April 16, 2012

Sketch Love

I was just thinking last night... I miss drawing.
"Charlie's Monkey" 2009 

Maybe some of you know, but my background is in fine arts. I was all about the drawing and painting... realism was my thing. I was pretty good at it too... enough to win a few awards and get accepted into a university art program.

I felt artsy, I felt cool, I felt unique, I felt like... myself.

I don't draw much anymore. Studying graphic design has turned my medium into Adobe programs and mouse clicks instead of my good old pencil and paper.

There's this joy I get from drawing that gives me a sense of fulfillment. It's not available anywhere or through anyone else... it's inside me, and I'm the only one in control of tapping into it.

One of my dreams, besides being a graphic designer, is to be an illustrator. I want to have this little online shop of my own where I sell my creations for anyone who wants them... just wake up, keep my hair messy, wear old ratty clothes, and never worry about my nails because they'll be covered in charcoal by the end of the day (like I worry about my nails even now...psh).

That would be pretty great.

But, today I'm here sitting on my futon, typing and clicking away, dreaming and wishing for things that haven't yet found the right timing in my life. So, I went on a Pinterest search for some drawing inspiration and found these lovely sketches and illustrations... aren't they fantastic?

by Diego Fernandez

Unknown Source- found here

By Hector Daniel Vargas

By Garance Dore

By Raphael Vicenzi

Unknown source- found here

By Nadia Flower

P.S. I think I'm a lesbian when it comes to sketch inspiration. 

...no shame here!


  1. NO SHAME! I totally agree, I love female portraiture and it is my fav to view and do too.


  2. I really want to start drawing more! I've never been good at drawing people but I've always wanted to be able to! I think I'll have to practice this summer!

  3. Computers take a lot of the fun out of design and illustration... I guess they call that progress. To re address the balance I have bought a Lino cutting kit and an going to attempt Lino printing. It's back to basics for me - so drawing is still a great idea if it's only for fun!

  4. You should definitely pursue illustration - that's such a hand-in-hand career w/ g.design that you could totally transition into that &/or do both. In fact, my g.d. program has 3 drawing classes and 3 pen&ink illustration classes required. I've been surprised when looking at other programs that a lot of them don't require as much actual physical drawing as mine does. I was a bit apprehensive about all that at first because I don't have as much experience w/ drawing, but it's really helped train my eyes as to what shades, colors, and shapes make up an object. I definitely don't think you need to divorce art and design - they definitely complement each other and I think knowing both could only help you in your future.

  5. The Garance Dore one reminds me of a pair of enormous red glasses I used to have! I broke them... so sad. I should buy a new pair though. (Love that first one too, so lovely.)

  6. Those sketches are certainly inspiring! You should post some of your work :)

  7. Those are all beautiful! Yes, get back to sketching- I wanna see! I am not a very good artist at all, but I love drawing little cartoons for fun. It's a good stress relief!

    xo Kayla

  8. I love your monkey sketch. You need to nurture your creative side. Living with an artist has taught me that all artists NEED to create to be happy. I feel better when I make time to do beadwork, or make jewelry.

  9. Wow I honestly thought that your monkey sketch was a b/w photo!


  10. Don't know if you saw my tweet, but I'm definitely gonna send u an email with a pic of me. Id on't care how long it takes you. Even if it's a year. I've always wanted someone to draw me:D !!!!! Don't ever forget who you are and what your talents and dreams are. <3

  11. This is beautiful inspiration! You are so lucky to have that education in fine arts. I really love drawing too, and I don't have any degree in it, but I still do it almost every day!

    I hope your etsy shop dream of yours comes true. Looking from that first drawing, you would definitely sell!

  12. Awww! I was hoping you would post some of your own work too! I want to see! Are you sketching anything right now?

  13. i love all these illustrations! aahhhhhh!


    love your blog! heheheheh


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