April 05, 2012

My Hair & Makeup Routine

Although I'm no expert in the beauty department, I thought today I would share what I do with my hair and makeup on the regular.

You might be thinking, "Hey! I thought this was a blog about graphic design?"

Well, first off, have you noticed I tend to do whatever I feel like around here? Second off, I do consider hair and makeup a form of art and design. Without those two things, I feel like a blank canvas. It's like self expression- it's not an option, it's a necessity! If that means I run 5 minutes late because I needed to spent some extra time on my lashes, well, you're just going to have to deal.

One thing I notice I do is get into a routine. I'll find a new way to wear my hair and repeat it a bazillion times until I get sick of it. I'm pretty sure I did the side braid with curls one too many times in 2011...

I've especially done that during this awkward phase while I'm growing out the A-line I've had for years now (I know Jessica at Lovely Little Things is in the same boat- we're dreaming of a "Top Knot" Christmas!). To get through this phase I've fallen into a groove with this really quick updo that takes me 5 minutes in the morning:

Now that I have hair in the back that is longer than my thumb, I love the ease of wearing it up! Maybe a little too much, because until I finally got a trim last week, I'd been wearing it like this every day for two months. It's nice to be lazy with it, because I'm so used to styling a high maintenance cut, whereas now sometimes I don't even need to pull out the straightener! 

I spend a lot more time on my makeup routine. I've been a long time fan of the retro winged liner look. I barely use eyeshadow except to highlight the inner corners and brow bone. I only line the top lid- varying the thickness and length of the wing depending on how glam I want to go. I literally do this every day; not sure when I'll switch to something else... I'm pretty hooked. 

On a side note, Bare Minerals has seriously saved my skin. Seriously, can we just talk about this real quick?

These shots are completely unedited. The first photo was taken not too long ago. Holy cow right? I know, so embarrassing. When I saw that photo that's when I realized how bad it was... I felt like all anyone saw was the massive bumps all over my face.

The second shot was taken a couple days ago. I still have some scarring, but that's nothing compared to what I've been dealing with. It's so much smoother and I feel so much more comfortable in my skin. I've even slept in the Bare Minerals several times surprised to find that it had no effect. Isn't that amazing?! 

What hairstyles, makeup trends, and products are you currently addicted to?


  1. Damn(dayuuumm?) that woman is bitchin' beautiful,yo! :D I love your hair and lashes - since you're my friend I'll let you keep them and everything,ha!

    I try so hard not to break out the acne,bt the humidity and the pollution ( and the french fries do their magic anyway.I'm more bumpy than you :D

  2. You look SO PRETTY in these pictures, seriously! I love that updo. Let me ask you, how do you get the teasing to stay? I've tried so many times but it doesn't stay!

  3. Good question Whitney! How do you keep the height? Mine falls flat before I'm out the door! Also, you are seriously too funny!

  4. I do the winged liner on daily basis as well. Just because it's another average day doesn't mean you can't add a little glam!

  5. I dealt with acne for 5 years and I finally had to go to the dermatologist. He cleared my face right up, and I've never had more confidence! Maybe I need to try Bare Minerals though!:)

  6. Hahahaha YES! We will both be rocking top knots LONG before Christmas...I hope!

    This right here: "Now that I have hair in the back that is longer than my thumb" made me laugh for some reason! Probably because I measure my hair by my finger lengths, too - oh short hair...

    Last thing - loving your eyeliner! I still can't pull off the winged liner, because I can't make it look right! SOMEDAY! Hopefully before I achieve the top knot. Because I need to be rocking a top knot WITH winged liner!

    :) xo

  7. OH Snap! I just posted on my skin & I have to say you are much braver than I! I would never share pictures of my acne...except I've been thinking about doing a before/after make up routine, something something....

    One last thing, I think the first comment I left on your blog was how I loved your hair! I am growing mine out too and this is a perfect solution! I am going to find a clip & make it happen. You rock girl! (as always lol)

  8. Oh I WISH I could get my liquid or Gel eyeliner to look that GOOD, ugh HOW DO YOU DO IT SERIOUSLY THOUGH? Is it the brush that is the trick or your skills or both? Oh man I want that...

    you have me cracking up about your acne, AWWW, it's fine!!!

  9. The clip hairdo is so cute on you!

    The only part of my routine I spend time on is my hair. I have big Shirley Temple ringlets, and to keep them springy, I deep condition with conditioner mixed with olive oil. I also stay away from brushes, sulfate shampoo, and heat because they make me look like a Brillo pad. ;)

  10. So gorgeous, Kristen dear! And you already know I'm a die-hard Bare Minerals girl! Have been for years, and I don't see a change on the horizon!

    Unfortunately for me, I'll never be able to sustain winged eyeliner throughout the day because of the way my eye lids fold, but it could be worse, right?

    And my hair is hopeless! It's wavy with some John Freida gel or straightened. Those are my styles unless I want what I call "wild woman hair". It's a terrible sight!

  11. I wish I could get winged eye liner to look that perfect! I mess up whenever I try! I've always wanted to wear winged liner everyday.

    For my hair I've mostly just been scrunching it so I can sleep in longer before I go to class! :)

  12. I love your make-up. I just might be planning a trip to Ulta to try out Bare Minerals. Philosophy Help Me really cleared up my acne.

  13. I must admit, I'm a roll-out-of-bed-and-put-my-hair-in-a-ponytail type of girl. ;P

  14. wow your eyeliner looks awesome! i never even wear it bc im so dang bad at it

  15. Great tutorial! Your makeup is beautiful!I need to do something new with my hair, I've been doing this old lady bun here lately and it's past time to stop doing that! Hehe, hope you have a great weekend Kristen!

    xo Kayla

  16. I'm growing out the same haircut! Unfortunately my hair is still a bit too short to put up like yours, but I'll be keeping this in mind because I should be able to do it in a month or so!

  17. i cant tell you how much i love bare esstentials! i use the night time powder too. such a fantastic product!


  18. omg> i love you. Seriously... you're so stinking funny. The zit photos?? Love the captions.

    1) your hair is adorbs. Always. Excited to see you with longer hair!

    2) you have MASTERED the winged look. I try so hard everyday and it just never works.

    Keep it up beautiful girl!

  19. I loooove Bare Minerals! I've been using it since high school so that must mean it's pretty good! Seriously though Kristen, you are so gorgeous!! <3

  20. I LOVE your hair! especially your bangs! beautiful!!

  21. Your skin looks great! What do you use as cleanser? I've been meaning to try Bare Minerals but it's an investment. I love the winged eye liner look but my hand is not at all steady and liquid liner tends to end up in my lashes and on my lids. Pencil it it!


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