June 05, 2012

Identity Crisis

So, I have to take a load off my chest today... I apologize in advance.

So here's the deal folks...

As you may know, I'll be finishing my Graphic & Web Design program and graduating with my Associate's Degree in less than 40 days.

That means I will no longer be considered a "student," and while my blog name has grown on me, I'm going to be forced to drop the "S" from "GDS" and change it up. The question is, to what exactly?

See, that's just the thing... I have no idea. 

I'm having this major identity crisis and I'm not sure where to start! I've read several tips on how to name your blog and business and there are three ideas I keep bouncing around in my brain...

A) Should I go with an easy transition and just call it "Confessions of a Graphic Designer"?


B) Should I keep it the same as my freelance design business (K&V Design Studio)?


C) Should I get super creative and come up with something completely different?

I'm leaning towards C, but seriously dudes, I have no ideas that I'm clinging to.

None. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

What's crazy is that even while I'm in the midst of finals, time consuming projects, and perfecting my portfolio, my biggest stressor isn't acing my tests or even finding a job in the design industry. My main worry lately is updating the blog name, finally purchasing a domain name, and then going through the design and branding process.

Is that so wrong?

Since I can't completely decide on a name just yet, I decided to look towards color for inspiration. I seem to have this "thing" going on with a certain shade of Teal. It's become an obsession, and I need to branch out... f'reals.

Naturally, I went to Pinterest to find some color schemes to put me at ease... but then ended up in color lust with almost all of them. I chose some of my favorites, now it's just up to my Gemini brains to decide on one.

Think you can help me narrow in on one or two of your preferred palettes? 

Creature Tones via Design Seeds

I love this so much! Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure  Lovely Little Things has this one covered. Yep. Thanks Jess ;)

Single Bloom via Design Seeds
My eye has been drawn to this spring green color lately... love the coral accents.
Maybe just a tad too feminine?

Produced Hues via Design Seeds
I think I'll always have a soft spot for hot pink and green since they were my wedding colors!
I can see myself getting sick of this, though.

Santorini Tones via Design Seeds
This is just a dreamboat palette... but I feel like I've seen it before? 

Branching Hues via Design Seeds
This combines my favorite colors in a harmonious way, and it's not too reminiscent of a specific season, meaning it could work year round. Me likey.

Confetti Color via Design Seeds
Oh yes... I love that darker mustard color paired with the magenta and blue... this is definitely at the top of my list.

Wish Tones via Design Seeds
Oh, but then I'm captivated by these serene beachy tones and I'm head over heels in love with teal again!

What's a girl to do?

To be completely honest, I've even thought about hiring someone to help me out! There is something so difficult when it comes to designing your own brand... I find I'm way too hard on myself, my perfectionism is locked into overdrive, and I'm too blinded by pressure that I can't see "it" clearly. I think it would be nice to have a fresh pair of eyes help decide what ideas are working and what's not. 

The downfall? I think I'd be one nightmare of a client! Anyone want to work with me? :)


But I'll take all the advice I can get!! 

*  *  *  *  *

Have you ever been in this position before? 
How did you choose your blog name? 
Where did you find your color inspiration?


  1. I like option C! Good luck thinking of a name haha!
    Annnnd I mentioned you in y post today, too....we're on the same brain wave today...YES!

    I like "Wish Tones" & "Branching Hues"
    Both are SUPER pretty but not too girly!
    Stoked to see what you choose!

    PS - I was definitely repining all of these last night!

  2. I adore the confetti color palette. I have always loved that you blog uses mustard yellow and I think the blue would be a fresh update.

    But if you are thinking of completely redesigning, I like single bloom.

  3. Oh, yes - I've been in the same predicament! I started out as Marchand's Musings because I thought my blog might turn into a hubby & wife blog someday. Well, that didn't happen & then I had a baby so I changed it to Mama Marchand's Musings. Then, I realized that "musings" didn't suit me at all so I changed it to "Mama Marchand's Nest." I'M NEVER CHANGING IT AGAIN.

    Also, I think you should design it yourself because I think you're like me - you get bored easily. So, unless you find a design you love that someone else can do (like the one I have now - LOVE IT), I think it'd be better to do it yourself. Plus, you're SUPER talented, friend!

    As for color palettes - I am LOVING produced hues and confetti color. Both of those are unique - I haven't seen them in blog design yet. :)

  4. Branching hues color palette for sure!!! ahhh! i'm excited to see where you take this space!!

  5. I love the confetti color palette! I've been wanting to change my blog design up lately but I've been stuck. I think it's almost harder to design something for yourself than it is to design for others. It took me a long time to come up with my blog name. I would have loved to come up with something more creative.

  6. Changed my blog name from "one me, two monsters" to "my three bittles". Once I found out I was pregnant with baby O, "one me, two monsters" just didn't seem appropriate anymore. Good luck with everything. You'll get it all figured out. Don't stress it too much. And oh, the color schemes! Who knew that some colors looked SO amazing together?!

