January 31, 2013

You Can Go Your Own Way

One of the things you might have noticed I changed this year are my sponsor options. I see others going through similar changes as they grow - reevaluating and trying to decide on options that better suit themselves and their blogs. I decided to make my own rules, and wanted to share a bit of insight behind my decision...

1 >> No More Group Giveaways

As much as I love giveaways, the group ones felt repetitive in a way, and I didn't feel the givers were being showcased as much as they deserved. Plus the time it takes putting those together can be daunting. The more design jobs I accept the more precious my time becomes, so I really needed to decide on what I was going to offer to replace the giveway perks.

2 >> Minimizing Sponsor Options

I didn't want to axe sponsors all together because I like offering an option for others wanting to grow their brands, I enjoy the partnership, and believe they make my sidebar engaging. But, I realized adding more sponsor options comes with more emails, communication, organization, tracking, shout outs, etc. It can get super overwhelming! I felt the best way for me was to reduce ads to 15 spots, one price, sidebar placement, and discount code promotion. It's simplified things a lot for me and has allowed me to welcome other partners looking for more than ad space.

3 >> More Product Reviews/Giveaways

While I don't plan on doing one every day of the week, if I was going to host giveaways I wanted to focus more on spotlighting the shop owner and sharing products I love with my readers. This allows me to keep everything in-line with my taste, the time I spend on giveaways to a minimum, promote growth of myself and the shop owner, and most importantly allows it to be from my own voice.

4 >> Reducing Active Ads

I might change my mind about this later, but for now reducing the amount of active ads I have in the blogosphere reduces my work load a ton without having so much information to submit every month. You would think without as many blogs to sponsor I wouldn't have opportunities for much growth, but I'm surprised with the amount of requests I get to contribute to friend's giveaways and guest posts. In a way, I'm more appreciative about these opportunities because I'm genuinely being thought of, and not paying for it.

5 >> Genuine Promotion

I've done this in two ways: I've gone back to adding a blogroll of my favorite reads and I'm sharing my favorite links and finds every month from all over - not for money, but because I genuinely want to share the content and blogs I'm inspired by. I wonder.. what if all of our shout outs were "just because"? I think the blogging world would be a more honest place and not just favored towards the ones who have extra cash to spare.

The bottom line is... I wanted to stop making blogging feel like a job! When you have sponsors counting on you, it can feel just like the pressure you get at work. Weekends can get sacrificed because you feel you "should" be spending time blogging or putting together that giveaway...

But the thing is, even when you're working hard for your sponsors, your voice can easily get lost in between the link-ups, guest posts, spotlights, etc. Suddenly your blog can turn into one big advertisement - and I personally wanted to stray as far away from that as possible.

This is not a "bash on sponsors" post - I agree it's a great way to make a nice income from your blog and have funds to put towards ongoing promotion while making friends - we shouldn't be ashamed of making a little extra on the side or enjoying some free perks from practicing our passion!

For me, though, I wanted to focus more on income through design as opposed to ads and perks. I needed to keep blogging fun and designing work - not the other way around. Now if I don't have time to cram posts in because I have other things to do, or I simply just didn't feel like it, I don't feel as guilty.

The point I'm trying to make is that we should all be OK with going our own directions and deciding for ourselves where to draw the line when it comes to sponsors. Our success shouldn't be measured by numbers, but rather by integrity, content, and our ability to inspire. If we're doing it for other reasons, what's the point? After all, blogging shouldn't be a race to the top - it should be about enjoying the journey!

Where do you personally draw the line?

January 30, 2013


So, I have this pair of pink pants I picked up last summer. Every time I wear them people ask me if I'm actually wearing pants... seriously, they do double takes, like I would honestly walk around bare-legging it. I don't care though, because they're my favorite - thanks to Lauren Conrad's lovely choice of color, they go with just about everything in my closet and instantly make me look and feel feminine.

I give props to my fellow pink-pant-rockers, so when I spotted this outfit post over at Pretty Little Things I decided to copy-cat... check out her fab look!

After ogling her choice of color combos, layering, and accessorizing, I realized I had the basic components - chambray shirt, gray sweater, pink pants? Boom. 

Pants >> LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's | Sweater, Earrings >> Forever21 | Button-up >> Walmart | Shoes >> Payless

I skipped the fur and swapped the gold bling for dark gray, but all in all I got great inspiration and wore it to work with confidence! I love being inspired by blogger's style, and even more when I have comparable items in my closet to work with. How do you think I did for my first copy-cat look?

