April 01, 2012

Happy April (no fools!)

Hey friends!

First of all, I promise I don't have any April fools up my sleeve today... I've never been a good trickster because I'm usually the one being tricked. I'm that girl that looks up when you ask, "Did you know gullible is written on the ceiling?"

Whatever. I embrace my trusting nature :)

Anyway, it seems the showers have arrived! It's a rainy Sunday morning (my favorite kind of morning), I'm still in bed with coffee on my night stand, some dreamy tunes are entertaining my ears, and I'm waiting for the hubbs to come home from work to cuddle and watch more episodes of Shameless.

I don't typically blog on the weekends, but I just wanted to encourage you to do a few things...

your new April desktop calendar:

my new April sidebar dwellers:

the 6 winners from the March Group Giveaway!

Melissa won the Rosette Ring from Simply Lovely Things!
Ashley won the Shabby Chic Collection from Doe Eyed Dear!
Ly won the Photoshop Editing Guide Book from Jenni-Austria-Germany!
Chelsea won the $25 Forever 21 Gift Card from My Three Bittles!
Melissa won the Ad Space & Nail Polish from Aunie Sauce!
Lesley won the Interview Feature from ME!

That's a lot of exclamations! Seems like a good way to start off the month, eh? :)

Tell me, did you get fooled today?


  1. Nope I didn't get fooled. I am like you, I am usually the one getting fooled!

  2. So cute! I definitely have this as my background now, and I shared it with my twitter followers :)

  3. love the april wall paper :) thank you!

  4. I just got the biggest smile on my face after changing my background! Thank you 100 times over!

  5. I didn't pull any pranks this year, but I got my husband last year. We were looking at paint samples for the bathroom, and I showed him a florescent yellow one with this sincere, excited look on my face. He turned white. :)

  6. soo stoked on winning! thanks again! xo

  7. Yes, this was quite the exciting post! And... it looks like I have a new desktop calendar again. :-) Thank you!

  8. Lol. I tend to get tricked by April Fools trickers too! Hahaha... I mean, I don't think of myself as gullible, but I guess I'm pretty trusting too, because I always fall for stuff!


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