December 03, 2012

It's gettin' Christmas-y up in here...

The month of Christmas is here... anyone else feeling just the slightest bit overwhelmed?

It always takes me a while to get into the spirit, but I am proud to say I've been listening to Christmas music since Thanksgiving - like, whoa guys, that never happens.

Though, I haven't gone crazy with decorations, baking, or crafting... I'm mostly just worried about finding the perfect gifts for my friends and family.

But for REALS - I feel the pressure - I need to up my blogger game, so it's about to get all Christmas-y up in here starting today. This month I'm giving myself a few assignments to accomplish before the 24th...

1. Craft something Christmas-y
2. Bake something Christmas-y
3. Decorate something Christmas-y

I know to some of you crazy Christmas lovers this looks like a piece of cake, but to me... the girl who gets annoyed by that neighbor who has their house decked out in lights the day after Thanksgiving, the girl who forgets to decorate, who avoids the kitchen at all costs, and who doesn't craft outside of Mac & Cheese... yeah. This is going to put my Christmas spirit to the test.

I hope to share all of it with you right here on the blog this month, so watch out - hide ya kids, hide ya wife - KV is gettin' Christmas-y!

Let's start things off with a monthly tradition around here - your freebie desktop calendar! Actually, calendars, plural. I spoiled you guys this month with a choice. Which one do you like best?

fonts used → bounty // codystar // springtime // sanchez mustache

fonts used → rochester // century gothic  {ribbon vector graphic via}

And of course I had to share my Top 10 favorite Christmas songs! You can find me listening to this playlist on repeat for the rest of the month, mostly for motivational purposes...

Now, confess!

Which calendar did you download, and what Christmas songs are you favorite?
And seriously, how many effing times did I say Christmas in this post?


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  1. Christmas is, hands down, the best time of the year. My favorite calendar is the first one and my favorite Christmas song...there's too many.

  2. I LOVE the second calendar! So classy! :)


  3. Love the second calendar!


  4. ooh I love them both! I ended up downloading the second calendar. I just noticed yesterday that it was time to change my desktop from your Oct/Nov design (which I LOVED), so good timing ;)

  5. I LOVE Christmas but I always bite off way more than I can chew. This year I'm just going to take it easy and enjoy the season.

  6. Those calendars are so cute! See, you are crafty! =)
    I was also planning on making a Christmas playlist for my blog - it's not really Christmas without a great "mixtape", right? Have never heard Madonna's version!

  7. I love the Christmas ball calendar and it's up on my desktop now!
    Penniless Socialite

  8. I feel we are so much alike! The Christmas spirit hasn't arrived here yet. :( I really hope it arrives soon! I need to buy presents (I haven't yet, OMG)

    Btw love your playlist. It helps to feel the Christmas spirit haha

  9. I am so happy the Holidays are here, but boy am I stressing about getting everything done in time.

  10. I bet you're glad you don't live next to me then! We put our Christmas lights up the day after Thanksgiving. But in our defense, it was gorgeous out so we had to take advantage of the nice weather!

    I love both calendars! I wish I had 2 desktops so I could use both!

  11. Hi sweetie...I love your post, I love your second calendar design, and I love Bon Jovi but can I remember the name of his song right this moment...NO but I am sure you do right?

  12. LOVE that first design - so awesome. thanks!

  13. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing, lovely!!! Snagged that first design for my work computer! xoxoxo

  14. "doesn't craft outside of Mac & Cheese... yeah" laugh for the day, Love it :)

  15. Yay! I wait for this post every month! :)

  16. set the first one as my work comp desktop ;) thanks lovey

  17. I don't do anything really Christmasy either, so I'll be supporting you in your quest to do Christmas stuff! Although I haven't really listened to Christmas music yet, but I will closer to the date. I couldn't see your music list because Grooveshark wasn't working for me, but I'm sure songs you chose were good!

  18. love them both, the the first calendar really won my heart. Can't wait to see your Christmas-y adventures!


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