Have you ever copy-catted before?

January 29, 2013

The Weather Nightmare

Man, what a weekend!

I would have prepared this recap post on Sunday if I wasn't so wiped out. I was a little traumatized to say the least...

We started off with a fun little couple's date night on Friday where I had Pho for the first time and went to see Gangster Squad at the theater (so Gosling, so good). Saturday I snapped a shot of the morning fog and got a few things done in the afternoon before leaving to spend a night in Wendover, a little cluster of casinos on the Utah/Nevada border. 

We had a good old time slot hopping and beer drinking, but while heading home the next day we found ourselves caught in the middle of an angry blizzard. No plows had been out on the freeway, leaving us somewhere in the middle of a line of cars trekking down the same lane and depending on each other's tracks to lead the way. Every once in a while a big trucker would speed past us in the other lane sending a giant wave of slush on our windshield and blinding us for a good 5 seconds. I literally had a panic attack in the passenger seat, hyperventilating and crying for 20 minutes because I thought we were going to get into a wreck and die. 

It was a 3-hour living nightmare for me, and when I got home I was so overwhelmed with stress I immediately took a hot bubble bath. I might have been in there for 2 hours total - liking everyone's Instagrams and not even washing, shampooing, or shaving - just sitting there decompressing until a couple inches of water remained (I have a shitty drain). I might have filled it back up for a second round.  Then I took a nap with Sammy in my arms and Nelly by my feet - happy to be alive. 

I woke up the next morning to a bright blue sky - the inversion had been wiped out and I could finally see the sun again after what seemed like weeks of forever. I snapped shots of the winter imagery while taking the dogs out, and thought to myself, "Mother nature is quite the bitch but she sure is beautiful."

What are some of your weather nightmares?

January 25, 2013

Favorite Finds

Holy cow - this week was taking it's damn time! I'm not sure why I'm complaining since I didn't go to work Monday (thanks to MLK) or Thursday (thanks to a random freezing rainstorm), but I've been working my tush off at home - designing, photographing, reading blogs, trying to eat healthy, and taking breaks while watching Pretty Little Liars (I'm seriously ashamed about this - someone please help me!).

In between the work load I've come across some really great posts this month and wanted to share a round up of of my favorite links and finds (and hope to do this once each month!):

>> Swooning over Julie Ann's Valentine's cards - I want to buy all of them.
>> Giving props to Aunie on not only her SF trip but her first video editing creation - I loved it.
>> Flattered I was one of Flavor Pink's watercolor subjects - can you tell which one is me?
>> Thankful Allyssa shared this helpful Pinterest secret - did you know?
>> Teary-eyed over Emily's line up of aww-worthy first look wedding photos!
>> Eying custom camera strap covers over at this girl's shop but haven't decided yet.
>> Convinced I should attempt to make a vintage tee thanks to this lady's DIY tutorial.
>> Decided to copy-cat this girl's outfit... I'll be featuring photos next week :)
>> Joining forces for a week with Danielle's new Instagram challenge (check out details below)!

Participate for the chance to win a $10 Starbucks GC!

1. Follow these ladies on Instagram

2. Post your photo to your IG feed using #framedfrosting

Feel free to get creative with filters, frames, text, bokehs, or whatever you'd like to make your picture stand out! Just make sure that whatever photo you choose to use is related to this week's theme! {Photos that don't fit the theme will not be eligible to win the prize.}

3. Meet new people and explore their photos.

Search #framedfrosting on Instagram to see everyone's photos. Meet a few new people and leave them a comment to let them know you're doing the photo challenge too!

How do we pick a winner? All photos will be viewed by this week's hosts and sponsors. Together we will vote and decide on one photo which will WIN the $10 Starbucks Gift Card! Their photo will also be featured in the post next week. The #framedfrosting Weekly Instagram Challenge happens EVERY Friday... which means the next one will be February 1st!

Hope you guys join us! Have a lovely weekend :)

January 24, 2013

Come Find Me

Happy Thursday, folks. I've been guest posting elsewhere today - I'd love for you to come visit!
I've been featured over at Julie Ann Art's blog where I'm offering a cute & free printable you can download plus sharing some thoughts on daydreaming... of course!

I'm also being interviewed on Fel's Got Swag - she sent me some amazing questions about being a designer and how I've chosen to live a creative life. If you're a new reader this is a great one to read and understand how I've gotten to where I am now!

