June 01, 2012

Hello, June!

Seriously, guys... I can't believe it's June 1st!! 

Is this real life? What the hell happened these last five months? 

Honestly, I don't even know. 

All I know is I feel pretty good with how things are going around here!

I wanted to first say "Welcome!" to my new readers over the last month! I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments and getting to know you more!

One of the things I love about blogging is this supportive, caring, giving, community. You guys have offered me advice that has helped me grow up and learn how to figure out life on this crazy journey of mine. I'm not sure I would be where I am without that support.

I talk about you guys all. the. time. to my friends and family, and sometimes I can't shut up about it. I can't help it- I'm constantly inspired by your posts and end up bursting with creative energy and ideas!

I actually gave my first non-verbatim speech in class last week on the topic of blogging. I was so comfortable with the topic I barley had to glance at my notes.



I'm making progress, people!!

Anyway, before I go off on a tangent, I wanted to post your monthly freebie! 

June is a special month to me. It's the month I celebrate my birthday (the big 2-5!), the weather is just perfect for lounging outside, and it also reminds me I'm graduating in just 40 days! (WHOA!)

When I was designing this month's calendar, I thought about getting older and gaining knowledge, but still keeping your imagination alive. I was inspired by a quote and came up with something completely different- I hope it inspires you to get outside, sketch, photograph, run, dance, play... whatever suits your fancy!

Just click on the image to make it big, right click, and Save As your desktop background. It was done with a higher resolution this time (1600x1000), so it should be able to fit most computer monitors. Let me know if you need a different size!

Remember it's totally free for personal use! 
That means you're not allowed sell, copy, or distribute it.

After you're done with that, make sure to check out my new sponsors this month! I'm so excited to introduce you during the next few weeks... but don't let me hold up your blog exploration. Feel free to click around and get a head start :)

Here's to a beautiful June! 

P.S. The winner of the Emmy June Giveaway is Libby from In Every Little Moment!
Congrats! Check your email, g-friend! :)

Thanks to everyone who participated!
If you still want a chance to win big go enter
The "Blogger's Dream" giveaway- hurry hurry- it ends tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the awesome desktop calendar!

  2. Thanks for the awesome desktop calendar!

  3. LOVE the desktop calendar, thank you for sharing it! :D

  4. I seriously think that blogging is the most fulfilling hobby. You make great friends and you do awesome things, even if it's just to make another post. And June is the best month to have a birthday? I think yes! Awesome calendar!

  5. Hooray for my new desktop background!

    Thanks a bunch - it's gorgeous!

    - Sara

  6. Congrats on your speech girlfriend!!

    I love that desktop calendar. Way to go!

  7. Yay calendar!
    Yay birthdays in June! Today is my hubs' bday!

    And I can't believe it's already June! This year has completely flown by!

  8. Love that desktop calendar!! Thanks girl. :)

  9. Your ideas are lovely tasteful and stylish

  10. I talk about my blog a lot and the people I've met...actually I mention you frequently as well! Haha. I was telling my roommate about how we became "official" FB friends and he was like "Oh, the one who made you that button?" and I was like "yeahhh" :)

  11. PS: I'm proud of you and your speech!! Didya need the shot this time?

  12. Yay! June sounds like it is going to be a great month for you :) Graduation is around the corner and will be here before you know it! Happy Weekend Girl!

  13. girl you are so talented.. LOVE the calender...
    and i totally am with you on not being able to stop talking about all my blog girls... people are like, huh? they are your friends?? how do they know what you said on twitter?

  14. This is so cute! Turquoise and red!!


  15. Ooooh, I love the desktop calendar! Congrats on doing so well on your speech! You're making impressive progress, woo hoo!

  16. Love the desktop calendar! :) you are too cute! Happy Birthday month girl!!! :) And on graduating so sooon!!

  17. The calendar looks great! Also, yay for almost graduating! xo


  18. You are right, this year is flying by! I can not believe that it is June already. I LOVE your June desktop! I used the May one and loved that but some how, this one is even more cute!

  19. This desktop calendar is my favorite so far!

    And congrats on your speech delivery progress! WAHOO!


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