March 13, 2012

The AWKWARD Years!

I'm beyond excited for today's blog hop... mostly to see what everyone else came up with since I'm basically about to expose the ugliest pictures of myself!
Why am I doing this you ask?

A couple weeks ago the lovely & gingerlicious Katelynn from Inner Vision (who is also my top sponsor this month- go check her out!) approached me and Aunie from Aunie Sauce about this really fun blog hop idea that would showcase our photos and stories from "The Awkward Years!"

We've all had them, grown from them, and now cringe at them. Now that we're grown it's almost painful to watch our friends and relatives experience those years! It's that period of time where you have no idea who you are yet and you're just trying to fit in somewhere... I know that feeling all too well!

I went through many phases growing up, so I thought I would showcase them in yearbook photos!

The photos you are about to see may shock you and cause excessive pointing and laughter. Proceed with caution...

Let's start with 2nd grade... 
You may now be thinking, "WTF?!" just as I wonder every time I'm reminded that I once looked like this. I was your classic teacher's pet, always getting A's and spending extra time on homework. I was painfully shy and didn't have very many friends. My favorite things to do were draw, write in my journal, and apparently wear turtlenecks.

3rd grade
I remember getting my name on the board for the first time this year. I got caught humming during a class assignment. My neck got kinked and stuck in one spot for a week. I won 3rd place in a multiplication/times table competition. I think I started playing softball this year. 

4th Grade
I specifically remember this year... my teacher assigned me to sit next to the trouble maker kid thinking I would leave a good influence on him. Well, the teacher's brother came to class one day and I whispered that he had a big butt. The trouble maker kid kept teasing that he was going to tell on me! I was a nervous WRECK since that would totally ruin my "good girl" image. I was so upset over it that I had my mom call and tell the teacher what I said. The kid's seat got moved so he wouldn't be able to tease me anymore. Some crazy drama, I tell ya! ;)

5th grade
Although it doesn't look like it, I actually had friends this year. I came out of my shell and had my first boyfriend (he kissed me on the hand, awww :). It was the first year that more than 3 people showed up to my birthday party. This was also the year we had to take "Family Life" classes with our parents at school and learn about sex. I was SO shocked... 

6th grade
This was my first year of middle school. I'm pretty sure I wore that ugly blue sweater way more that anyone should wear a single item of clothing. I remember being VERY involved in school activities... I took dance lessons, I played clarinet in the band, and I sang in Chorus. I was branching out and making a lot of friends. I met my 1st grade pen pal and we became besties :)

7th Grade
This was the year of cliques, hormones, and becoming a kissing slut. I was part of a very tight group of girlfriends... we wouldn't allow anyone in without permission from other group members. We even recorded our own song thinking we would become the next Spice Girls. I was totally into boys and "going out". I had my first kiss this year. It happened after school and he had braces. From this point on I would keep a list of every boy I kissed... and it would be a lot longer than I ever expected... (sorry Dad!)

8th Grade
I'm pretty sure I was going for a model look here... and failed miserably. My boobs came in, almost all at once. Apparently I was considered cute, because I had my first "relationship" this year... a whole 6 months. That was considered super serious back in the day. I was definitely loving my teenage phase, making any excuse to hang out with friends, fight with my younger sister, steal my older sister's clothes for the day, sneak out at night, vandalize a bit, and go to every concert possible... this was probably one of my most memorable school years!

 Flash forward to High School... 
Oh goodness... I have wayyy too many stories, too many to sum up! Lots of wild nights, parties, fights and experimentation ;) Maybe I'll share another time, since I've probably typed your ears off by now!

I went from good girl to wannabe bad girl, and now looking back I think I've found a good balance. It's interesting to see how school, experiences, and relationships can shape you into who you are today!

This was fun :) Maybe a bit embarrassing, but that shouldn't stop you from participating! Post a throwback photo of yourself in your "Awkward Years" and share a story or two. Grab the button, add your link below, and go find out what some of your favorite bloggers were like before any of us knew what a blog was!

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  1. Love this link-up. Your pictures are awesome. And GIRL---I could *smoke* you on awkwardness. Sadly, I have no access to anything pre-digital at I'll have to save the awkward contest for another day.

