December 05, 2012

You're So Vain...

Cardigan: Macy's // Jeggings: Forever 21 // Boots: Walmart // Socks: Payless // Coat: Shopko // Hat, Scarf, Top: Gifted
I don't know if it's the shorter days of December, but lately I've been testing myself to see how quickly I can get ready in the mornings. Do you ever do that? My typical average is one hour from the time I get up until I leave the house (that's on a good day and no shower), but lately I've been cutting it down slowly towards 20-30 minutes. Especially when I'm being lazy.

This particular day I decided to finger comb the ends of my hair, throw on a hat, and grab the first pieces of clothing I could find in my disheveled bedroom. I still completed my foundation routine but skipped the eyebrows and eyeliner. Then I asked Josh if I looked homeless, and he agreed a little bit (especially with the coat) but I like to think it had a vintage edge to it, no? :)

I have to admit, I sometimes feel self conscious without my eyeliner... I always think I end up looking tired, but that might have something to do with people's comments when they've see me in the past, like, "OMG what happened to your eye?! Did you get punched in the face? Are you SICK??"

Erm, no, a-holes!!! It's called MY ACTUAL FACE... but thank you, thank you so much for expressing your concern. *finger-gun and wink*

Every time I stress about that stuff I flash back to five years ago when my little sister told me something one morning as we were both getting ready in the same mirror.

I told her how I felt I NEEDED to wear my makeup to feel like myself. Even if we were just going to a McDonald's drive-through, I had to at least have my foundation on. How dare I show my acne scars and dark under eye circles to the McDonald's employee at the window?! Ohhhh, the shame!!

But, she said something along the lines of... "Kristen, your natural face IS who you are - that's the real you, and you should learn to feel beautiful that way."

That just really stuck with me for some reason.

I'll admit it - I'm vain. I like to look my best. I like pretty things, pretty clothes, pretty makeup and pretty hair, and I really don't like being spotted off my game. And yeah, I like a little attention here and there, even if it's from some creep checking me out at a red light... somehow that turns into flattery.

Deep down, I know it's a confidence issue - I struggle sometimes with self image and have to work on loving myself, but I think I've been doing better over the years.

I know it has a lot to do with Josh and how beautiful he makes me feel on a daily basis. It has to do with having a supportive family and true friends that could care less about my appearance. It has to do with feeling confident for other reasons - like being educated, being positive, working hard, and putting your talents to good use.

At the end of the day, I know if I feel good about who I am, flaws and all, that "pretty" feeling is going to radiate whether I'm covering them up or not. And those McDonald's employees? Well, they'll just have to deal with it.

Confession time...

Where do you rate yourself on the vanity scale? How do you feel when you don't stick with your normal beauty routine? Do you feel beautiful without your makeup? Why or why not?


  1. I have to admit - I'm pretty vain. I don't like going to work or out with friends without make up on. I completely understand your pain! But I do keep my routine very minimal - eyeliner, mascara, blush.
    I think that I'm pretty lucky though, because my manfriend tells me almost daily that I look my prettiest in sweatpants, tee shirt and a fresh face. If only I cold believe him!

  2. I totally identify with you, girl. I feel so un-me when I'm not wearing makeup! I never go out without it on. Even running. So I guess that makes me pretty vain... haha I like this post though. You're so right--we need to love ourselves the way we are. :)

    What's in a Name?

  3. Thank you for writing this. Sometimes it's easy to look at beautiful people and assume that they wake up just looking perfect and put ourselves down for being human. I've trained myself out of wearing make up every day, but I think we all let bad hair / skin days get us down more than we should.

  4. I love a hat for bad hair days! I always wear a fedora on those days, and then I just feel especially cool instead of feeling like my hair is crazy.

    And just last week I wrote about how going to beauty school has made me stop wearing makeup everyday. Because being in beauty school I'm really seeing for the first time how attached girls are to their make up and I don't want to be part of the peer pressure that says your natural face isn't good enough. If you want to check out my thoughts here's the link

  5. I was like that for a really long time - always had to at least have eyeliner on. I too thought I looked tired if I didn't wear it. Slowly, but surely, I've been able to pull myself away. Now I go to work sans makeup every day (and I manage to get ready in 10 minutes)! When your alarm goes off at 515, you'll do anything to be able to hit that snooze button a few more times. Although I still can't manage go out on the town without any makeup. That just seems wrong and I envy the people who are able to.


  6. Until here lately I've always thought that I NEEDED my foundation, etc... But lately I've stopped all that and only put on eyeliner and a little bit of natural eye shadow (all thanks would probably go to my boyfriend because he says he prefers me without the makeup...) There are times that I go through the whole process (I guess it depends on how I feel or what the occasion is.

