January 27, 2012

First Time Vlogging + Friday's Fancies!

Oh, heyyy! Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? 

We got Josh's Mamacita in town for the weekend so we are going to be having fun family time, and Josh says he wants to take me out for a date on Saturday night, so that will be nice :)

Anyway, today is a very special post because I'm doing a two-parter... one part Friday's Fancies and one part VLOGGING. 

You heard me, I vlogged. 

And um, it's my first time so don't laugh at me! I was nervous, awkward, and rambled on for a long, long time. Next time will be better... if there is a next time... but that is in your hands now (more on that later).

OK so first order of business: Friday's Fancies. I love this weekly series- it's so much fun, you guys should try it! This week's theme was all about creating a winter outfit. I've been seeing the fur vest trend going around and thought I would put my own spin on it, with a fun color scheme as usual :) Can you tell I have a matchy-matchy kind of style? I can't help it!

(If this vest was faux, it would be a lot better, but I couldn't find one as pretty... so nothing personal PETA... don't come after me!)

What do you guys think? Would you ever wear a vest like that? What if you were rich like the Kardashian's and every day was like a public fashion show? I think I would. 

OK, so it's time for the vlog... *eeeek!* I'm a little nervous to post this, because after watching it I kinda wish I could have dubbed over some parts and changed things, but I didn't feel like editing. And I rambled on talking for almost 10 minutes (sorry). This was actually my first take. I tried a couple more takes, but it felt rehearsed and I felt dumb, so yeah.

To give you some background, what I was trying to explain in the video is that I got this vlogging idea from iBlog4.me (previously known as For The Love Of Blogs). They have a Coffee Talk series every Friday encouraging you to vlog, and every week there is a new question to answer in your video. 

That's the whole point behind it... anyway... I'll stop typing now and just let you listen.
(Oh and try to count how many times I say, "Anyway" and "Um")

What do you guys think?! Am I weird?? Not what you expected? 
I'm exposed for the real person I am... it kinda feels pretty awesome.
Somehow I feel a little bit closer to you now :)

Oh, and when I said, "If I can do it, you guys can probably do it too." 
I meant to say, "you guys DEFINITELY can do it too!"

Seriously. Try it. 

And don't forget to ask me anything!!! 
Leave me a comment with your questions if you'd like to see my face talk again :)

Have a LOVELY weekend, my friends!!


  1. Kristen!!

    I love it! Did you record it from your Macbook? Haha... I JUST THOUGHT two days ago that I want to post a vlog... now I just may have to!


  2. Love the color combo. So cute! Great outfit

    Happy weekend

  3. Hey I've been meaning to figure out FTLOB but never quite understood it. What/how do you submit things?? Every time I look over there it's so confusing. I just checked their new site and didn't see any way to submit your blog either. How did you do it? What's the process?

  4. Gorgeous outfit - love that fur vest!:)

    Laura xo

  5. great vlog. Nice to see the person behind the blog. THanks.

  6. Haha! I love it.
    I always love seeing/hearing the people behind the blog. It's so interesting to compare what I thought you would be like to what you're actually like.
    I guess your voice is different than i imagined?
    And I'm not a huge fan of iblog4me. It's so dang confusing, not as well organized, and hard to navigate. Maybe I'll eventually get the hang of it, but for now I just steer clear!
    Oh, and PS - you have super hair.

  7. See, you're totally the inspirational one.. I could never do that! Then again, I probably could. :P

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that you seem like a very beautiful, positive, sweet lady. :)

    - Felicity. x

  8. yay for your first vlog! i just did mine last week. i'm sorry about what happened with your embarrassing moment - i've never done any snow sports, so i feel like i would have a similar experience.

    i hope you have a great weekend!

  9. p.s. also, i LOVE your hair.

  10. Love the post, or should I say vlog. In a world where everyone is trying to be perfect, It's refreshing to see someone post a raw unedited video, hope to see more!

  11. Wow this is freaking amazing. I loveeeee the blue & reddish/orange mixed with that awesome fur vest & necklace! Everything is sooo amazing & fashionable & chic! I am crushing on this outfit if that's even possible...


  12. Kristen,

    I really enjoyed the Vlog! That's quite an impressive embarrassing story -- it sounds very much like something that would happen to me, if ever I tried snowboarding.

    I used to ski when I was a kid. One time, halfway up the mountain, one of my skis fell off! I had to ski down on one ski -- like a primitive form of snowboarding -- and fetch it.

  13. You are so damn cute! I haven't done a Vlog in so long. It gives us away to know each other more. I love it. Great job, you should do more. YOu look really comfortable :)


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