April 30, 2012

My World Lately

This post doesn't have a theme or a single planned thought behind it. I's not attached to a link up, it's not sponsored, and it doesn't have anything to do with Pinterest.

It's just me and my thoughts today, people! 

I feel like I haven't really been "confessing" much on here lately. Sometimes I feel myself just going through motions while trying to keep up. I notice myself getting too caught up in what everyone else is doing and forgetting the purpose of my own blog and what it stands for. Does anyone else do that? It drives me NUTS!

So, I thought tonight I would just sit down and type, and just, ya know... talk to you guys!

Well, lets chat about a few things that have been going on lately...

First off, I feel compelled to announce this blog reached a huge milestone by hitting 600 followers over the weekend... whoa, what?! Let me just say THANK YOU to all my loyal readers! If you're new here from a giveaway I hope you stick around and introduce yourself in the comments... I love new friends!

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In other news, behind the scenes I've been working on a few design projects including a fun print assignment for school which I'll be posting about this week, one of my best friend's Save The Date's which I'll be showing off the design in the next week or so, annnd I've slowly been putting together a brand new blog design that is long overdue. I literally CANNOT wait to get it coded and ready for its big reveal! Oh, how I love design :)

Recently I've been taking every opportunity to satisfy my overly active sweet tooth cravings. Ice cream sundaes, late night donut runs (who does that?), sour candies from the gas station, you name it! I even broke out the flour and sugar, all Betty Croker style, in efforts to make the homemade version of Starbucks Vanilla Scones and a yummy batch of Peanut Butter Cookies... and it was amazing. Whatever, I'm not trying to be Jillian Michaels.

(oh yeah, and I joined Instagram- follow me here!)

Let's see... what else...
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Oh yes! I joined BIRCHBOX! Yes... yes yes yes I'm so excited :) I love trying out new beauty products but I never have the chance (or extra cash) to go out and splurge at Sephora. The $10/month works awesomely, I'm totally excited, and hopefully will have some fun posts about them soon!

OK I'm not this good... (image source)

While we're talking trends... I'm a total  Draw Something MANIAC! Come play with me (KristenVictoria87). Beware... I'm one of those "detailed" drawers (well, most of the time) that likes to take my time perfecting the cutest scene. I've gotten my coins... now it's about the artistic quality! hehe

Oh and I'm so proud of myself, I finally started a new book! 50 Shades of Grey... oh baby. Maybe you've heard of it? :) I love the book almost as much as I love our Kindle! Josh has been using it for several months now and I've been stubbornly reluctant (as I usually am). "They'll replace our precious libraries and book stores!" I'd say, but now that I've given in... it's pretty damn genius. I never go to book stores, anyway...

image source

I call this... "Through the Eyes of a Dachshund"
Besides all these new and exciting endeavors, I've just been enjoying the beautiful warm spring weather SLC has provided lately. Sammy seems to be enjoying it too :)

If you've gotten this far through my babbles... congratulations. You rock. Gold star for you!

Oh and before you go, I thought I'd share some dubstep, which I've been jamming out to a whole lot lately. Freaking loveee it! Embarrassing little tidbit... I actually thought dubstep was a dance step similar to "The Dougie" at first. Yep... that's me. Always arriving late to the party :P

So, what have YOU been up to lately?
Hope you all have a LOVELY week ahead of you!

P.S. The winner of the April Group Giveaway is ELISHA! I emailed you, girl! Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who participated! You can still enter for a chance to win the My Belle Boutique Giveaway going on until Saturday! :)


  1. I find that in the winter my blog becomes more of a confessional / dear diary. Usually when I take on big craft projects it happens in the summer months when it's warm out and I can do stuff outside. That's when I have more posts about crafty junk.
    And I hear you on the makeup issue! I'm a Mac addict but I don't buy it often. Seriously, their liquid eyeliner is the best but the bottles are half the size of other brands and ten times the price.

  2. I'm starting to feel the same way about blogging. I spend so much time trying to grow the blog that I forget to be personal. I always figured people aren't interested in my daily life, but me personally, I rather enjoy personal posts like this one :)

  3. Ah dying to start reading 50 Shades!!

  4. Up until recently I found myself being to consumed with growing my blog and trying to be just as good as everyone else. Now i'm only focusing on blogging about things I love, this way the writing comes naturally. Of course i've lost some readers because of this, but hey you can't win them all. By the way , I love this post!

  5. I tried my hand at those scones as well and they were delicious. That recipe is a keeper! I adore my Kindle. I don't really go to bookstores either so it's not a loss for me. I'm at my library at least twice a week borrowing something too. I'm lost on dubstep. I guess I'll need to look into it.

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with those random sweet tooth moments. I love them because well, deliciousness. I hate them because well, deliciousness. Ha.

    Also, that drawing...whoa!
    I play that game and usually think out this awesome picture in my head and then when I go to draw it, my fingers are bigger than my screen and it looks like poo. I need an ipad to color on or one of those cool pen things to use. Then maybe my drawings would look that awesome. Or not, yea.. let's go with not. But they'd be better. :p

  7. This was an awesome catch up post! I'm in my sophomore year of college, studying graphic design, and I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I love keeping up with your blog :)

  8. Oh my that book series is good i am on the third book already! And as for birchbox i love them! Had them for a year now and they are awesome!