January 23, 2013

My Work Space

OK, I lied. This is technically not my work space, but a carefully set up example of what it might look like if I worked off of my kitchen counter...

Truth is, I don't really have a desk. I chill on my futon at home with my laptop where it was created to be... my lap. I do have my calendar, notebook, and coffee mug close by at all times, but they don't always look nicely put together like this.

Can you blame me for wanting to have a decent backdrop for my new business cards? :)

What do you think? This is my first batch of business cards I've ever ordered. I'm not sure what took me so long - I've been meaning to for months now. I ordered the Luxe cards through Moo.com which I think was a great decision - they were wonderful start to finish! I'm loving how thick they are - no one's gonna bend these babies ;)

Oh, and yes that's my real phone number... just don't be a stalker, mmmk?

Have you ordered your first batch of biz cards yet?

P.S. If you're in need of design services for your blog, business, or brand - please reach out to me or have a look at my portfolio - I have affordable options and would love to help!

January 20, 2013

Sunday Photographs


I've had this basket for a while now - it sits next to my work space (aka, my bed/laptop) and collects nail polishes, old school notes, drawing pads, doodles, pens, etc. I think a clean up is in order, but knowing myself I'll probably keep it this way for another few months. 

2 >> PARK 

It's been suuuuuper cold outside this month, so every time we take the dogs out Sam always runs back to his little spot in front of the kitchen heater where he parks himself until he warms up.

3 >> AUTO 

My overused coffee maker (aka my Savior) with one more heavenly serving left. We should probably use the auto mode more often...


Josh picked up some old school Coke bottles from the store the other day. I had fun taking pictures of the glass from all sorts of angles, but this one I thought was most interesting. I love the colors it produced from the light.


We were definitely practicing our people watching while amongst a Niners nation at our favorite bar on Sunday. Day drunk off specialty beer, full of delicious wings, and going absolutely crazy over an epic win against the Falcons... I haven't seen my hubby look so happy in years. Super Bowl, babyyyy!!!

January 18, 2013

Datevitation Valentine's Giveaway!

I usually have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for Josh, especially around Valentine's Day. I like to stay away from the commercial toys and whatnot, just because it feels like I could get that for him any day of the year. I always aim for it to be something special and from the heart.

The 14th of February is less than a month away, and I was starting to wonder what on earth I could do. Homemade cookies like last year? Attempt something handmade? Niners stuff? Or just a good ol' dinner and a movie?  

That's when Datevitation came along and gave me a lovely idea - a custom love coupon book! I actually got one of these for him during our first Valentine's Day while we were dating long distance, and I've seen other ones available in shops and online, but no one has ever allowed me to pick out my own custom coupons. I love this because I believe the perfect gift for someone you love is spending time with them and making memories - no iPhone or gadget could replace that. So, of course I jumped at the chance and immediately went to order my book...

It was so convenient - their website walked me through the order process seamlessly, there were directions on every page so I was never confused, and not to mention I had a really fun time picking out my favorite coupons from their library which has over 200 fun date ideas - it gave me some really good suggestions I wouldn't have thought about otherwise, and I totally giggled over their R-rated adult options - hilarious!

I like that they group the coupons in different categories - outdoors, romantic, pampering, etc. - so I was quickly able to pick out a good variety of dates. I especially loved how they offered suggestions on what to say for each coupon, but still let you type in your own text if you wanted to. Plus they allow you to write a special love note on a separate page, which I thought was so sweet!

Being a designer, I was so impressed with not only their website design, but also their darling illustrations and graphics - so genius. Plus, on the back of every coupon are different patterns - checkered, striped, chevron - no detail went unnoticed. They obviously have a fantastic graphic design team!

You'd think something so custom and cute would end up being costly, but it was extremely affordable - only $20 for such thoughtful gift! But listen - if you use the code ‘KVCONFESS’ you can take $10 off your purchase in January - that means you can get your special someone a custom love coupon book for Valentine’s day starting at just $10 - awesome, right?

You might be wondering... can they get any sweeter? 
Yes, yes they could.

Datevitation is generously giving away a FREE Gift Book with 5 Custom Pages to one KV's Confessions reader! I'm already congratulating the winner in my mind - I know they'll love it as much as I do :) Good luck!
Fine print: Winner will be chosen at random using random.org. Winner will receive a promo code for a free Datevitation gift book with 5 custom pages. Additional pages are $1 each. Winner to pay $3.50 for shipping and handling. Tax will be applied to books shipped to California. Books ship to U.S. only.

January 16, 2013

Sweet or Sassy?