    Thank you for this post.
    Loved what your sister said!

  7. First of all, you're gorgeous!
    Second, I totally like this post. I must Admit that I've been thinking about this. Sometimes I feel really vain and I def. struggle with self image. But as for the makeup thing, I have learned that I don't need it to go out, but I prefer wearing it anyways. Lately I've been feeling really pretty when I go out of the house and then boom - someone will say something that brings me down a little bit :( it kinda reallly stinks especially when you're feel great about yourself. But it's life and what is there to do except accept yourself and the haters hate. Even if it does sting a little bit.

  8. I'm the exact opposite. SO LAZY in the mornings. today i was out the door in ten minutes. but, I've never really worn a ton of makeup. I don't own foundation and only wear mascara on "important days." in other words, i look awful basically every single day - but I'm okay with that ;)

  9. I am the same way. Without my foundation, I feel so self-conscious. Years ago when I was seeing a psychologist, she told me that I should force myself to do without something that I felt I "needed" and see what happened. Like I felt I needed to wear contacts because I didn't like how I looked in glasses or I felt I had to do my hair as I hated just wearing it in a ponytail because I don't like my ears. Well I did those things and I actually got tons of compliments on how I looked! A lot of the times it's all in your head. That being said, I still hate going out without make-up on! Glasses and ponytail fine, but I need the foundation!. But I can do a trip to McDonald's or such.

  10. That's HILARIOUS, every time I skip eyeliner, I get the "are you sick?" comment too.

    Privately, I think I'm beautiful without makeup. But I love getting "dressed up" and playing with colours and contours so I never leave the house without makeup and that always, ALWAYS involves a TON of eyeliner.

  11. Same way. I wish I didn't have to wear makeup. My face is a bajillion different colors so I wear foundation to make me feel better and look better!! Newest follower, XOXO

  12. I'm pretty vain, but I've gotten much better over the years. I have realized that my makeup routine now involves enhancing my natural assets, where several years ago, it involved focusing on covering up all my flaws. I'm alright without wearing foundation everywhere I go now, but it does help me feel my best when I color in my (almost nonexistent) eyebrows and add a little color to my cheeks. It's a HUGE improvement to my high school and college routine, haha.

  13. Mmmm...kind of felt like I got kicked in the stomach when you asked how vein we are. Ha. I am pretty vein, I think. I like to look my best. Not sure if you know, but I'm bartender/waitress. I read once that patrons typically leave better tips to attractive people....and that has REALLY made me step my game up. Haha!

    When I do get lazy with it, or if I'm just having an off day and was running late, people always give me the "Are you okay? You look tired." Which is nice-girl-talk for "You look like shit." Haha!

  14. I definitely feel more confident with makeup, but not more beautiful. You look stunning in these shots!!!

  15. These pictures are beautiful! I love your style!

  16. Beautiful pictures! I don't think you look homeless, for the record.

    I don't wear much make-up most days, though if I'm leaving the house I usually at least put mascara on. That's my minimum make-up. I don't feel like I *need* make-up per se, but I do think it helps highlight a person's natural beauty.

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  18. Vanity has changed for me since becoming a mama. There are days when I'm happy simply because I showered. ;) Other days, I NEED to straighten my hair to perfection and put on make up to feel beautiful. It all depends on the day, honestly.

    YOU are beautiful, friend!

  19. I'm the same way! I need my makeup! Although I don't wear too much as it is. But without that little bit, I feel lost. I think for me, part of it is that I look so young, so I think makeup makes me look a little older. I've also gotten the "you look tired" thing when I'm not wearing eyeliner. Maybe it means I wear it too often?

    Beautiful pictures by the way!

  20. I'm not too vain. I rarely wear makeup and usually pick easy to manage hairstyles. It's not that I think I look super pretty or confident or anything without any of it, because I DONT. I'm just plain lazy and NOT a morning person. Would I rather sleep in an extra 20 minutes or use to do my hair nicer and put on makeup? Well the answer is sleep. And probably for an extra 30 minutes just because I hate waking up. ;)

  21. This is something I've dealt with, too. It took me many years to learn to a) turn off the straightening iron and just let my hair do what it does and b) feel comfortable going in public without makeup on. Now, I'm a believer in the simpler routine! Keep making little changes and you'll be surprised how easy it is one day. You are beautiful!

