June 29, 2012

Marriage Advice & Kitchen Nightmares

...I'm posting elsewhere on those two subject today!

Check out my version of "Happily Ever After" over at The Charming!

You can also read about me and Danielle's biggest kitchen fails at 20 Going On 80...
I meant it when I said I don't cook! 

Have a lovely weekend, friends! :)

June 27, 2012

A Day in the Blog Life

my house doesn't look like this fyi. {image source}

It goes a little something like this....

Hears alarm go off.
Hits snooze 5-6 times.
Finally wakes up.
Lingers in bed checking emails/social media on phone.
Takes picture of herself thinking it might look whimsical.
Immediately realizes that was a bad idea.
Drags self out of bed.
Considers trying a Pinterest hairstyle.
Throws on random clothes.
Orders Starbucks with double shot.
Takes picture of Starbucks drink.
Shares on Instagram.  
Arrives at work 10 minutes late. 
Daydreams about blogging for a living.
Drives home from work checking emails.
Takes the dogs outside.
Takes picture of the sky/leaf/grass/sun.
Shares on Instagram.
Comes inside.
Plops down.
Opens laptop.
Turns on Pandora.
Checks Facebook and wittingly shares post from yesterday.
Checks through and responds to emails.
Sends a thoughtful reply to a no-reply blogger.
Visits favorite blogs. 
Leaves comments.
Wonders if/when she'll ever meet these lovely people.
Reads through several other blogs.
Finds herself fascinated with people's lives, photography, and talent.
Wonders why people even read her blog.
Checks stats and new followers to feel better.
Gets on Twitter and responds to and/or retweets mentions.
Reads a sweet tweet.
Reads a funny tweet.
Reads a helpful tweet.
Remembers why she loves blogging.
Leaves the tab open and gets started on a new post.
Decides she needs a photo.
Starts browsing Pinterest.
Gets distracted browsing Pinterest.
45 minutes later, perfect photo is found.
Spends another 5 minutes finding/linking original source for fear of copyright infringement.
Jams out to Pandora song and looks up lyrics.
Obsesses over the song and looks it up on YouTube to hear it again.
Shares it on Twitter.
Spends a half hour randomly checking out related YouTube videos.
Goes back to post and starts typing.
Feels semi-satisfied.
Starts editing, linking, formatting.
Names post something clever/borderline cheesy.
Hits preview.
Wonders why Blogger screws up the spacing so much.
Fixes spacing issues and hits preview.
Frowns at lame design.
Wonders when she's going to get new blog design installed.
Opens the "work in progress" file in Photoshop.
Loves it.
Hates it.
Gets frustrated.
Closes out of design.
Finally schedules post.
Forgets to label it.
Labels it.
Feels extremely dehydrated.
Goes to kitchen to get a glass of water.
Tells herself she WILL do the dishes tomorrow.
Considers having another coffee.
Notices it's 10:00 PM
Says she will start doing her school work.
Takes out binder and to-do list.
Opens laptop.
Notices new emails and Twitter mentions.
Tells herself she will start as soon as she replies.
Gets distracted for another hour.
Decides it's too late to try and accomplish anything.
Pours glass of wine.
Watches favorite TV series of the moment until she passes out.

* * * * *

OK, so it's totally exaggerated, but there might be some personal truth to the above.

Confession? I'm totally sucking at real life right now.

I have 2 weeks left until graduation and I'm not feeling at all close to ready. I still have to get my portfolio perfected and ready to go. Plus I have several side jobs that need my attention.

As much as I enjoy it, blogging is taking up way too much time. In the blogosphere I feel on top of things, but in real life I'm not doing what I need to. I'm not getting my school work done. I'm so busy worrying about pleasing everyone that I've stopped looking out for myself. 

It's crunch time, and that means enough with the distractions!

I just need to take a break for a bit. I'll still be around checking emails and popping in for a Tweet here and there. I'll also be posting some favorite oldie but goodie posts from the past for the next couple weeks.

In the mean time, I have an amazing giveaway going on and beautiful sponsors on my sidebar to check out.

Don't worry... I'll be comin' back with a BANG! :)

June 25, 2012

Go Shawty- It's a Giveaway!

We gon' parrrty like it's a giveaway! 
...and my birfday!

So I decided to go a little nuts this month and host a ginormous group giveaway in celebration of me reaching a quarter of a century!

I have been told the perks of 25 are your insurance rates going down and being able to rent a car. Hmmm... the perks seem to be dwindling ever since I turned 21. Is there anything else to look forward to after 25 besides senior discounts?