For the most part, I'm a pretty shy person. I can be socially awkward, not quite sure of what to say, and usually avoid conversations at work other than a sweet smile and a quick, "Hey, how are ya?"

I think for this reason, I'm an easy target. People like to mess with me - they always have. When a group of friends or co-workers start throwing out their best comebacks and one-liners, I usually listen and laugh, but if someone starts to give me a hard time, I usually struggle to find the right words to shoot back with. I'm like Brick from Anchorman when he says, "Where'd you get your clothes... from the... toilet store?"

Am I alone in this smack-talk insecurity? 
I seem to recall a fight I had with a girl in my high school cafeteria when I was just a freshman. She was upset her ex-boyfriend was now dating me, and went off with all sorts of catty language, like she studied it or something. I got red-faced and shaky, and even though I wanted to sound like a smooth talking bad-ass, all I could respond at the top of my lungs was, "WELL, YOU'RE A B****!" 

Just last weekend at the bar, some creep was coming up with every sexual joke he could to make me and my friends uncomfortable. One of the girls was busting his balls like a champ for the whole crowd to hear, and it was awesome. He obviously thrived off of it, and then asked her, "Which one of your friends should I mess with next?" I immediately looked around the room avoiding eye contact thinking, "Dear God, please not me."

I like to think I'm charming most of the time, but every once in a while I need a little sass in my step. I know it sounds silly, but just when I add some leopard to my outfit I instantly feel more powerful, confident, and sure of myself. I mean, who messes with a girl wearing animal print, right?

Top, Jeans >> Forever 21   |   Scarf >> Payless   |   Boots >> Target

I do envy those women who are quick-witted and ready to pounce at any moment. Even though I probably won't be getting into cat fights or busting balls any time soon, it helps to just look the part and feel bold in an outfit, even though I'm more sweet by nature.

Are you more sweet or sassy?

January 15, 2013

Designing Libby's Life

Libby from Libby's Life recently approached me in need of a blog redesign. Her previous design focused on her husband and son with a description stating, "it's all about the boys." But since adding a new baby girl to her family, she wanted to update the theme and turned to me for some revamping.

Excitedly I agreed and got things moving along pretty quickly. I have to say it turned out to be one of my all-time favorites - how do you think it turned out?

Libby was such an amazing client to work with! I was so grateful for her specifics, attention to detail, and ongoing feedback with each review - this kind of clear communication always makes it easier for a designer to produce what the client desires.

Libby said,
"The new design will be getting installed today around noon by the beautiful and talented Miss Kristen from KV's Confessions! She has been so amazing to work with, I can't even tell you. I am so impressed with how quickly she got everything done for me and how she listened to everything I wanted and made it perfect. I couldn't have asked for anyone more sweet and amazing to redesign my blog for me. So if you are in the market for some blog work go check her out. I very highly recommend her!"
Thanks for the amazing review, Libby! I encourage you all to go see her new look in live mode and say hello while you're there :)

January 13, 2013

Sunday Photographs

As most of you know I got a shiny new camera for Christmas - her name is Suzie and she's been an amazing friend so far (off topic question for my fellow camera owners out there, where do you recommend purchasing a cute camera bag/strap?).

Since I've been becoming increasingly interested in learning more about photography I knew I was on board when I came across this link up called "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" at Ramblings & Photos by Ashley Sisk. There are different prompts assigned each week that consist of 5 words, and I felt like it would be the exact kind of practice I needed.

Here goes nothin'...


It's been a winter wonderland here in Utah - we've pretty much been pummeled with snow storms since last Thursday. Pretty to look at, not so pretty to drive in.


My mini doxies, Sam and Nelly, are known as "burrowing dogs." They will find any blanket and/or pile of clothes to nest themselves in for hours at a time. This causes us to check for lumps in the bed before lying down, and if we're lucky, the occasional spotting of a peeking bum.


I interpreted this word not as in size, but as in the common quote, "it's the little things." Our fridge is covered in a collage of photos, cards, and mementos that rarely get taken down. My niece and nephew made this Valentine for me last year, and every time I see it I get the warm fuzzies :)

4 >> Cup of...

Kind of a stretch, here... more like a dishwasher full of cups. I could have taken a cup of coffee, wine, or water this last week, and this is what I came up with after conquering the gnarliest beast of dishes I've tackled in a while.

5 >> Reflect

I didn't get that creative here... just a shameless selfie in the mirror! This was taken after I went to lunch with a good friend and I finally felt presentable after being dressed in rags for most of the weekend.

