January 09, 2012

Web Design Project: G-Eazy

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekends?

I'm starting to feel like a lazy POS when I go through my reader on Mondays. Everyone seems to have accomplished all of these amazing things while all I did was sit on my ass and watch back to back episodes of Modern Family.... annnnd the new season premiere of Jersey Shore.... and also last week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

Hey, even though I'm unemployed I still take full advantage of lazy weekends. 

Anyway, I realized it had been a while since I shared my design projects and what's been going on at school.

I've been taking Introductions to both Web Design and Flash and I'm loving it! So far I've designed three different flash ads for my future blog design business and I'm currently working on my first website mockup.

What's a website mockup, you ask? It's basically the layout of your website and is usually designed in Fireworks (which I have seriously come to adore). 

This assignment was to design a homepage for a music artist of our choice. I could have chosen an artist that would fit my feminine niche, perhaps Lily Allen or Katie Herzig, but I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce more versatility in my portfolio with some masculine pieces.

So I decided on G-Eazy... an up and coming underground rapper from California whose music I've been obsessed with since last spring. Here's what the homepage looks like so far:

It's still a work in progress and I'll probably end up changing a few things. But so far I'm really loving the web side of design... it's a fun mix of technical and creative. I just can't wait until I know enough about HTML and CSS to start offering blog design to you guys!!

Oh, and here's some of my favorite G-Eazy songs, check him out...
(Lyrics are explicit! I bet even if you don't typically like rap you'll love his stuff):  

"All I Could Do"


"Runaround Sue"

P.S. Have you noticed the subtle blog design changes around here (header, navigation bar, social media links)? I'm itching to do a blog makeover with some custom illustrations. Hmmm..... thoughts?


  1. Love the website design! Keep up the great work!


    - Katelyn

  2. Such a cool website look! I'm so itching to learn web design and coding. And I have noticed your blog changes--they've inspired me to work on a navigation bar for my blog.

    Have a good week :)

    xo, gina


  3. Very impressive. I really like the website design for the mock-up G-Eazy site. Really draws you in.

    I'd love to be competent and basic design stuff! Lovely skill to have, heh.

  4. I've felt like a lazy bum this weekend too! felt like I got nothing accomlished.

    Love your website mockup! it looks great! What exactly is Fireworks? I own it on my mac but have never used it!

  5. OH! & i love your new header! :D

  6. I love Modern Family, Jersey Shore, and RHOBH. First off, wasn't that funny that everyone thought Phil was going to die and Cam & his millions of awards....oh I can't stop laughing.

    JS: I don't like Unit. That's all I have to say about that.

    RHOBH: I hate to say it, but I'm slowly starting to like Brandi. If I can just stop looking at her nipples. They are always out!

    Thanks for sharing G-Eazy music. I'm digging it!

  7. Oh!! That's really cool - I love the pages bar especially. Someday I will know how to make cool stuff like that!!

  8. Hey hun,

    I noticed the changes and I love them! Your blog is as cute as ever! :)

    Felicity. x

  9. Ahhhh!!! I love Waspy! It reminds me of our plane trip from CT! Now I can listen to it whenever! Tanks!

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