When I think back on the first five years of my twenties compared to now, I feel a lot smarter. Braver.  Experienced. Less naive, but still trusting. Maybe a little bitter, but definitely wiser. I laugh more through my struggles. I'm cautious, more concerned. I'm less judgmental and more open minded.  I appreciate more moments as the years go by quicker. I still catch myself daydreaming though, that will never change! 

Anyway, before I break out in song, let's move on to the good stuff

There are a total of SIXTEEN prizes... and that means SIXTEEN winnahsss
... don't act like you're not impressed ;)

Your eyes are about to get pummeled with super exciting prizes that are up for grabs, but just remember the lovely ladies behind them. Following has been made easy with Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

June 21, 2012

Laughter, Beers & Silly Faces

One of the reasons why Josh and I have stayed together so long is our ability to laugh together. It's probably my favorite part of our relationship.

When we went out for my birthday Sunday night we could have gone somewhere romantic or fancy, but we chose to go to one of our favorite bars, drink beer, eat wings, and watch UFC fights.

We had a blast people watching, making fun of the douchey fighters, and laughing 'til our stomachs hurt.

Thank goodness I remembered to whip out the camera phone. These turned out quite memorable!

You have now all seen my ugly laughing-too-hard face. 
I'm not sure how I feel about this...

Ah, well. In the name of a good time... *Hits Publish*

June 20, 2012

Blog Design Time Machine

I'm constantly learning, trying new things, and chipping away at my creativity to find my "niche" in this world of design... shaping my abilities into a style all my own.

Blog design is one of those things that evolve. Never having paid for a professional design, I decided to come up with my own from the beginning. I thought it might be fun to take a look back at where I started and how this blog has changed over this last year and a half!

*  *  *  *  *
I had this one from the start for 6 months or so. I got the header from The Cutest Blog on the Block, then started learning how to customize each and every individual piece including custom fonts for post titles! Considering how new I was to blogging and HTML, I did a pretty damn good job.

Introducing a brand new color scheme as well as my own header design! 
This was very "me" and I was pretty proud of this for another 6 months or so. 

I wanted to try out more white space and simplified it down. I liked this! 
Again, for another 6 months or so...

Then came an urge to start over during the beginning of this year. I was over that curly font so much, and didn't want to be all "cutesy" with the Pea fonts I had downloaded. I wanted to look like "a serious graphic designer," but little did I know that choosing Segoe print would be the worst decision ever.

*  *  *  *  *

Isn't it interesting how a designer's mind changes so quickly during the learning phase? :)

To be honest, I feel totally unrepresentative of myself with the design I have right now. I have one in the works that I'm hoping to get launched soon- it just takes me a while to make up my mind. 

There will for sure be NEW fonts, NEW colors, and a lot more interesting stuff going on... just you wait!!

Do you remember what design you started with? 
How long does it take before the urge for a new look 
starts to drive you mad? 

June 18, 2012

10 Beautiful Bloggers

What better way than to start your Monday with a collaboration of 
TEN pretty faces, TEN stories, and FIFTY fun facts?  

I couldn't think of one, that's why I made it easy and laid this out all pretty for ya ;)

Seriously though- these girls are fantastic! 

You'll be seeing some of them again in next week's giveaway...woop! 

Check them out!

*   *   *   *   *
COFFEE or TEA? I love both, but if I had to pick one, I'd definitely go with coffee!
FACEBOOK or TWITTER? Facebook for family stuff, twitter for everything else. 
HOME or TRAVELING? As much as I like road trips and new places, nothing beats home!
BURGER or TACO? Taco without a doubt.
SPRING or SUMMER? Spring. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, all things turning green. 
Yes, please!

COFFEE or TEA? Coffee! I think tea tastes like mud.
FACEBOOK or TWITTER? Twittah all the way!
HOME or TRAVELING? I love to travel! I went to Spain in 2010 and instantly fell in love.
BURGER or TACO? Taco. I could live on Mexican food.
SPRING or SUMMER? Summer. Living in Kansas has made me loathe snow.

COFFEE or TEA? Coffee. I should just have an IV hooked up for the amount I ingest.
FACEBOOK or TWITTER? Twitter. Short. Sweet. And to the point.
HOME or TRAVELING? Travelling. I would love to be a vagabond. 
BURGER or TACO? I have eaten one too many burgers. I don't eat enough tacos. Tacos!
SPRING or SUMMER? Ummm... Autumn? I love the fall colours.

*CONFESSIONS20 20% off*
COFFEE or TEA?  Ice caramel coffee.
HOME or TRAVELING? Both? It's fun to travel but it's always SO GOOD to come home!

