May 01, 2012

May Calendar Freebie!

Hey pretty people!

How's the week going so far? 

What's that? You need more coffee? Me too!

Maybe these charming new calendars will give you a boost of excitement... 
almost as good as caffeine, right? 

Click here for 1280x800 download
Click here for 1024x768 download

Click the links in the captions to open the image in a new tab, right click and save as your desktop background, then let me know how you like it in the comments! (I would also love and appreciate if you pinned these to Pinterest or shared with your friends and family. I mean seriously, who doesn't love a free desktop background?)

I'm really looking forward to this month... warm weather, flowers in bloom, flip flops, pedicures, margaritas, and most of all, celebrating my Momma!!

I'm also super excited to showcase these pretty new faces on my sidebar! I don't just like them, I like-like them. If we were in elementary school together I would give them the Gushers out of my California Raisins lunchbox. I would kick the mean boys in the shin for them. I would lend them the scrunchie right off my ponytail.

Yeah... that kinda like.

You'll soon be crushing too, but until then, enjoy the calendar and CHEERS to a marvelous May!


  1. Dude, I totally accept your scrunchie. Thanks girl :)

  2. Ooh, love both of these calendars! Chose the Floral one, though, because I just love the elegant simplicity of it, especially for my work computer!

    Going to Pin now because I know my friends will love them, too :)

    Thanks so much!

    - Sara

  3. Yay! I love these!!! Already downloaded and on my desktop!

  4. Yay! I was on my computer last night and thought to myself "oh... I'm gunna need to find a new pretty background :(" but yay! A new pretty background made by youu! I'm gunna have to go for the first one because mother's day is in march over here in England! (why do we have different dates for mother's day??) and I really really like that one! So, thank you for the free background! Xx

  5. I'd trade your gushers for my fruit-roll up, straight out of my Garbage Pail Kids lunchbox.

    p.s. I'd be jealous of your California Raisins Lunchbox and go home and ask my mom why she didn't buy me one.

  6. Ahh the California Raisins. I had a t-shirt with them on it. Naturally it said "I heard it through the grapevine".

  7. I love them! So adorable! Just made it my background and heading to pinterest now! =)

  8. I totally used this first one! It makes my desktop look so cute! You are so talented. Plus May just happens to be my favorite month. Thanks so much!

  9. Aw thank you. pretty calendars! Hope your may goes well

  10. Absolutely love the calendars! I hope your week is going fabulously!

    xo, gina

  11. You have a very fun blog! We should follow each other -

  12. Oh Thank God! I was getting nervous that I still had April up!

    Thanks :)

  13. I love your desktop calendars! thank you :)

  14. These calendars are adorable! definitely can't wait for warmer weather! your posts always make me smile, going to have to cruise around your sidebar a little bit :)

  15. You're the frosting to my Dunkaroo <3

  16. Gosh, these are so cute!Thanks for sharing :)

    Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

  17. I love your monthly desktop calendars, and I always use them!

    And I love Gushers too. :-)


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