January 01, 2012

FREE January Desktop Calendar!

Happy New Year, my dears! 

How were the celebrations? 

Who got sloppy and and who ordered Chinese? 

Who doesn't remember a thing?

Whatever the case, sip on your coffee, nibble on some toast, and enjoy a lazy day. Resolutions can wait until tomorrow...

And when tomorrow comes, what could be a more helpful reminder of reaching your goals than a pretty calendar displayed on your computer's desktop?

That's right, it's the first of the month which means another free calendar designed by yours truly!

I made two different sizes this time, one for standard screens and one for wide screens. I also left a little room on the right so you can have your folders neatly aligned without disrupting the pretty...

You like? Follow these simple instructions...
1. Choose the resolution desired and click on the link, not the photo. 
2. The link will bring you to another tab where the photo is enlarged.
3. Right click on image and set as your desktop for the month of November.   
4. You might need to stretch the image to fit it to your screen size (found in your computer's desktop/personalization options).

Let me know if you run into any issues! Enjoy :)


  1. Love this! Thank you! I had my first night out without the kids in a long time!

  2. Happy New Year!:)

    Shelby xoxo

  3. You're so sweet =) Thanks for taking the time to do this!!!!!!! Last night I stayed in with a box of wine and a rerun of Elf. Chinese sounds like a nice way to kick off 2012 though, I'm hungry!!!! Looking forward to all that 2012 has to offer you! xoxo

  4. happy new year! love the calendar...what a nice prezzie...you rock!

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  6. Fantastic work as usual hun, keep it up! :D and thanks for the kind words of support regarding my blog design service.. it means a lot! :) I wish you all the best with the upcoming release of your blog design service as well (not that you need any luck, your stuff is amazing!). :P

    Felicity. x

  7. so pretty :) i love the colors.

    haaaaappy new year!


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