Kristen grew up as an artist in the town of Bristol, Connecticut.

With the support of her family, friends, and teachers, her doodles on the walls had soon turned into detailed drawings and paintings. By high school graduation she had successfully launched herself into the world of fine arts.

After a short semester attending Utah State University's fine arts program, she dropped out, anxious to start her life outside of dorm walls. She got married at nineteen to the love of her life, and started working in multiple customer service related jobs, always aiming to impress.

After several career advances, she started to feel lost. She sought after the days where her creative juices flowed through her veins and her mind wasn't clouded from corporate ladder politics.

She decided to transform her life and went back to school, this time to study graphic design.

She evolved her pencils and pens into clicks and keyboard shortcuts, all while documenting her "confessions of a graphic design student" through this very blog.

After two years of night school, she successfully received her Associate's Degree in Graphic & Web Design in August 2012.

She lives off coffee, loves typography, gets inspired by color, and treasures her time with her husband and two mini dachshunds. She loves to write and blogs regularly, sharing her love of art and design mixed in with her life and quirks.


  1. Hello
    I came across your blog from the Link up today and wanted to say hello& that I am your new follower.
    I love your Tattoo in your about me photo by the way.
    Hope to learn more about you.
    Happy Holidays.

  2. this is such beautiful writing! you are beautiful and so is your blog! i love your blog design also :) I found your blog through olive & ivy and am happy and excited to be following along now! would love if you stopped by mine!


  3. you are a lovely person! I love reading your blog - I am a newbie sent over from Olive and Ivy! I can't even explain how much I am in love with your hair and gorgeous tattoo, too! Hope you made out ok in the storm! I am in in NY and it was crazy here! xo


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