  7. I changed my name at the end of last year, but it was an easy decision for me. I knew that I wanted something to go along with my company, since I was blogging for my business as well. I think that's something to take into consideration, since branding is so important...If you're blogging for your business, I'd highly recommend going with a name and colors that correspond, though they don't have to match exactly! I love a lot of the color combos you posted too, but that's a lot of color for me...I prefer something simple and not too fussy. Maybe just two colors, or three, at most. But, that's just me :)


  8. I just renamed my blog less than a month ago and I was nervous about it but it felt right and I ultimately just went for it. It worked out great, even the domain name. Some things took a few days to switch over but it works great now.

    As for the color schemes, I just went with what felt the most "me" and that's all the advice I have! :)

  9. I like the last 2 colour palettes :) You have great taste!
    When I chose my name I tried to think of what m blog was about, which was {basically} me and that's how the names Jamie Etc. came about!
    -Jamie x


  10. I've gone through so many blogs, names, and changes. It seems I'm never satisfied! But I think when you find it you just know...as cliche as that sounds. When my husband suggested "Nonsense Things" it just clicked because we are always saying our life is nonsense. I haven't had that nudge to change it since. It'll come to you :)

  11. It took my husband (yes, he helped!) and I a MONTH to come up with Trial By Sapphire! Hahaha! I only knew that I wanted Sapphire in there.

    I hope you go with option C! Newness all around, baby! And oddly enough, my favorite color palettes are all the odd numbered ones!

  12. Do a mind map:

    Write down your name in the middle of a page and branch off 10 keywords that describe you. Ask your friends to give you some words too.

    Now ERASE your name. Come up with 20-30 more keywords that describe and branch off the other 10. This step takes YOU out of the equation. This set of words should have nothing to do with you and only describe the other words. Now repeat this step again on the new words.

    Then try to start linking the last set of words back to yourself one-by -one. This will get the creative juices going and help you look at yourself in a more abstract way. Something will hopefully jump out at you, and you'll be able to uniquely gather your own essence, which is the toughest part about branding yourself.
    This was an exercise we did in school while doing our own branding and self-promos.

  13. I'd say take the plunge and completely change it up girl! People will get used to it quickly I'm sure. Love the single bloom and wish palettes!

    xo Shane

  14. Oh my... this IS a predicament! I did this last year and it wasn't so bad... you can do it! I changed EVERYTHING... it was a bit stressful at first... but fun, too.

    Confessions of a Graphic Designer is fun... but I would love to see you do something new. I think that's what you probably really want, anyway... a whole new thing. So... yeah. That's the hard part.

    OK>> color palettes. I'm a huge fan of Branching Hues... I think it's unique and lovely. Confetti Color is awesome. Love the lavender, maroon-ish, mustard and brown. Ooh baby. I think Wish Tones is so extraordinary. You could do SO much with it... though it might not be as attention-grabbing as the others... but it sure would be pleasant to look at.

    I hope that helps. I'd love to help you bounce name ideas around if you need it!

  15. Hello!

    I've recently sprung upon your blog and if this helps any I'd like to start by saying I recently designed my own name and feel pretty confident. You can see the post on my blog here if you'd like:


    I changed my design several times before I was satisfied. I hope I helped and feel free to ask questions!

    I really like the Branching Hues and Confetti by the way!


  16. Picking a blog name is SO HARD. I'm diggin' both options A & C. And I'm also diggin' your blog.

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    Lady Million

  17. I feel you with the blog name, but I really love option A. Just keep it simple and similar to what it is now.

    As for colors, you should design it all yourself in your own color palette. I think a baby pink and turquoise would be gorgeous.

  18. Well at first I thought - even if you're graduating you're never fully finished learning. So technically you'll forever be a graphic design student - well unless you become some guru and write an awesome book and teach the world the methods of your madness. So in a sense you could just leave it as is and call it a day.

    But if you are anticipating some changes in the way you blog and what you blog about a fresh new name could be the perfect time to embark on that. Plus I am sure you'd come up with something perfect and reflective of you.

    And then if you are going to blog more about your business then I would go with that - but I have a feeling that you don't want that. So I would axe that idea and make a decision between option A and C. I think whatever you decide will be fine and your readers are here for you - and will be happy with what you choose as long as you are happy.

    As for colour schemes - my favourite part. I love the Wish Tones - but not for you. I want them for me (ha-ha just kidding). But I see you as a person with more colour. I really think you'd work something up awesome with the 'Branching Hues' That reddish-maroon colour is gorgeous.

    Good luck with this decision and let us know if you need more help brainstorming ideas.

  19. Love your blog! Would love it if you could check mine out and become a follower :)

  20. I like the creature and wish tones best!

    I'm terrible with names. TERRIBLE. I started using my initials on things and now that's all I do. I'm looking to LLC myself soon though and not sure I want to use my initials for it... It's hard to choose a good name!

    I do have a blog post on it, maybe it will help?