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  23. I think things changed for me when I became a mom.... Or when I got married... Or maybe I've always been this way but I just walked into the grocery store wearing yoga pants, a gap sweatshirt, no make up, and my hair up in a bun and didn't give my looks any thought. Don't get me wrong, I think about my looks occasional. I've dealt with self esteem issues most of my life but reading this post and reflecting on my day I think I realized that at some point I must have gotten past it! This revelation is exciting ;)

  24. I always wear makeup unless I'm at home and KNOW i'm not going out at all. I like to look good and I like people to remember me as looking good. I used to hate myself, honestly, but since I've been with cole (my boyfriend) I have learned to love my body and how I look. Gotta rock what I have. Sad that it took a guy to make me realize that but sometimes that's what you need! I think you're gorgeous, girl.

  25. oh my gosh I think we have the same sister!
    I too feel the need to put on a little make up to feel myself. I admit, I don't like my reflection too much when I haven't added a little makeup.

    one day at the cottage, yes the cottage as I was putting on some mascara my sister, quite horrified, was all "what are you doing?!? who are you trying to impress???" no one, but I just feel better when I know I'm looking a little more put together.

    well I've learned to go without makeup at the cottage :) and there are some weekend days when I'm home alone and don't bother.

    I do think it's okay to try to put your best foot forward and sometimes a little blush and mascara can help boost the confidence just a little.

    my baby steps towards letting others just deal with it, going to the convenience store in my condo building in my pj's with no make up and day 2 greasy hair lol :)

  26. I don't think there's anything wrong with liking to look your best. I love to get dolled up, put on a pretty dress and feel pretty. I think it's the best part about being a girl. :) By the way, you are GORGEOUS! I just discovered your blog and I'll be following for sure. :)

  27. Agreed! It is so cold out that I am usually up and out in 20-25 minutes!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  28. HI there! L*O*V*E the outfit! Great blog too, I LOVE the layout, so pretty!!!! In fact I am your newest follower:) I'm Hanna!!!! Happy Holidays!!! You can find me in my little corner at

    xxooxoxo H

  29. Mmmmkay obviously you're gorgeous. In these photos, without eyeliner. Yep. And you have to believe me because I'm a photographer, and I photographed you, and I can see your true self and all that. ;) BUT, I admit that I hate the way I look without eyeliner! I used to recoil at the thought of going to work without makeup, and then towards the end of my last job I was rarely wearing makeup! Working from home really kills any motivation to pretty myself up, but I always at LEAST get dressed. Tell Josh you do NOT look homeless! Shame on him. ;)

  30. I used to be more aware of how I looked and what I wore but now I'm all about comfort and efficiency. It's most likely that I'm only wearing makeup to work or a night out. Otherwise it's greasy hair and joggers for this lady. And you - you're beautiful. Try to remember that.

  31. I guess it depends on where I'm going on whether I'm crazy about getting dressed up. Grocery store? Nah. Mall? Probably. (You're supposed to wear your normal makeup when shopping so that you like what your try on.) Blogging has definitely contributed to the whole "I need to look like I stepped off the runway all the time" thing for me, but I just have to remember that I am who I am and I'm proud of that!

  32. Okay okay, I read this post earlier at work but I wasn´t able to comment right away.... it got me thinking.
    First of all you look gorgeous and I would never believe that you have acne scars. I have pretty bad skin as well and I am very self conscious when it comes to cover up my large pores.

    Though I don´t freak out when I don´t have make-up on for running errands, grocery shopping etc. I prefer to take the time because I feel much better when I happen to bump into someone I know.

    Great post!


  33. Day to day I usually go WITHOUT makeup. It's really just a laziness thing. I don't have the time to do it in the morning because I don't get up on time. And then I hate having to wash it all off at night, and usually laziness hops up again, and I don't. I will say though, some of the best smoky eyes I've ever had were from the night before. I understand feeling naked without eyeliner. For me, it really makes a difference so if I do NOTHING else, I'll at least throw on a thin line.

    I think you're gorgeous with AND without makeup. I actually like the pictures you've had on IG where you're fresh faced. Your sister is right, that's the real you. Embrace it!

  34. You look beautiful!! Your sis was RIGHT! I struggle with the same thing but having a baby girl has made me so much more aware of trying to love my body the way it is... because I want her to grow up believing that she's beautiful just the way she is :) You look are lovely inside & out, love.

  35. Well you look very pretty here - I can't tell if you're wearing eyeliner or not, but I like the look!

    In general I tend to be way too laid back for my own good. I probably should care more about my looks than I do. Lol. Maybe I can take some of your caring, so that we'll both even out a bit. ;)


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