COFFEE or TEA? Coffee for sure! I will drink coffee at anytime of day.
FACEBOOK or TWITTER? Twitter. I adore the opportunity to chit chat with everyone on a daily basis.
HOME or TRAVELING? I do some of my greatest traveling close to home... so both?
BURGER or TACO? Burger. We have some of the best around in our town.
SPRING or SUMMER? Spring... our summers are way too hot! Yuck...

*YOUROCK for free shipping*
COFFEE or TEA? Both! Coffee in the morning and hot honeyed tea at night! 
FACEBOOK or TWITTER? Twitter- definitely! There is such a neat sense of community and it is an awesome outreach tool for so many things!
HOME or TRAVELING? Oh this is a tough one - I love to travel but there is nothing that matches sinking into my own bed with my own pillows after being on the road for a while!
BURGER or TACO? Taco. Easy.
SPRING or SUMMER? Spring! Our spring in Louisiana is like everyone else's summer. It gets into the 90's well into April!

HOME or TRAVELING? Traveling

COFFEE or TEA? Coffee

COFFEE or TEA? Tea! Green Tea that is!
HOME or TRAVELING? Love to travel!
BURGER or TACO? A burger! Love them BBQed!
SPRING or SUMMER? Summer- I am all about my summer wardrobe and sun dresses!

COFFEE or TEA? Coffee coffee coffee! Loooove me a cup of caffeinated Joe!
FACEBOOK or TWITTER? Twitter > Facebook. Hands down.
HOME or TRAVELING? I love snuggling at home with the pups, but I crave travel and adventure.
BURGER or TACO?  Ooh boy. I'm from Texas, do you really need an answer? ;) Just kidding. There is nothing more delicious than the bean and cheese tacos with chips, queso, guacamole, and of course some delicious salsa ranch. Mmm.
SPRING or SUMMER? Can I choose Fall? Haha, I just love to wear boots!!

*   *   *   *   *
For the record... I'm Coffee, Twitter, Home, Taco, Spring :)
What about YOU?

P.S. The winner of Laura's Blog Makeover & FB Timeline Design was WHITNEY!
Congrats- I can't wait to see the "new you!" 

June 17, 2012

Father's Day Reflection + Printable

Welp, it's my birfday today, kiddos...
(the big 2-5!)
PLUS it's Father's Day...
Oh, and tomorrow is my DAD's birthday...

Woooo... we got a whole lot of celebrating going on today!

Before the celebrations began I worked on a little something special for you guys- 
it's an 8x10 printable! Consider it a virtual birthday party favor :)
I originally wanted to have a nice little link that would prompt you to download the PDF, but Google is a jerkface and never sent me any login credentials for GoDaddy. So, if you want a copy of the PDF for printing, go ahead and email me GDSConfessions{at}gmail{dot}com and I will promptly send you copy!

On another note, 
would you like to meet my Dad?

His name is Leon and he's been one of my biggest supporters these last 25 years!

Looking back, I remember... 
Drawing lessons in our old kitchen.
Our names together on our birthday cake.
Balancing me on his hands in the front yard during the summer. 
Tickling my feet until I couldn't scream anymore.
Killing spiders, then scaring the hell out of us by chasing us with the tissue.
Buying my Mom a treadmill one Christmas and making her cry happy tears. 
Playing catch in our backyard, teaching me how to pitch, and him saying "Good arm!"
Making me try out for "Majors" in softball... I was nervous, but I made it.
Surprising everyone when I caught a line drive in right field- he still talks about it today.
The conversation when he asked me whether I was "smokin' pot" during high school...
Driving me to seminary at 5:30 every morning.
Him scaring off every boy I ever dated.
Making me weed the garden even though I would rather die.
Bringing me to the airport when it was time to pack my bags and move to Utah.
Helping me buy my first car so I could start working in Utah.
Walking me down the aisle at my wedding.
Him tearing up as he gave his toast at my reception.
Finally being able to drink a beer with him after years of LDS upbringing.
Always saying how we need to paint a landscape... (still need to do that, Dad!)

At the very core...
He is a natural motivator and teacher. 
He wants me to do my best. 
He wants to see me to succeed. 
He doesn't want me to give up or settle. 
He will always be in my corner rooting for me. 

For these reasons... I'll always love him and be thankful he's my father :) 

Celebrating our birthdays together

Fall photo shoot in the backyard 

Seeing the lights at Temple Square
Yes- I'm aware the lights over his head make him look like he's wearing a crown!

Christmas at my sister Amber's (left) with my younger sister Alecia in town (right)

Happy Father's Day!
Love ya, Dad!