  21. When I chose my current blog name, I was kind of freaking out about it too. I've had a plethora of blogs and blog titles in the past and always get bored of them w/in a year or two. So I started brainstorming one day while I was at work. I asked myself, "What's the essence of what you want your blog to be about?" I realized pretty quickly that all the quirky catchphrases that I usually come up with weren't really "me", and that I just wanted it to be about what I like and what I'm into... that lead me to the name "Just Jen", which I still technically have my blog titled as, if you check on the top bar of the browser window on my blog.

    Anyway, around the time that I quit said job, I was making it my mission in life to live more authentically to myself... which essentially meant pursing more creative efforts... so I decided that would make a good subtitle for my blog - "Living the Creative Life" - since that's what my focus in life was becoming.

    At some point I dropped the "Just Jen" from my header, but I still feel like that's largely the identity of my blog - it's "just" about me and things that pertain to my interests, not about some other random topics. In a way, this allows me to change my focus in the future if I need to, just by creating a new subhead. For now, what I have seems to work well though.

    As for my current colors... I started with the colors of an illustration that I did and went from there. I can't remember where I got those colors though - I think off of a greeting card, maybe? Anyway, they're kind of spring-y, so I'll probably keep those up until the weather cools down in the fall. Honestly if I had to narrow it down more definitely for my brand... I would have a very hard time with that. I love colors and part of the fun for me is changing them every so often. For my school portfolio what I did was design my logo in grayscale and then substitute in different colors for different applications of my logo - so the logo's the same, but just in different colors. For me that works; for you, you might want more consistent colors.

  22. I like the last colors the best. And also, I think you should go with B. Your studio name. That would be really professional, but it could still be the fun blog you make it now!


  23. Dude I feel your stress. I'm currently in the process myself of giving my blog a real and more professional facelift with some branding to come. And though, I do have my blog name on lock (and have been super happy with it ever since I came up with it) I do worry that it won't fit me later on down the line. Like, what if I don't always live in the city? What if I move to some little quiet town in Tennessee. Or to Italy. (Crossing my fingers for the latter.) But eh, I guess I will just cross that bridge when I get there.

    I think you should definitely come up with an entirely new name. Being that you won't be a student anymore... I think it's fitting that you develop an identity to follow into this new chapter where you are no longer a GDS, but a GD! Which by the way, congrats!! I think your other commenters gave you some really great things to help discover what that new name might be... so I guess just keep brainstorming and be patient. It will arrive to you and it'll be good, I know it :)

  24. You're killing me with all the color pallettes. I went to that blog to try to decide on colors for my living room. I was so overwhelmed with choices I adored that I couldn't decide on anything.

    For you, I like "Branching Hues" and "Confetti Color".

    Your wedding colors sound awesome!!

    And as for the blog name, I say keep it as it is. If you think about it, you never stop being a student. And I think GD is something that's constantly changing so you're always going to be learning something.

  25. I'm always just an email away if you need some input and help!! :) I just went through a re-brand myself in April and it was one of those things that as soon as I tried it, it fit perfectly. So brainstorm, think of nicknames maybe (that's what I used) and try some things on to see what fits. :) Good luck! I'm excited for you.

  26. decisions decisions is right! I like the branching colors and the wish colors..

    and as far as the name goes, I like just dropping STUDENT or, coming up with something totally different, this will be fun even though you are stressed about it!

  27. Eek, lucky you being done in less than 40 days! I'll be done with my associates in Graphic Design next spring. :)) Can't wait! What are your plans after you graduate?

    I vote- Branching hues! Love that color pallet. And for the name change... either B or C. :))

  28. I like option c too..but totally understand HOW RIDICULOUSLY HARD it is to come up with a name. I don't think I'll ever change mine..because I'll never think of something else. As for color pallette...I love them all. I have no idea. haha. I am so helpful!

  29. I love the first and last sets of colour :)

    As for your blog name.. I'd go with C :) I personally chose to keep the name of my blog separate to the name of my freelance website to avoid confusion - when people see a company blog I think they automatically assume it will only contain work updates

    Hope that helps! xx

  30. Sorry, I meant when they see a blog that shares the company name x

  31. Confettiiiii Color! :D

  32. I'd vote for C... it is hard to come up with something... To come up with a blog name, I wanted to make sure I didn't box myself into something... I wanted to be able to blog about a lot of different aspects of my life with the focus of being gluten-free.. and that's how I came up with it. It took a while to get there though. I'm sure you'll come up with a kickass name!

    I like the first and last colour palettes.

  33. OMG as I was looking at the palettes I was doing a bit of an inward monologue and we must have very similar taste.... I do very much love the 'wish tones' but then the 'confetti' one is super fun - the 'santorini tones' reminds me of ice-cream for some reason.... late night snack time? (Aussie time)

    I feel like I am in the same boat, finals to study for but all I can think about is if I should fork out the money to attend a blogger conference and if so.... what will I wear??!



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