  9. i told my husband about you thinking that dubstep was a dance and me thinking the same thing. His response? Basically an eye roll and a "typical, Kristin." LOL!!! congrats on hitting 600!! that's insanely awesome!!

  10. You look stunning! The birch box looks lovely, might research it for my project :)

  11. I feel proud for earning my gold star. I thought that drawing was you, and was like what the SERIOUSLY? I play draw something with an illustrator at work, and he seriously does the most incredible drawings, then I will get a text after he send the drawing, and the text says, sorry that drawing was so bad. I need to get a stylus.. ha! Meanwhile my shrek is a green blob with candle ears. I reply to his text, and say sorry mine is so terrible it would be much better if I could take it into photoshop and spend a few hours. ha! Also SLC has had some nice weather lately. I am hoping it keeps on the incline with temperature! Last weekend was so nice - this one was a bit chillier.

  12. I thought that was your drawing on Draw Something and I almost freaked out! That is incredible lol!

    I need to start Fifty Shades of Grey like NOW, because everyone keeps tlaking about it!

    Annnd I love all things peanut butter so of course those cookies look SO GOOD!

    :) xo

  13. I really loved this post ) I like nothing more than someone spilling all their thoughts from the week and getting to know what people's lives are actually like! It's all well and good seeing what outfits people are liking recently and what giveaways are happening but sometimes I really love just hearig about people's lives! I've been wanting to do posts like this because I feel like my blog just becomes one big routine and reading this has given me the motivation to start doing posts like this, so thank you my lovely :)

    On another note, dub step really gives me a headache! I've tried so many times to like it but I genuinely get a headache whenever it is on! Haha xxx

  14. Congrats on the 600, awesome! You look GORGEOUS in that pic!!!

  15. that picture of you is gorgeous! and yes, i know what you mean... sometimes i get so lost in bloggy land and then hours have passed and i still have to take care of my own blog and write some sort of post ;)

  16. So many tidbits for me to comment on! Congrats on the 600 followers!! :) I'm very excited for ya! Can't wait to see your design projects you've been working on. I've been thinking of showing y'all a little sneak-peak into the world of Fashion Merchandising and show what I've been working on this semester. You totally would have loved the Reeses Rice Krispies that I made last week ;) I still have yet to join Burchbox! But come summertime I'll be joining the wagon. And ohhh the adventures on Draw Something!! HAH. Did you like my rendition of a hood? (I'd write more but I gotta run to the library)

  17. First off, Congratulations on those 600!! I mean your blog is pretty awesome so you can totally understand where that number is coming from :) I'm glad you had this nice little catch-up post. I think a lot of times we get so caught up in trying to keep up with trends and gain a bigger following that we forget to just sit back and blog for ourselves rather than others. I know I've been guilty of that too. On your tidbits, I totally thought that was your drawing on Draw Something. I was like 'damn girl you've got some crazy detail art skills.' I've been seeing 50 Shades everywhere and it's gotten me curious but I think I'm going to pass on it just because it doesn't exactly sound like my genre of book. Also I LOVE my kindle. And this is too is coming from a girl that loves books. And honestly, it doesn't stop me from still going to the library or buying books. If there's a book I want displayed on my shelf I will still buy it. But the Kindle is so much more convenient and just makes the reading experience better. And finally, I am with you on the dubstep. Everyone always gives me shit for liking it and saying that it's "just noise" but I like it. There's something about the drops and dancing to it. I actually saw Flux Pavilion and Doctor P at Coachella and they were pretty awesome. And now I'm looking forward to seeing Skrillex (amongst many of the other wonderful bands that are playing) at Outside Lands Festival. Just letting you know that you are not alone in rocking out to dubstep haha :)

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  19. I look forward to seeing some of your blog designs in the future! Love the "Through the Eyes of a Dachshund"!! Now you have gave me a few new awesome photo ideas!

  20. I just ordered my first Birch Box too! I'm sooooo excited to get it! :] xo JA

  21. Hmmm I'm curious to know how you feel about 50 Shades! Twilight was a (very) guilty pleasure of mine, though admittedly not a work of literary genius... But I felt like 50 Shades was completely awful. Like, middle-school creative writing class awful. Not the plot so much as the writing style, but still. Then again, the author is now a billionaire so what do I know? Haha.
    Looking you up on Draw Something!

  22. i love example-kickstarts :)

    and ive never heard of birchbox! i swear i live in a bubble here in norway haha!! one i need to get out of this summer when i travel to the US!

  23. that UP drawing!? SO GOOD!!! :P and wow thanks so so so much for the win!!!! (:

  24. Yeah sometimes I feel like I HAVE to have a theme and do certain things in order to get more readers, but really they just want to see what I write and that's why they should follow. Congrats on the 633 followers!

  25. Congratulations on the milestone Kristen.

  26. I'm playing catch-up with my bloglovin' feed! I'm so glad I didn't miss this post! I'm also an Instagrammer and a little obsessed with Draw Something! Finding you now! YAY!

    xo Kayla

  27. I just stumbled upon your blog, and you are just precious! Thanks for keeping it real...it's refreshing to see that in blog world as it can be so consuming. I'm your newest follower...so nice to meet you!

    XOXO Kayli


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