  2. I have NO photos of my teenage awkward years.. seriously, camera shy came as part of my phase. Kind of glad now though, the photos that did make it are super embarrassing haha

    I loved reading this, so funny :) Also, you're not the only kiss slut out there, so don't feel too bad ;)

  3. Oh, darn... all of my awful pictures are back in America in a box, where no one in blogland will ever see them...
    Hahaha, seriously though, this was a fun post!
    I can't believe you never had braces - your teeth are so perfect! Is that weird of me to notice?

  4. Nice photos! I think it's a nice thing to treasure these moments because they have been a big part of our lives. I hope I can get back home soon so I can scan mine and do this post too! <3

  5. This was GREAT! I definitely don't have any digital pictures of awkward me...I'm not sure I have any at all! I'm pretty sure I threw away most of them in embarrassment. Now that I'm older and luckily really comfortable with myself, I'm really sad that I did that!

  6. I love this post. It was really neat to learn more about you and I realized that it seems like everyone does go through that awkward stage. I remember when I first did, and it was awful. I'm so thankful it is behind me now!

  7. Yes, I love old photos! I wonder what im going to think of my photos now because my photos back then i thought were good at the time.

  8. Kristen, you are so pretty! I love the high school progression, and how your bangs changed over the years.

  9. Super fun to read! You had me cracking up with grade 7 with the clicks and trying to make songs and wanting to be future spice girls, I was sooooo that kid!

  10. Great post!! & love the comments who wrote for each grade! The one about how you wore that blue sweater more than you should have, I had 2 of those shirts. One was baby pink and one was yellow. They were long sleeve, warm, and super duper comfortable. Oh and my overalls... I think I'll stop now :P.

  11. Awh! You went from adorable to gorgeous! I LOVE your hair color!! =)

  12. Wow, you were so pretty in high school!

  13. Awh you were adorable! I wish I had school pictures of me on my laptop so I could lin-up, too fun!

  14. Aww, I love this :D I think I'd be too terrified to post my photos on my blog :') I really like all these stories as well :) ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  15. Personally, I don't think your entry into the Awkward contest should count, because you actually made a seamless transition from cute to pretty. Fashion and hair choices are one thing, but I was legitimately an ugly duckling for awhile. :-/ You're too pretty to have this post! Haha!

  16. I wish I had access to more of my photos - lady I have some killer ones at my moms place. I did find one that was floating around on facebook...I am thinking I am going to go for it and link up.

    However I love all your photos. This entire post was amazing. You totally weren't that awkward...and a total babe in high school.

  17. Loving the long, dark hair in your late teens. It's gorgeous! <3

  18. girlfriend, you took this post to a whole new level. so happy you did... it's awesome !!

  19. Haha, I seriously love this pictures, Kristen! This whole post cracks me up. :)

    - Katelyn

  20. I'm going to have to agree with Annelise on this one..definitely next-level material here! I'll have to dig up some of my most embarrassing yearbook photos for the next one. PS: Your 11th and 12th grade photos are gorgeoussss!! You look smokin' with hot hair <3


  21. I LOL-ed at your second grade photo... because I had a sweater that looked VERY similar in MY second grade photo. I wish I had a scanner, you'd die if you saw my hair in THAT one. Imagine a little old lady with very short, curled, poofy hair. Yep. That would be ME.

  22. This is awesome and I don't think any of your pictures are embarrassing. You are and have always been a very pretty girl :)

  23. I've been following your blogs since you have started and went to school with you, can ou remember when we went to the beach and on the way there you introduced me to skater boi by Avril lavigne!!!! Hahah xoxox kristi

  24. This was hilarious! I had to read it twice and was dying! The pictures and the stories were amazing. I love your dark hair! You made my night.

  25. Look at you!! You are totally adorable in the little photos of you! Then, totally a babe when you get to the older pictures!

    "Although it doesn't look like it, I actually had friends this year.!" Funniest quote i've heard in a while! I actually spat my drink out reading it, genuinely!
    I'm doing this post, right now!xx

  26. This was so cute & I loved your fun little stories. It was fun seeing your grow up through the pictures & how much you changed!! Thanks for sharing :)


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