* * * * *

This was a really fun exercise! I noticed the words stuck in my head throughout the week and I kept spotting different opportunities for a photo op. I've realized I'm the type of person that needs assignments and ongoing structure to learn and stay motivated - I'll rarely go venture out and learn on my own, which is pretty disappointing when you think of yourself as an artist, but hopefully more practice like this can change that.

What have you been practicing lately?

January 11, 2013

Polka Dot Obsession

I confess, I'm pretty much obsessed with polka dots. Doesn't matter what it is - if I see something in polka dot, I'm already in love with it. Classic, playful, feminine, vintage, and lovely - in my world, it's pattern perfection.

>>check out all of the items from this collage on my polyvore board<<

What pattern have you fallen in love with lately?

January 09, 2013

The Mind Fog

There has been a pretty bad inversion happening in Northern Utah for a couple weeks now... like a cloud of smog sitting on top of the valley, blocking views of our beautiful mountains. It's horrible to breathe, dangerous for some, and the only way it can be wiped out is by a storm passing through.

It reminds me of when my mind gets clouded with negative thoughts. It accumulates when I compare myself with others - "My blog isn't as interesting," "They have a better body than I do,
"She's more successful than me," - until I can barely breathe and become blind to my own beauty.

The only way for me to push it out is by getting positive and proactive - reviewing my assets, my talents, what I'm good at, how far I've come, and how close I am to achieving my goals. That's when I stop feeling bad about myself and start working hard.
>> Pants, Cardigan, Top | Forever 21 >> Shoes | Payless >> Earrings | Blue Bird Bride >>
I think it's fair to say that we all compare ourselves, especially in blog world. It can bring us down and can make people stop blogging all together - I mean, why even try if someone else out there is doing it 10x better, right? What's the point?

The point is, my dears... we may have similar talents and interests, but we each have something unique to offer and a perspective to share that is all our own. That's what makes the blogging community so amazing, our work environments interesting, and our friendships developing. 

My advice if your mind starts to get filled with fog?

Stop reading other people's blogs for a while, and for God's sake get off Pinterest. Just stop worrying about other people in general. Focus on yourself, your unique voice, and your quirks. Forget about being perfect. Forget about trying to be like someone else. Forget about the numbers. Forget about what other people want to read - what do you want to write?

I guarantee the fog will begin to clear, and soon you will find ideas and creativity lingering in every corner. But, no matter what - as long as you're being honest, original, and 100% yourself - you're doing it right.

What triggers your mind fog, and how do you clear it?

January 08, 2013

Designing Crazy Tragic Almost Magic

Anytime someone asks me to design their blog I get all kinds of giddy inside... it's absolutely the best compliment I can receive. What I love most about it is hearing someone's ideas and dreams and then transforming them into a reality.

For example, I just finished installing a blog design facelift for Michael at Crazy Tragic Almost Magic over the weekend. She has been a long time supporter and blog friend of mine, so I was thrilled when she chose me to work on her new look! Check out her before and after, and then go see it in live mode and say hello :)

What do you think of her makeover? 

I think she likes it :)

P.S. If you're looking for a blog design makeover of your own, or any other design project, please check out my Design Services page - I'd love to work with you!

January 07, 2013

Just Dance

When I look back, some of the best moments of my life were spent while dancing. 

I grew up learning jazz dance at a local studio and continued for eleven years until I graduated high school. I absolutely loved the thrill of being on a stage and performing - it's an adrenaline rush like no other. 

It turned into a passion of mine, and although I'm no longer in the spotlight on a stage somewhere, I carried on those dance lessons throughout my life - practicing at weddings, girl's nights at the bar, concerts with friends... even in front of the mirror at home :)

After watching an episode from the first season of HBO's Girls, I discovered a song so awesome that it made me want to get up and dance. By myself. In my room. Moving to the beat. Feeding off the energy of the song. No routine in mind. Just making it up as I go. 

A certain happiness releases when we do this. That's why I created this print - to remind ourselves that we all should let go once in a while, turn on our favorite song, forget about our insecurities, even if we're by ourselves, and just dance!

When's the last time you decided to dance?

January 04, 2013

Top 10 Favorite TV Series

Most people have hobbies, ya know... sewing, crafting, collecting, etc. Me? I've accepted the fact that one of my greatest hobbies is watching TV series.

