December 19, 2012

Me Myself & I... Round 6!

It's here! My favorite day of the month - time for another round of Me Myself & I... holiday edition. If you noticed my Twitter typo last week, you'll know I got a little too excited and almost posted it last Tuesday... oopsies. 

You may also have noticed our monthly tradition was pushed to the day after its usual scheduled date so something more important could be in the spotlight. Since I already spoke on my scattered thoughts about the tragedy over the weekend, I only felt it appropriate to show my support of silence, since I learned first hand that sometimes words aren't enough to comfort others, no matter how heart felt they are.

I hope you all take a few moments to join us this round, I think the world could use a little holiday spirit today, don't you think?

 What was your favorite gift given to you as a child?
I loved Christmas as a child, we always had a ton of gifts, but I don’t remember a lot of specifics... seriously, something is wrong with my memory. But I do remember one year when we got a huge trampoline - the box took up most of the room and me and my sisters were so thrilled!
image source
 Christmas is almost here, what is that one Christmas song you could listen to on repeat?
Ah! Only ONE song? I love so many... but there's something about "Please Come Home For Christmas" by Bon Jovi. I remember my Mom blasting this on the way to church on repeat while growing up - she seems to have influenced a lot of my music choices. Though, since I've posted it already in my monthly playlist, I'm going to share Unwritten Law's version... amazing!

What are a few of the items on your Christmas list this year?
Nikon Camera (check), Wacom Tablet (check), Juicy Couture Perfume (check) hubby did a lot of early gifting this year! But I'm the same way... I'm not so good with surprises or keeping secrets for more than 5 minutes :/ I'd say the only thing else I'd like to get is a jewelry box - the tiny bowls and towel rack method isn't working out anymore... a set up like this would be most preferable:
image source
Do you and your family have any special holiday traditions? Explain.
Growing up it was a big tradition for my Mom's side of the family to get together on Christmas Eve. I have a huge Italian family that has been getting together on Christmas Eve since my great grandparents held it at their house back in the day. Since then the family has grown quite a bit. We rent out a hall, have a big potluck dinner, sing carols, meet Santa, and run a raffle... all with wine involved. Italians + Meatballs + Wine = Good Time.
image source
Which do you prefer: wrapping paper or gift bags? Why?
I love the art of wrapping with paper - especially newspaper - I get to be much more creative and hands on. But, if I'm looking for the easy way out, I think gift bags are a much more do-able option - cute, quick, and the giftee gets to reuse the bag next year.
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  1. A nikon camera? Perfect gift to receive!!! I love gift wrapped presents. :)

  2. Okay, love your wish list and your family tradition (I secretly wish I was Italian)! If those are presents you wrapped, you're pretty much AWESOME.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)

  3. I love your family tradition! That's so fun :)

  4. New follower!

    I too love wrapping with newspaper, its cheap and I love the look!


  5. I'll be at your house Christmas Eve! I miss Italian style holidays. That jewelry set up is cute no noticed the K already perfectly placed... :)

  6. Wow you rent a hall?? That sounds like tons of fun. And I love that jewelry set up! I have the wacom tablet on my wishlist too, I hope I get as lucky as you!

  7. Oh my gosh, I would have been so excited to get a trampoline as a kid! I think I asked for one one year, but my brother and I got a Nintendo 64 instead. Still cool, but I so wanted a trampoline haha

    And I remember big family get togethers on Christmas Eve too! We don't do anything fun anymore, but it's still a fun memory :)

    So happy that you've already got so many fun gifts! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas my dear! xoxo

  8. I am totally jealous of your awesome gifts!!!! I mean super jealous. Loved your list :)

  9. I found you through the link-up. It was fun! I can't wait to do it again. I love that jewelry storage set up. So creative!

  10. Wow, a Nikon camera! Sounds like your hubby knows how to spoil you!

    Btw, I'm totally the same way with surprises! I hate keeping them and I'm not so good at it either! I get so excited about the gifts that I just want him to hurry up and open it! In fact, I almost had Q open one of his gifts yesterday. haha.

    He's the kid who gently takes off the wrapping paper and keeps it in one piece, rather than tearing it all apart. Oh and it takes him hours to open all his gifts. I guess it's good to have a balance of both extremes!


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