Chunk five for clean designs and Kevin and Amanda's handwritten fonts for something whimsy!
Also this video

6. If you were superhero, what would be your weakness?
I'd laugh too much.I'd probably allow the villain to tell me a joke,I'd double over laughing(he better be good) and pshaw!Slipped!

7. If you could travel anywhere for a whole month... where would you go?
italy ofcourse!Drink some wine,have some flings,soak in the art and be browner than I already am ^_^

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?
ill behaved kids and their nonchalant parents :X I HATE!

9. If you were awarded a million dollars today, what would be your first splurge?
Sheldon Cooper.Scratch that.A Dragon at the Leaky Cauldron.Uhh,that too.Probably an alienware laptop :D

10. Tell us a secret...
I hate it when people pick food off my plate.. JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!

Ain't she a gem? 
Go visit and show her some bloggy love 

December 21, 2011

On being fired and such...

Oh, heyyyy! Did you catch that nonchalant tone in my post title?

Uhhhmmmyyyyyyyeah................ I got fired on Monday. Woopsies. 

I've never been fired before, nor did I ever imagine in a million years I would be, but it most definitely happened. I guess there really is a first time for everything!

I contemplated even writing this post, but trust me, it's not going to be a full blast of hatorade on the company I worked for (not entirely anyway). It's more of a reflection on the experience. Besides, I don't know how long I could have gone without mentioning it, seeing as I can't keep a secret to save my job life, but more on that later...

So, yeah... hmmm... where do I start?

Oh yes... the point where my friend and I shared intimate details over IM conversations at work every day during the last year and realized that all of the executives had read them.

Let me just say- we were under the understanding that these IM's could not be read since they weren't saved anywhere on the company's network. To read them would require the same effort as hacking a personal email, as confirmed by our friend in the IT department.

So, naturally, we didn't hold back :)

Everyone vents about work. Correct? If you said no, you're lying. I don't know one person on the face of this earth that doesn't complain about their boss from time to time.

Now, my friend's situation was bad. Think of your worst boss x1000 and that's what she had to deal with. So, of course some things were said, and unfortunately they were taken out context.

Then to my surprise, I find out two of my friends from work were fired last Friday. She called me right away and let me know they had read our IM's. I felt terrible for her and prepared for the worst, even though everyone kept telling me I had nothing to worry about. I half believed them, and after sweating out the weekend I shamefully went into work on Monday as my brain slowly shriveled in paranoia.

No one was looking me in the eye. Everyone was being weird. And I was shaking.

A few minutes before the end of my shift I got the, "Hey, do you have a few minutes to chat?" line from my HR manager, and tried not to shit my pants as I followed her to the CEO's office.

They asked me a series of questions, basically backing me into a corner to admit why I was so frustrated with the company.

I got to express my disappointment with them siding with an executive just because of a title instead of standing up for what was right. I also explained how I couldn't understand why they even bothered taking the time to read personal IM's and why they feel the need to micromanage so much.

They said they have to keep tabs to make sure there isn't any confidential information being leaked from internal positions, and hinted that once that happens it's "GAME OVER" (said with an impressive dramatic tone).

Then they asked me the do-or-die question of all questions...

I hesitated. I could lie to keep my job, or I could be honest and deal with the consequences.

Well, obviously I lost my job, so you can piece together my reaction. Before I continue, let me just say that I'm totally OK with the consequence, I'm not sad, and I feel a huge sense of relief not having to be in that environment anymore, however, I'm curious to hear how you would answer if this was your situation.

The question was...
"What would you do if I accidentally left a file labeled 'Executive Salaries' on your desk? Would you read it? If so, would you tell someone?"

(It's a toughie, huh? Not sure if there even was a "right answer" for this. And for the record, I didn't know any salary information, but I probably shared other information I wasn't supposed to and they were using this question as a test of my trustworthiness. Fail much?)

But hey... live and learn, right? No more IMing at work for me!

P.S. Read this the moment you start feeling sorry for me:

And just because I want to... :)

December 20, 2011

2009 Family Christmas Pictures

Take 1... awkward.
Take 2... blurry.
Take 3... Nelly strikes a pose.
Take 4... Nelly is Simba.
Take 5... this one's a keeper!

I thought I would bring back some of these old school bloopers from a couple years back. I didn't want to post this year's picture because we haven't even taken them yet I'm leaving it as a surprise for Christmas Day :)

How cute are they dressed in their holiday best? :)

December 19, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial: "A Pop of Color"

Good morning friends!

I have a super special treat for you today... my first Photoshop tutorial! 
Now, understand I do not consider myself a professional (yet) but I do know a few tricks.  

One common effect I see a lot is the black and white photos with pops of color, usually done when  enhancing the eye color in close up portraits. I'm going to show you an easy way to get those results with some quick and easy steps in Photoshop CS5.

Ready? Set? ...let's do this!

We will start with an image of our choice. 
I'm using the lovely Zooey Deschanel for this example:
Open the image in Photoshop (File>Open).
The first thing you want to do is make a copy of the image by right clicking on the background layer and selecting "Duplicate Layer." You want to get in the habit of doing this when you edit all of your photos. This way you aren't making permanent changes to the original image. 
You can name it whatever you want, I'm going to stick with the default "Background copy" and hit OK.
With the background copy selected, choose the "Quick selection tool" seen highlighted in my toolbar below.
Next, you want to select the blue eyes so they have marching ants around them (I'm also selecting the red nails in this example for fun).

Some tricks to keep in mind about the Quick Selection tool:
1. If the selection brush size needs to be smaller/larger, use the + and - buttons to adjust. The smaller the size the better control you have of your selection.
2. If you select too much, hold down the Alt/Option button while clicking to deselect mistakes. 
3. It doesn't need to be absolutely perfect, but go slow and try to get your selections as close as possible until it looks something like the photo below. 
4. Then while everything is selected, right click and choose "Select Inverse"
The "inverse" means everything outside of your selection and you will see the rest of your image surrounded with the marching ants. At this point we want to make the rest of the image black and white so the color of the eyes and nails really pop. 
So we're going to go to: Image>Adjustments>Black & White
A box will come up where you can customize the black and white image. 
I'm going to stick with the default, but go ahead and mess around if you want with "Preview" checked so you can see the changes as you go along. (Keep in mind you can always go to Window>History and undo any adjustments you've made if you're not loving the outcome.)
Click OK. Everything should still be selected. We want to add more pop to the eyes so we're going to right click on the eye and choose "Select Inverse" again. You should see the selection go back to just the eyes. 
Now go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation.
We want to up the saturation a bit just to give the colors even more of a pop.
I increased the saturation to +30, but go ahead and mess around until you are satisfied with the outcome.
The last step is to deselect, so hold down "Command D" or Select>Deselect to get rid of those marching ants... and Voila!

 From here, save as a JPG and start showing off your pretty creations!

That was totally easier than you thought right?

I'm going to be doing a few more of these and would love your suggestions, so if you are wanting to know more Photoshop tricks leave me a note in the comments and I will for sure consider them for my next tutorial!

December 16, 2011

Sparkle in Silver & Gold

I think I like to break the rules...

Alison at {long distance loving} gave us "Sparkle & Shine" as today's Friday's Fancies inspiration. While searching around for something pretty on Polyvore, I came across a lot of silver and gold, so instead of picking just one I decided to mix two and "make it work" with a color that compliments both... PURPLE

Now, purple can be tricky. There are all sorts of shades and tones from warm to cool and in between, so finding the perfect one can be tough (and getting your accessories to match can be even tougher) but when it all comes together it can be pretty magical...

What color do you like to sparkle in?