April 24, 2012

The Dark Side of Designers

Today would be a good morning to sip on some English tea while you read the writings of Charlotte from Charlotte's Web

She prepared a killer guest post today (hilarious, really) and before I get too excited and give anything away, I'll just let you be inspired by the title of this post and allow you to giggle at her all-too-true observations... take it away, my dear!

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I blog over at Charlotte's Web. By day I work as a writer and by night, I am Wonderwoman. But without the cool outfit. (Almost a) true story.

Kristen has kindly let me take up some space on her blog today to let you know a little bit about the dark side of Graphic Designers. 


Working alongside them all day long as a part of a GD/CW (erm.. that's Copywriter if you don't know the lingo I just made up in my head) super team has shown me the other side to their perky, pretty design-ey demeanours. 

Before you get in too deep on the loving of this strange but wonderful breed of people, there are a few things I think you need to know..

1. Do not deprive them of caffeine. 
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Did you know that creative people basically live on coffee/tea and sugary snacks? Or they do where I work, anyway. A few weeks ago the office ran out of caffeine fuelled goodies and we all had to resort to decaff. This was not a good day for anyone. The GD guy I work with basically stopped functioning by midday, and became very touchy about amends to his work. Which takes me nicely on to..

..if you know what's good for you, do not, under any circumstances, 
criticise their work. 
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Yes, so a little constructive criticism can go a long way. But before you go there.. are you one of them? Do you have a good reason for the thing you don't like? Are you ready to be scorned? As the writer part of the design team, I have a little say, but should someone else hate on my GD pals work? Hell hath no fury.

3. And finally? They like to make things pretty. 
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Which means that if you are having a make up mess, bird nest on your head of a day they will pick up on it. They'll probably call you on it too, in front of people. Usually in a loving, harmless way that nevertheless makes everyone aware that you look like the dead.

Scary, right?

Beware the Graphic Designer.. especially on caffeine free, need amends to your work days. 

...don't say I didn't warn you.

* * * * *

What can I say... we're a caffeinated, sensitive, and particular bunch :)

Did you enjoy what you read? Are you craving some more?
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  1. Haha this is too funny, and probably true for any type of designer! You best believe that I need my coffee in the morning too :)


  2. hahaha!! Love this! And I totally agree, please do not criticize unless you know Why you don't like something. Chances are there is a reason for why I did it that way! "It just doesn't feel right," is not always a valid answer.

    You have just won me over Charlotte, I'm off to visit your blog!

  3. BAHAHA! Too good! I love this, and Charlotte just got a new reader in me!

    So Kristen... is this your way of telling me I should be worried about being your friend? ;-)

  4. ha ha ha ha! I love the last one. I work for a design firm as a junior designer, whenever clients come back with any changes on graphics we all sit around and talk about how uneducated they are in the design world. ha ha ha!

  5. I love it, I'm already becoming like this despite being at the end of only my first year of Graphic Design! Ah caffeine :)

    Lovely post.

  6. This is so true!
    Want is constructive criticism anyway. If they don't like it they don't like it... (doesn't mean they at right though!)

  7. I'm no graphic designer, but this rings true to many Fashion Merchandisers as well ;)

  8. I love this girl so much! Haha! So hilarious and so true too! I've worked with a bunch of GD's in the past and they can go really weird at times. Agree on the coffee! I'm so forwarding this post to them. :)

  9. It must be the same for all creative fields - architecture included!

    Lisa xx


  10. Bahahaha. I'm reading this while I have coffee and chocolate for breakfast. Nailed it. ;)


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