December 13, 2012

Good Gift Giving Lessons (& Giveaway!)

OK this is hilarious... and I totally didn't do it on purpose, but as I was putting together this post I was literally eating a Christmas cookie (with sprinkles) and drinking a beer (it's true, check my Instagram - there's definitely a shot of me stuffing my face with a sprinkled sugar cookie).

Not that funny yet, I know. But look...

Keywords: Sprinkles and Booze. See, I wrote this introduction after I realized what happened... she is obviously inspiring me with her blogging powers without me even knowing it, and it's pretty awesome. Also, in case you're wondering - yes, it's a delicious combination :)

But in all seriousness - she's an inspiration outside of the cookies and beers. She's a newer blogger freshly graduated from The Blogcademy with a mission to sprinkle her readers with creative, entertaining, and straight-from-the-heart content. It's so refreshing to read her blog, so that's why I asked her to guest post today, because I knew you would want to hear her tips on being a good gifter... take it away girl!

Give the Gift of Good Gift Giving

Did you get an awful sweater last Christmas and never had the heart to attempt to return it back to the store? Or how about the Snuggie that your aunt thought was oh so necessary for you to have? Part of the magic of Christmas as an adult is getting presents that you would never want to own. This can all be prevented if everyone took a moment to get better at gift giving. I am here to give you a few helpful tips on how to not end up on the "worst gift giver" list.

Two of the biggest issues that people have when buying a gift is they either think the person has everything already or has no idea what the person would be interested in. How many times have you heard a wife say "My husband bought me a vacuum for Christmas," and you have to pretend to be happy for her. Most men and women don't want anything 'practical' or 'useful' as a gift. People want things that are going to make them happy and feel good.

The best way to go about figuring out what to buy someone this holiday season is by being a detective. I know that sounds intense, but I promise, it isn't. Take that person out for lunch or dinner and strike up a conversation. Ask them questions like "What's your favorite color?" or "Do you have any hobbies that I don't know about?" Work it into the conversation so it doesn't seem like you're trying to figure out what to buy them.

A few of my favorite questions that I like to ask are:

Who is your favorite superhero?
What's your favorite scent?
I love horror movies. Are you as insane as I am?
What is your favorite time period?
Do you like vintage?
What do you wish you were better at doing?
I'm flexible! Do you enjoy yoga?
Tea or Coffee?

Once you gather your information, the fun begins. Make a list of all of the things you think the person would really love instead of something boring. This could be anything from a gift card to their absolute favorite store to a mix CD.

Here is a list of some ideas that might work for your loved. This is a sure way to guarantee they remain a loved one:
  1. Buy tickets to something they've wanted to go to. 
  2. Dress up like their favorite superhero and give them breakfast in bed. 
  3. Spa treatments. Everyone loves being pampered. 
  4. Pay for a class they've been meaning to take. 
  5. Pay for a psychic reading. 
  6. Cupcakes!
  7. Childhood relics.
  8. Hire their favorite celebrity to come perform for them (or an impersonator). 
  9. Take them on a mini break. 
  10. Take them on a shopping spree with a limit. 
  11. The batmobile. 
  12. Fill up their bedroom with 100s of colorful balloons. 
  13. Give them a hug!
I can literally go on for days but I hope you get the idea. Now go have a sit down with that person, make a list, check it twice, and spread the love.
Waiting for someone to get me that Batmobile, 

Latanya Rene

I must confess, after reading her tips I've questioned my gift giving skills :/ I think I needed these ideas more than anyone - especially the bit on dressing up as a super hero and serving breakfast in bed - awesome much? 

Speaking of gifts, Latanya is generously giving away a 
$25 Sephora Gift Card 
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P.S. The winner of the Anne Taintor Gift Set is...
Check your email, girlfriend :)


  1. Worst present I ever got was an XL t-shirt that my grandpa gave me from a casino he went to haha! I was like 9 at the time.

  2. My worst gift was an ugly Christmas sweater :)

  3. What a great giveaway and I love meeting other bloggers! The worst gift I have ever received was a box of diet bars!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. The worst present I have gotten so far was a purple sweater/sweat pant set.

  5. An ex boyfriend gave me a book on co-dependent relationships. Wow.

  6. The worst gift I ever got wasn't for Christmas, it was for my high school graduation. My step-grandma gave me a Bible and a rosary. I am not religious AT ALL (nor is the rest of my immediate family), and she knew it. Clearly she thought I was a heathen. Lovely sentiment, right? "Congrats on graduating, you're going to hell."

  7. An awful bottle of perfume from an ex who didn't get me ANYTHING on Valentine's Day (uh, WHAT THE HECK?!) and I was so upset so he went out and bought me it. Ugh. So lame.

  8. "Teen" deodorant. It was sparkly and smelled like green apples. 'Nuff said.

  9. I really like the "investigative" questions.

  10. I found your blog via Yours Truly


    Danielle Faith

  11. The worst gift was from my gradmother. She gave me a very ugly tie-die shirt once. I never wore it.

  12. Bloglovin as
    GFC Follower as Amy Orvin

  13. is it bad that I have never been given a really bad gift? seriosuly im blessed

  14. worst gift? a $5 lotto ticket that did not win anything. I got this as a bday gift from my good friend. He said, "gurl, this can be the best gift ever... if you win." jerk.

  15. My mother in law once gave me one of those cutting board sets with separate cutting boards for: vegetables, fish, red meat, poultry.

    I'm a vegetarian.

  16. My worst gift... probably this awfully scented air freshener from my boyfriend! BTW, Yours Truly sent me over. I love your blog!

  17. Well I've never been given a horrible gift. Its usually a gift that I like but I have no sense of style so I have no clue how to wear/accessorize/decorate with it. Then it just gets stuffed in the back of my closet

  18. Hey, I'm following you now from "Yours Truly"!

  19. I am coming over from Yours Truly blog and I am a new follower

  20. the worst gift I have ever been given was a pair of granny panny undies! YUCK!!!!!

  21. My family keeps giving me bath and body works...I hate that shit!

  22. I think dressing up as a superhero for no good reason and then doing something for someone sounds way fun! I may have to try this sometime =). Some great ideas!

  23. When I was 20/21, my dad gave me a bunch of random gifts one year. My birthday is in february, so between Christmas and then my birthday I got: a giant Eeyore stuffed animal, a Winnie the Pooh sweater(sized 2XL), a pajama set with an obnoxious kiddie print(size L), and then a Tinkerbell hoodie (Girls XL).

    Uh. I was 20 and then 21! Like what the hell, dad? I couldn't believe my stepmom let him give me those gifts. She should've realized that the sizes alone wouldn't work(I was a womens medium at the time!) And the cartoon characters? Really?? Ridiculous.

  24. i honestly don't think i've ever received any really terrible gifts. if i can't find a use for something, i'll regift to someone i know would like it, or i'll donate!

    i found your blog through yours truly :)

  25. I'm pretty easy to please, so I don't think Ive ever received a truly horrible gift!

  26. "Queen" sized socked. I wear a size 7.5. Seriously?

  27. I got one of the horrible xmas sweaters that are itchy!!


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