December 07, 2012

Anne Taintor Gift Set Giveaway!

Thank goodness the weekend has arrived! Would you care for a cocktail? I'm heading to my Christmas work party tonight and all I can think is, "Thank GOD there's a cash bar!" Plus I can't wait to show you my formal outfit! :)

But, back to the cocktails...

Have you ever heard of Anne Taintor? I've mentioned her work on this blog a time or two and absolutely love her vintage style and humor, especially around Christmas time!

What's even more exciting is they asked me to host a giveaway for you guys this year! Of course I accepted - I thought a lucky reader might enjoy getting these in their stocking stuffers this Christmas...

Anne Taintor Lifestyle Gift Set Includes...
1 (One) Anne Taintor Coaster Set which includes two each of "did somebody say 'open bar'?", "another day in paradise" and "ta-daa! now let's have a cocktail..."
1 (One) Anne Taintor Shot Glasses Set which includes "medicated and motivated", "stop me before I volunteer again","I'm so happy it's happy hour","why do dishes when you can do shots?"

This is such a perfect gift for your best friend, work bud, or the cool aunt that let you sneak a sip of wine when you were 14 ;) 

Good luck, my fellow lushes! 
Get your entries in quick - I'll be announcing the winner next Thursday! 
(Open to US and Canada residents only)

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  1. Love your giveaways! Leaving my giveaway comment. ;)

    My fave holiday drink is definity goldschlager w/ a splash of sprite. it tastes so pepperminty!

  2. I love egg nog or my classic vodka soda!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. So don't bag on me, but I'm not very sophisticated when it comes to drinks. I don't know drinks, like, at all. However, I always like a good glass of Cab, Blue Moon, anything with vodka, and wait for it... Jack and Coke (Haven't had that in a long time, but I always love it.).

  4. I love a good glass of Reisling or Moscato!


  5. Hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint! ;)

  6. At a Hawaiian themed birthday/holiday party I was at last weekend, I coined a new drink. It's called a Blue Ocean, and is blueberry martini mix with rum and sprite. Tasty.

    Otherwise, amaretto sours are my go-to.

  7. My favorite cocktail is a Hot Toddy!

  8. No cocktails in the holidays it's all about the eggnog!

  9. I don't really know the names of cocktails.. I just drink them ;D

  10. ^^ best comment ever!

    These are really cute and funny!

  11. Appletini!!!

  12. My Aunt's Lemon Drops or Cranberry Margaritas

  13. not sure about a cocktail, but baileys and coffee. yep.

  14. A Tan Ferrari...amaretto, kahlua, and cream...yummers!

  15. Love Ann Taintor....they all sound like pages from my life story.

  16. I turn twenty-one on Friday -- when I figure out my favorite, I'll be sure to share!

  17. I don't drink alcohol, so around the holidays, I drink sparkling grape juice as if it were an adult beverage. :)

  18. Fuzzy Navels are a big hit with my family during holidays! My sister makes them perfect!


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