Yes, I actually consider watching TV a hobby. I've been told that when I was a little toddler I would sit in front of the TV for hours - easily entertained, I suppose - but I think it has to do with my imagination. I like to get lost in other people's worlds.

A couple years ago I only had a handful of limited favorites that I took the time to DVR, mostly reality trash and singing/dancing competitions. Since canceling our cable and switching to online streaming, I've had to be more intentional with my choices, and consequently have sought out the best rated shows. Let's just say it's brought my addiction to a whole other level...

So today I thought I would count down my top 10 favorite TV series, and you should know this might have been the hardest thing I've ever have to do...

10 >> New Girl

It took me a while to hop on the New Girl train, but I'm so glad I did! I'm a big Zooey fan, and she is more lovely, witty, and sarcastic than ever. While the humor is surely its best asset, I adore the romantic tension between Jess and Nick, and Schmidt is my absolute favorite. It's brought me and Josh to hysteric belly laughs on more than one occasion - that's always a good sign a new show is a keeper!

09 >> Boardwalk Empire

Oh, Boardwalk. You are so good. I love the 1920's setting, the Prohibition scandals, the intense drama, and bits of clever humor. I would have rated you higher if you didn't take away my favorite character so soon! (I seem to always latch on to one of the main characters - like there is some imaginary relationship going on there - I know it's weird, but it keeps me committed.)

08 >> The Walking Dead

I love me some Walking Dead, thanks to ZOMBIES - the obsession of our generation (well, that and mustaches). This show has made me shriek, jump, and cry with heartache, and I can't help but get caught up in the thought of something like this really happening. It would be one of my worst nightmares - having to strip myself of my luxuries, live in the same greasy clothes every day, smell like zombie slobber, and never wear makeup again. Oh, the horror! 

07 >> Downton Abbey

This has been my most recent love - I started it on Christmas and I'm already caught up through two whole seasons. I'm quick like that. I find the whole story fascinating - it's got history, romance, drama - and the wardrobe? To die. I think I just love shows set in different time periods - since I never paid much attention in history class, these shows have been filling in a lot of gaps... tehe :)

06 >> True Blood

Um, hi. If you don't already watch this, you need to. I'm not big of fantasy or vampires (I despise the Twilight movies) but when it's mixed in with sexy vampires, fairies, and werewolves all in semi-pornographic scenes - I just can't help myself. I know it's been around for a while, but I got into it pretty late, then promptly congratulated myself for discovering it. No matter how it ends, Eric will always be my favorite vamp :)

05 >> GIRLS

This has been my even more recent love... meaning I might have watched the entire first season in less than 24 hours :/ But before you judge me, you must see it. It's that good. So honest, so crude, so hilarious - so perfect. Some might think it's a little risque, but I completely respect it - the more crude the better, in my opinion! 


This cast is amazing. The plot is funny, tragic, and sweet all at the same time. William H. Macy plays a great drunk and Emmy Rossum is perfection. It brings up sensitive issues that most people can relate with, but keeps things in a humorous light. Josh and I really fell in love with this one super quick. I can't wait for the new season to air on the 13th!

03 >> DEXTER

I never thought I'd have sympathy for a serial killer until I got hooked on this show. Michael C. Hall A) is a freaking hottie and B) is so perfect for the role. Each season brings a new level of suspense - I'm always excited to see if he'll get caught, and if he'll ever live a normal life. Love ya, Dex.


Freaking Game of Thrones. Had me bawling like a baby after only the second episode. It's harsh, raw, and heartbreaking, but the drama remains unmatched, in my opinion. It's completely unpredictable - no one character is safe from being killed off the show, so you're always on the edge of your seat as the story unravels. This is my most anticipated season return!

01 >> MAD MEN

Three words: Don mother-effin Draper. He has stole my TV heart. I don't even care where the story goes as long as I can watch him sit at his desk smoking, drinking, and shouting demands. Besides Don, I'm totally obsessed with the 60's time period - the clothing, the politics, the culture. But perhaps what I love most are the subtle underlying messages in each episode, artfully thought-provoking, and always done in such good taste. It's got to be the most creative show out there, hands down.

EDIT: After posting this today, I realized I forgot one of my all time favorites... Breaking Bad!!! I cannot believe I forgot it... but that's what I get for watching so many series. For the record, if I were to redo this list I would have it share Dexter's place. 

* * *

OK, I know what you're thinking, "What else does this girl do besides watch TV?" and I completely understand your judgement. What can I say - I'm a junkie and I know it. Are there meetings for this kind of thing?

What are some of your favorite TV series?