January 13, 2012

Yellow Love

I never used to have any particular love towards the color yellow... it was probably one of the last colors I thought of. I was more of a blue/green kind of girl... that is until I started studying design.

Something about yellow when paired with gray gave off this happy/mellow/neutral/chill kind of vibe... and I dug it. A lot. So much that I decided to design my blog around those colors. And months later, I'm still not sick of it. In fact, I love it more and more every day.

So when Ana at {longdistanceloving} decided to choose this week's Friday's Fancy theme as Color Crush, I had just the right hue in mind...
Yellow, Gray & Black

Oh yellow, please forgive me for not noticing you sooner... you are just lovely!
What colors are you crushing on at the moment?


  1. I'm loving that whole outfit! I've been into yellow lately, too. My wardrobe consists of black, gray, and white so I'm trying to branch out and wear more color. I wore a yellow shirt to class the other day and a friend was like, "You look so bright and sunshine-y today." I was like, yeah it's because I'm not wearing black for once...haha. Question: Do you know where that dress is from?

  2. I love your blog! So cute, Um right now I am all about plum! I looove it. Plum and gold. :)

    your newest follower,

    Kailie (Kbreit.blogspot.com)

  3. what a gorgeous outfit!
    lately i have been a fan of yellow, but this yellow that you chose is so pretty esp with what you paired it wgith!

    love your blog!

    happy weekend
    xoxo ashlyn


  4. I love a bit of yellow! Especially for when Spring finally rocks back around. My whole wardrobe is deep red at the moment.. I'm obviously a seasonal dresser =)

  5. Ya know, I used to be the same way! But I have been seeing grey and yellow everywhere, and I'm loving it. It really is just a great combo!

  6. I just realized that yellow/gray are your blog theme colors too. Very awesome! ;)

    The color I've been crushing on lately is aqua. Not sure why I never took a good notice of it before, but it's very beautiful!

  7. Loving the yellow dress! My gray, aqua and pale rusty pink obsession will never stop. haha It's like you say with your yellow gray combo, I love it more and more each day.


  8. Your blog is LOVELY, clearly you are a talented graphic designer :) & we both obviously have a thing for grey & yellow! Awesome! glad you stopped by my blog, following you now! x

  9. Loving the yellow & gray combo...SUPER cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. I LOVE yellow & gray together! I've totally been into turquoise & tan lately. Also, lovin' the changes you made to your layout..super cute.

  11. Oh, I'm LOVING yellow- never been a fan of it until lately! Another colour I'm loving right now is Fuchsia :) and of course Turquoise!!
    I have a lot of catching up to do!!ha! But I'm back,wahaay!

  12. I really like this blog

  13. I love yellow too! My blog is based on yellow & pastel purple :D

    I've been wanting to do the Friday Fancies! Can't wait till Friday!


  14. I think it says a LOT when a graphic designer is able to la-ove the same design/color story months later! I graduated Graphic Design school appx 7 years ago, and I still find myself changing things every few months. When you have the ability to - why not?!


  15. p.s. My bathroom is yellow, grey and ivory and it's my favorite room in my house! Great minds...


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